What Motivates You?


Motivation is something that holds us captive. There is no way out of it. Everyone is motivated by something.

We are motivated by success, popularity, self image. We are motivated by sacrifice, worship, obedience.

There are good and bad motives, but they all come down to one thing. We accept them and act on them.

Do we think of the effect our motivation has on someone or something else? When does motivation turn into agenda? Is agenda a bad thing?

What motivates you?


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  1. You know what motivates me?

    That feeling you get right after you accomplish something.

    Where you sit in your chair at the end of the day and think to yourself, “Today was a good day. I got stuff done.”

    That feeling.

  2. knowing others are watching…

  3. 3 HW

    Good question. Motivation to do what, exactly? All too often ‘fear’ motivates me (usually motivated me NOT to do things). Fear of disapproval, or rejection. Sad, I know. I’m slowly getting past that.

    In the work place, I was motivated by the fact that I knew I was doing my job well, and had a sense of satisfaction from that.

    I think “motivation” can sometimes be another word for manipulation.

    But on the flip-side, it can also be another word for “encouragement!!!”

  4. As corny or clichΓ© as it may sound but what motivates me is when my actions result in the happiness of other people and/or the improvement of a circumstance or situation. Having been on the “operations” side of the many businesses at which I’ve worked over the last two decades– where my actions directly impact someone or something– I’ve always had this mindset. Oh, and Guinness. I can be coerced to doing (almost) anything with the promise of a perfectly-poured pint of that delicious beverage.

  5. 5 tawny

    HMMMMMM…. I think different personalities are motivated by different things. Some people like peace, some people like change. Some people want security and others pleasure. I would like to say that it is wanting to please God that motivates me and sometimes it is, but a lot of times it is just what I want according to my natual personality.

    I think an agenda is ok as long as we KNOW it is God’s agenda and we are patient and refuse to do anything ungodly to accomplish it. I also think our motivation means everything. To God at least. And others are quicker to forgive us when they realize we did something stupid but with good motives. πŸ™‚

  6. 6 TheNorEaster

    “What motivates you?”

    Good question. Good question.

    The answers ain’t so easy to come by as they were when I was younger.

  7. What motivates me…
    – life
    – reaching people who don’t go to church
    – doing something people say can’t be done
    – my family
    – getting people from point A to point B

  8. Jesus πŸ™‚

  9. Hmmm…great question.

    -When things feel like they are done with excellence
    -People I admire
    -Money…at times

    Love the question…makes you think!

  10. the idea that if i were to stop working at what i do, things would come to a screeching halt and lives would be affected. but what motivates me to expand is to train others to replace me so that I can continue improving myself and pass along my vision to others. at least that’s how i operate leading my team

  11. Steven, I like that feeling too.

    Mandy, I know there is probably some seriousness in your response, but are you serious?

    Heidi, motivation can definitely go both ways. And Fear is a huge motivator for many people.

    Jon, that’s not corny at all. I think that is a good motivator. And Guinness! I like you even
    more now πŸ™‚

    Tawny, I think you are right on to say that “motivation” or “the heart” is truly what God notices first and foremost.

    NorEaster, I would take that to say that your not as easily motivated?

    Casey, in the short time I’ve known you, I can say without a doubt that you have the heart of evangelism. And I am bummed I can’t be hanging with you guys at Drive right now.

    Deb, I have no doubt!

    Skylar, I like “people I admire”. that actually has some nice potential to it, I think.

    Evan, a great leader is one who can work himself out of a job. I rely on myself too much. I could learn something from you.

  12. 12 alece


  13. Alece, amen!

  14. Not wishing to contradict Heidi but i think Fear is a DE-motivator – it can paralyse and prevent us from doing what is needed in good time.

    When we ‘do’ things out of fear we are not being true to who we are or to Him.

    There are, Ultimately, only ever one of two core reasons (motivations) we have for ‘doing things’


    Or LOVE.


  15. I think fear can motive or de-motivate. I know many people who do things out of the fear of losing a job, or getting yelled at.

