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There is a newer online Bible I wanted to tell you about. I am not paid for this and I have not been asked to endorse anything, I truly love this online Bible. It’s called You Version. It is still in Beta testing and in my opinion has already surpassed other resources already.

Here’s the idea. There are lots of online Bible’s out there, but You Version is much more interactive. You have multiple versions for choice, but the fun begins when you are also able to make notes, highlight verses, create study guides, link an image or video to a verse and keep a journal as you read through passages and study.

Plus, You Version is an online community. When you sign up…for free…you are able to look at what others have highlighted, linked or journaled. So if you are studying about Moses, you can quickly look up other users content and the verses, images, videos and notes that those people have used to study through passages on Moses.

Finally, they now have a mobile version. Which means that you can access You Version from your mobile phone. You can look up verses, access all of your info and see what others have contirbuted all from your phone. Very Cool!

So if you use online Bibles, or are looking for a great way to study and journal through the Bible, check it out!


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  1. I’m checking it out, looks pretty cool. Does it have any study helps, like commentaries and concordances? Wasn’t sure if I’m just missing those when I’m looking. It looks good, but I’m kind of fond of my Biblesoft PC StudyBible:) Gotta be able to follow all those trails in all of those study tools!

  2. No, it does not have concordance style features yet. This site is still in testing, so it is about 50% finished at this point. There will still be many more features added.

    Commentaries would be more of what all the users have to offer than something standard like your PC software. I can see this being more of a community Bible than a standard concordance study Bible.

  3. My quick verse does all that..and i can link online to a community..but i just haven’t..I will have to check this one out..after all this one is free, and mine cost me my first born..just kidding…but a chunk!

  4. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  5. i heard this rumor that it turns iphones into bricks…..

    i dunno, maybe somethin to think about


  6. Hey Darla, like I said to Kelly, there will be things that it won’t take the place of, but it is set oout to be the best online Bible.

    No problem Elaine!

    Tyler, seems to work fine on mine 😉

  7. Thanks for the post, and the great comments. YouVersion has been a great project, and we are seeing it impact so many people. We have a lot of work to do, and are excited about the future of it for sure.

    Thanks again! -Terry

  8. Terry, you guys are building an awesome resource. thanks for the hard work! And thanks for the comment.

  9. highlight, reference, link, etc?
    i do all that in my bible at home! its like a coloring book for me. 🙂

  10. Ya, but does everyone else let you grab there Bible and look through all their highlights, references and links?

    They do on You Version 🙂

  11. Sounds interesting – I will have to check it out!

  12. 12 Thomas

    This is great, but it only affords an online read capability and the user pays gprs costs each time he reads making the mobile carriers rich, a better version seems to be at where the Bible is downloaded to the phone and stays on the phone with no additional costs, the user experience also seems to be much better.

  13. 13 Thomas
  14. Thomas, thanks for your thoughts, but I am afriad your comparing apples to oranges.

    The links you’ve given us take us to…

    MBibles, which gives you a down loadable Bible to read off your mobile Phone. No interaction just read the Bible. And it costs you up front to purchase the Bible. It also only has 2 versions available.

    Bible’s Europe, same thing, only one version available.

    Christian mobile, only gives you 3 versions and you pay up front.

    You Version uses internet access, so if you do not have an internet plan on you mobile phone, yes it will cost you. No different than buying a ring tone or text messaging. No plan…it costs.

    However You Version has 13 versions plus 3 Spanish editions. Plus it allows you all of the interaction that I have written above.

    Seriously Thomas,, check out You Version, it is nothing like the inks you’ve given me. I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  15. 15 T

    I love the Wish I was getting paid for that..but I’m not…but..I love it.


  16. Thanks for this tip B. It looks pretty cool. When I first saw the graphic for the YouBible I thought you were going to post something like the “me church” … do you know what video I’m talking about. So yeah, I thought it was going to be something funny but I was pleasantly surprise. Thanks again.

  17. I live it too T!

    Hey Ric, I know exactly what that me church video is. That’s funny, I can see how you thought that. Besides it’s time for some humor on this blog!!!

  18. 18 tawny

    Hey! Hate to make my second post in a long time complainy, but I was wondering can you make suggestions to the bible web people? It seems really, really cool, but the numbers are so big in the text marking the verses, it distracts me.

    Do you think people would argue like crazy on a site like that? Would it be monitored like a blog? Can you tell I have no idea what I am talking about? 🙂

  19. Hahaha!!!

    Your killing me. You know if you sign up, you can send email to the creators and give them suggestions. it still is in Beat testing which means that they haven’t finished creating it yet.

    By way of monitoring and arguing, the site really isn’t set up that way. You can “friend” people like other social networks, but before you did that, you wouldn’t be able to message them or ask them questions or discuss anything. even then, it is just a discussion between the 2 of you, it isn’t like a public forum.

  20. 20 Tawny

    OH! That sounds much safer 🙂 I will sign up and give them my two cents. Now I have to go watch a movie with my husband before he gets mad at me.

  21. Sounds good 🙂

  22. Thank you for this link! I’ve been looking to rediscover the Bible and this will allow me to do so. Cheers!

  23. Cool deal Jon. They’ve got a daily Bible reading plan on there as well. you can even sign up for via RSS.

  24. find me there
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. I’ve got you on my “follow” list Alex.

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