Him vs. Her…Computers


How she computes…

How he computes…

Well, what did you expect? There is no other logical way to compute…it has to be Mac!

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38 Responses to “Him vs. Her…Computers”

  1. I knew there was a real strong connection between us! I have been a Mac user for years! But it does look like you compute on the floor ????

  2. 2 A.

    Yes!!! Totally Mac!! 🙂

  3. 3 BuddyO

    Well, now that Mac got smart and are finally using Intel processors they’re basically PC’s in a yuppy skin.

    I do love my iPhone though…

  4. 4 Totoholic

    To BuddyO – Yuppy skin? I don’t think so. Intel chips only made a great product even better….and cheaper….and faster.

  5. Are your kids nerds as well?

  6. *tear

  7. 7 brandy

    I have Mac envy. Really. Your Macs are HOTT.
    😆 😆 😆

  8. 8 brandy

    DUDE!!! YOUR PAGE!!!! When did it go back? I mean really, I check you everyday and I just noticed it. WHEN? WHY? 😕

    Creepy Brent is back. 😯 HAHA!

  9. 9 Rick T

    AMEN!!! I remember my third rebirth like it was yesterday.


  10. 10 Rick T

    Glory, glory
    Since I laid my
    PC down~

  11. Papa, there will always be a strong connection between us…Mac or not 🙂 And those pictures are on our table…not the floor.

    Amanda, Mac’s gotta stick together!

    Buddy, sure their using some intel parts, but there’s that whole OS thing that really sets them a apart 🙂

    Chuck! Love hearing from you! I know your happy with your Mac now 🙂

    Christian, yes, but don’t tell them, they don’t know it…

    Joe, I can always count on you bringing “heart” into the conversation.

    Brandy, I know 🙂 By the way, I changed back last weekend, but you may have just refreshed for the first time.

    Rick, Hahahaha!!! 3rd Birth, that’s funny!

  12. 12 Mandy

    I had to go back and read your Him vs. Her posts. Good stuff. I think I’ll steal your idea, uh, I mean borrow.

  13. Same here bro! Only there’s a size diff. 🙂

  14. Mandy, back of it’s mine 🙂

    Hey Dan, Someday I will have the beautiful Macbook Pro, but for now, this thing is getting me by.

  15. 15 TheNorEaster

    Yep. And I’ve got an iMac, too. Even got THE first iMac that Apple came out with. You know, with OS8. Only way to go. ONLY way.

  16. Haha!! We have an original iMac that the kids still use. Still running strong!

  17. 17 tam

    mines the one on the right


  18. 18 Robert

    Apple Users…..pah!!!

  19. Good grief… very cute. I would love a mac but just haven’t been able to break the chain from all these pc’s I have lying around. I do LOVE my iPhone thought, and we have his and her iphones, so that should count for something.

  20. I’ve yet to make the jump to Mac but have been contemplating it for the past decade.

  21. Hey Jon, you’ve got to stop contemplating. Go for it! You won’t regret it 🙂

  22. Scott, I love my iPhone as well. Even if I was a PC guy, I probably would still own it.

    Robert, I take it you don’t like the apple? that darn apple has sure messed up a lot of stuff, hasn’t it 🙂

  23. I guess Apple would be worth considering. I’ll put it on my list with the latest Mercedes and that trip to Paris. Jeesh! Have you priced one lately? Besides, ever been to a Mac store? How many geniuses does it take to change the thermal printer paper on a cash register?

  24. Actually I have priced them. We are about to buy a newer iMac for one of our offices. They are cheaper than a PC. When you put the same specs next to each other, they are actually 100’s of dollars cheaper than a PC. You can buy a PC for under 1k, but it’s a pile of crap. Mac’s are really heavy duty and fast, so when you place a PC with the same specs next to it, the PC is very expensive.

    I love the Apple stores, but I hear you. the last time I went into one, there were more sale people than customers. it was crazy!

  25. Sorry, I like to defend the Mac.

    The reality is that if you like a PC, buy it. PC has the cheapest computers, so it’s easy to get into a sub 1k computer. the Mac is packed full of so much software that you really won’t fine one under 1k.

    When you start to pack a PC with all the same software, then the PC gets spendy, but some people don’t need all the stuff.

  26. 26 kim

    something about these pics looks vaguely familiar. Like… something I see possibly every night at my own house. except for the random blob on the floor in the background of ‘her’ pic.

  27. 27 Cheryl

    Hmmm… I get my PC’s cheap…as in free. But I guess it’s all in who you know! 😉

  28. I have a “deluxe” iMac that is quite loaded. It was less than a year old, I picked up used, sold my older iMac to a family member. We checked prices – I ended up getting this one for a total cost of about $400 dollars. It is 1.9GHZ G5 w/1.5 GB of ram. It has most of the mac software – I love the iSight feature. I agree a PC w/all the same features costs as much or more. The WiFi airport feature is phenomenal – I receive a strong signal – most of the time from about 300 yards. I am on a church camp.

  29. Nice!

  30. Kim, if your hubby was cleaning the house, I bet that blob would still be there 🙂 Of course, that’s jut tam’s purse by the front door.

    Cheryl, you will always be a PC person won’t you 🙂

    Papa, that’s a great deal! I can’t believe we still have our original iMac.

    Hey Pete! Thanks for stopping by!

  31. Well, I’ve got a HP laptop, 1.9 ghz and 1.5 mb of ram, it has too much software and I spent $400 bucks new. Besides – I hate Apple. Not the product – the company. They’re just so…snooty, in a geeky, unhip sort of way. (If I was a teenager and had an MP3 player I might feel differently, but with XM who needs MP3? )

  32. You do understand that “nerdy” is the new black 🙂

  33. 33 Cheryl

    Ya, as long as its free, I’ll be PC. I have my own personal tech too! 😀

  34. I like to run boothmachines myself. I have to put xp on the main family box but I run BSD (unix) on my server.

    When I put BSD on that box, Patti said, “But nobody else will know how to use it.”
    I guess I don’t understand the concern.

    I probably would have added a mac to my collection by now if not for the Apple-evangelism.

  35. Same in our house, “SHE uses an iBook” and “HE uses a macBook”

  36. Ric, the Apple evangelism is a bit heavy isn’t it. But, you get it. It doesn’t matter what other people think, if you like what you use.

    Hay Ally, an iBook, that’s cool. Those are almost ancient now. It’s funny how a computer a couple of years old is out of date. I loved the iBook.

  37. Both Brent and Tam have Apples?

    Well, i’m glad you’re on the same ‘page’ on SOME things 🙂

    Not sure how biblically healthy they are for you though 😉

    I’m a loyal PC/windows user myself – but i think Mr Gates and Satan may well be the same person? 😯

    None of us are perfect, huh?


  38. Those pesky apples!

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