    We definitely are not being true to who He has created us to be when we live in fear. “God has not given us a spirit of fear”.

    But sadly, this drives people to “do things”.

  16. 16 tam

    lately what has motivated me is the not wanting to look back on my life only to see that i really never embraced His calling…that would be sad.

    and you don’t have to respond to me Vinny…you’re walking down the hall toward me now


  17. God did not give us a Spirit of Fear – True.

    But God knew that some men’s hearts were not opened enough to only do things out of Love and so The Command to Fear the Lord – to attempt to get us to do what is right even when we do not choose to do so because of Love ( the carrot and the stick approach)

    It is our nature that requires us to operate under fear sometimes. It is this i believe Jesus came to free us from – to show The Better Way.

    Some still don’t pay that full attention even today.

    Hence we still live in fear at times and it remains the only other real motivator to the Love in our Hearts.

    Love God with all your Heart – and love thy neighbour as thyself.

    All the motivation we ‘should’ ever need right there! πŸ™‚

    And if you can love Him with a Pure Passion, Miracles are possible.


  18. The need to get more out of life than I was given, with the intention to give back to God and show my thanks for my life once I achieve my set goals, is what motivates me the most. Although some days it is nice to just sit in bed and do nothing.

  19. 19 TheNorEaster


    It’s not that I’m not so easily motivated. It’s more that there are many things that motivate me. Many things. And, honestly, right now I’m thinking that in the course of just two days, “Hope Youse Guys…” has already become my top-rated post. Maybe I’m looking at it from a “glass-is-half-empty” perspective, but I’ve written a lot of things that I think are pretty significant, things I wish people would pay more attention to, Essays that have been on my blog for six months and haven’t had nearly so much attention. Then again, maybe the glass is half full after all. Because, hopefully, that video will get more people to read some of the things I’ve written.

    But what does motivate me is…I think the church can do better, can be better. And I believe this because of my own struggles. I have seen things that…I can’t really explain it. (But you’ve read at least some of my work so you probably have an idea of what I’m trying to say.) The handful of times I have spoken at my church, people have been amazed with my command of language, the “fire in my soul” as someone once put it. But…what happens afterwards? Have my words been so effective that people will take those words and live them? Or just compliment me because they think I’m a great speaker?

    I want my spiritual brothers and sisters to REACH for God, not spew pious cliches or shallow compliments.

    And those that don’t believe, I want them to SEE God through the darkness they have endured in their own lives. Because it is when the night is darkest that I have seen Him brightest.

    And that is what motivates me. How can I do it better? How can I be more effective in communicating the “sunrise through the storms”? What do I need to learn to reach people so they REACH for God…? And doing that has always helped me to REACH for Him. You can’t fake it or the people you are trying to reach will start faking it. And I know God doesn’t want that so I know I simply cannot do that. My words, however “brutal”, must be authentic.

    Yeah. That is what motivates me.

  20. 20 T

    1 Word……FOOD.


  21. 21 T

    Ok, ok. I went back and read what everyone else wrote…I guess I’ll be a bit more serious. While FOOD does motivate me – I would say that right now in my life I’m motivated by not wanting to look back and say, “Why didn’t I do that?” or “Why did I sit on my butt all the time?” I don’t want to be 90 years old – sitting in a nursing home w/ drooooool running down my chin all depressed because I didn’t take advantage of the life God gave me.
    So, I guess you could say – I’m motivated by the fear of one day regretting my life.



  22. Simple – A kind word.

  23. What motivates me? Hmmm… when do I need to let you know?

    Seriously tho…Deadlines do help to focus my attention. But deadlines don’t get me passionate or excited about a particular effort. Passion and excitement comes in unpredictable forms for me.

    Here’s a list of some things that have triggered passionate, focused, near-tunnel-vision efforts on my part: a 2-month-long-boring-laborious clerical job, dog poo, scripture, a DVD, worship, spam, school shootings, materialism, Mother Goose nursery rhymes, Cinderella, nothing, self-righteousness, abortion, affluence, poverty, racism, my dad, my mom, my wife, my children, and my bills.

