This Video Could Save Your Life…Or Not…


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14 Responses to “This Video Could Save Your Life…Or Not…”

  1. 1 Darla

    LOL! 5 times a day I hear my dispatcher on the radio say..”if you can’t do it safely, don’t do it” always makes me want to pull into a field, and stay out of traffic 😎

  2. Man, that is hilarious!!!

  3. 3 seven

    Hehe… this is so funny.

  4. 4 kim

    whew. thanks. I feel very cared for right now.

  5. 5 Deborah

    These are great….some look WAY too familiar! Hey B, I found out that if I move my mouse real fast I can make you bump your head!!! Isn’t that great???? 😆

  6. Wow! I didn’t know that Al Gore has made a 2nd documentary!

  7. 7 tam





  8. 8 Mark

    Love that video. I’m going to take the advice to heart, especially the ‘tying myself to my bed’ part.

  9. Haha! glad you guys enjoyed it. This thing had me rolling!

    Deb, I know. I can’t fix the width of the blog, so my head goes off the page a bit, depending on your screen size 🙂

    Mark, you probably need that, being from Southern Cal. Just conside it earthquake insurance.

  10. “never drive anywhere with a rabid wolverine in your pants..” hahaha i love it!!! if only this was shown in schools these days! the world just might be safer haha 😉

  11. Evan, I knew you’d enjoy!

  12. Keep a brick in your desk – just in case.

    Oh that’s gonna make the world a safer place – NOT! Narf! 🙂


  13. You gotta admit though, it’s better than a gin 🙂

  14. Oops, it’s not better than gin, BUT it is better than a GUN…

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