    Maybe this is more inspiration than motivation but seriously for me once I am inspired by something unforeseen and unpredictable, some switch inside me is thrown on. Most of the times I am taken by surprise.

  24. 24 TheNorEaster

    I think Ric is surprised a lot.

  25. Love ya Tam πŸ™‚

    Love, well written, I like your thoughts there.

    Dr. Nicole, thanks for joining in and welcome! I completely agree with intent and I completely agree with needing the “sabbath” days. They are extremely important.

    NorEaster, as a Pastor, the “what happens afterwards” is always on my mind. It is so frustrating to care and lead and help and then see people throw that all away. And those people are ones that have been in the church for years! I love you passion for wanting to see the church do better.

    T, regret is HUGE! Can be a strong motivator, but can lead you to good or bad. Burritos sound really good…I’m hungry now!

    Papa, you are simple, I love that.

    Ric, Hahahaha!!!! Why did I read your answer and start breaking into a Chicago tune…Hahahaha!!!! But, I am with you, deadlines most often kill my motivation. Maybe it’s the rebel in me…Hmmmm…

  26. 26 brandy

    Pressure motivates me. Probably why I wait until the last minute to do anything. *sigh*

  27. Bran, why does that not surprise me πŸ™‚

  28. 28 brandy

    It really shouldn’t surprise anyone who KNOWS me. πŸ˜†

  29. I love the carrot thing, that’s great. My motivation seems to run in and out but I can’t always figure out what and why. I do know when I am motivated, I get A BUNCH done.

  30. 30 lazrus2

    “What motivates you?”

    …in His love
    …for the ‘nonbeliever'(2 Cor.5:14-15)
    and ‘believer’ (Eph. 4:15-16)


  31. Scott, seems like motivators tend to do that. that’s why iintent and motivation in a Christian walk are so important. We actually live the walk.

    D, it’s the “in His love” part that is hard. We so often want to tell or instruct based on our agenda, whatever that is. “in love” is the only way.

  32. Motivation, in my walk with the Lord, knowing there are people out there that have never heard the gospel message…those simple words to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Knowing that I have to share it, I cannot bear to think it was for me to do or in my hands to share Jesus with someone and I failed. I failed God, and that person God placed in my path.

    In my job…I’m very goal oriented…so put a challenge or a prize up and I’m ready!

    So, do those two contradict each other?

  33. Hey Theressa, My opinion is that they could conflict with each other. Goals are not bad, they are wonderful. Seeking the prize is good and Biblical, but the context is more about us personally seeking Him. We shouldn’t think that it is our fault that people choose or not. we have a responsibility to share and teach, but someone elses decision is never up to us. BUT, the passion to reach others should never die.

  34. It was a long road for me to understand and accept that I could not make that decision for others. That I didn’t “do” anything wrong if they did not choose Christ. As long as when HE asks me to, I speak, pray, read the Word,listen, whatever it is, that is all I can do. And that is what HE asks of me, obedience.
    I believe it is with my heart fixed and seeking Him, for His glory. Not for a record of sorts – to say “look at me, see how many people I led to the Lord”. That would be a train wreck waiting to happen and make me in the end terribly uneffective, might I even say detrimental?
    I believe the closer we draw to the Lord, the more passionate we will become also.
    Some of our greatest rewards in heaven I believe will be for things we are totally unaware of. That is why it is so important for us to always be on our guard, to always be “Christ-minded” – not to build up treasures (although we are supposed to be building our heavenly treasures). But for Christ. How to say it?? Christ is our ultimate prize, living with Him, right next to Him for all eternity. So, to make Him happy, to bring Him joy and honor.

  35. Obedience…right on! Obedience in seeking the prize…Jesus.

    Well said, Theressa!

  36. Wow, you condensed that all down into one line! What clarification.
    Okay…goosebumps…I love it.

    All we do, it is for that ultimate prize! Jesus

  37. Life Change!

  38. Pete, Yes!

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