First Thing That Comes To Mind


We have a bunch of different people who read and participate on this blog. From Christian to atheist. From emergent to fundamental. From young to old. From male to female πŸ™‚

Anyway, I am curious to hear from all of you and your diversity.

Take these words and tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you read them.












57 Responses to “First Thing That Comes To Mind”

  1. Wealth : safety net

    Stress: unnecessary encumberance

    Pleasure: proper synapse firings

    Community: family

    Food: bellyfull

    Hate: disgust

    Beauty: illusion

    Time: fleeting

    Quiet: now

    Justice: illusion #2

  2. Wealth….not always loads of money

    Stress…. can make you sick

    Pleasure…. comes in many different ways

    Community… bloggers are the best! πŸ˜†

    Food…. is sooooo goooood but soooo baaaad

    Hate…. is an awful word. Powerful word.

    Beauty… “is in the eye of the beholder” cheesy but true.

    Time…. there is never enough

    Quiet…. is something I long for

    Justice… will never be fair this side of heaven.

  3. Hey B, why can’t we comment on other posts now that you’ve changed your page?? I don’t see a comment link on any of them. ????

  4. Hey Johnnypeepers, I don’t think you’ve been by before…at least commenting. Thanks for getting involved!

    Hey Bran, just click on the post title and it will take you to the post with all the comments.

  5. Got it. πŸ˜€

  6. 6 TheNorEaster

    Wealth: Greed.

    Stress: Grief.

    Pleasure: Fresh coffee.

    Community: Individuality!

    Food: A great chef.

    Hate: Self-combustion.

    Beauty: Sunrise.

    Time: The turning of the earth. That’s all.

    Quiet: If I want that, I just take out my hearing aids. πŸ˜‰

    Justice: Very much needed to end the genocide in Darfur. But since justice is all that it is to be gained, America really isn’t paying much attention.

  7. Like the new look brent. nice work.

    Wealth- down the block from me

    Stress- avoidable

    Pleasure- worship

    Community- Christ’s design for his bride.

    Food- a place of conversation

    Hate- produces hate

    Beauty- my wife

    Time- more valuable than money

    Quiet- peaceful

    Justice- needed for those who can’t influence

  8. Thanks NorEaster!

    Thanks Tyler…definitely still a work in progress. It has some issues in Safari ans IE that I am trying to deal with. And I’ll be working on some of the details. It’s kind of hard being strapped to the WordPress limitations.

  9. Wealth – US

    Stress – inconvenience

    Pleasure – sin

    Community – encouragement

    Food – community

    Hate – sin

    Beauty – love

    Time – love

    Quiet – worship

    Justice – selfish or self-serving

  10. Wealth – greedy
    Stress – no job
    Pleasure – sports
    Community – sharing life
    Food – fun
    Hate – evil
    Beauty – family
    Time – we should control
    Quiet – rare
    Justice – not happening enough

  11. Wealth – My family
    Stress – Whats that?
    Pleasure – Kite flying (see my latest post)
    Community – My church family
    Food – Too many going w/out
    Hate – Missed relationships
    Beauty – Amos, my horse, Mama too!
    Time – So fleeting – use today wisely
    Justice – what I will get if mama sees I listed Amos first!

  12. Wealth: Business executive

    Stress: Finals

    Pleasure: Day on the beach

    Community: Poker night with the guys

    Food: my amazingly delicious version of pappa al pomodoro πŸ™‚

    Hate: cheese

    Beauty: sunset out on the beach

    Time: poorly managed

    Quiet: stillness in the morning before the sun comes up

    Justice: what i get when i forget to do homework…

  13. Wealth – more than money

    Stress – shouldn’t have

    Pleasure – Family, friends

    Community – Everyone I know

    Food – Not enough for everyone

    Hate – Not in my vocabulary

    Beauty – all around

    Time – eternal

    Quiet – early mornings

    Justice – will happen when God returns

    Great new look!

  14. Wealth: A wonderful gift of God that is often abused
    Stress: Trying to walk ahead of God
    Pleasure: Recognizing and enjoying God’s blessings
    Community: Church
    Food: A wonderful gift of God that is often abused
    Hate: Absence of love
    Beauty: Everything God has touched
    Time: A more valuable tithe than money
    Justice: God’s domain

  15. WealthFamily and Friends

    StressFear of that I cannot control

    PleasureGood food, wine and company πŸ˜‰

    CommunityEvolving to something greater

    FoodThe greatest pleasure in being human.

    HateA waste on every level

    Beautyunderstanding coupled with compassion

    TimeLimited and never enough i seems

    QuietNonexistent in my house!

    JusticeSomething to be striven for

  16. G’Day Brent – i’m still making up my mind about the ‘new’ improved ‘you’. What were YOU thinking (and i miss the numbered quotes) 😦

    Wealth – for toil.
    Stress – busted.
    Pleasure – Sweet savour pleasing to the Lord.
    Community – all for one – and one for all.
    Food – too much of a ‘good’ thing for most in the West. (Did i mention i’d just posted on ‘Gluttony’??) πŸ˜‰
    Hate – an All-too-easy Adoption.
    Beauty – Nature.
    Time – heals all wounds
    Quiet – Please!
    Justice – is coming.

  17. Wow! Awesome responses…keep the coming!

    I think when the comments settle down, I will put a post up with a ll the thoughts in one place.

    Love, I thought of you when I saw the comments weren’t numbered. I am trying to see if I can add them.

  18. BuddyO says: Stress: Trying to walk ahead of God

    I say: AMEN! WOW! That was convicting.

  19. Wealth – I have because of who I am in the kingdom of God

    Stress – None

    Pleasure – Song of Solomon

    Community – My ‘hood

    Food – Provision from God alone

    Hate – Nobody

    Beauty – Heart

    Time – Physical property created by God of which God operates outside of

    Quiet – Stillness and know that He is Lord

    Justice – Mercy

  20. Wealth – luxury

    Stress – highways

    Pleasure – sex

    Community – friends

    Food – good

    Hate – prejudice

    Beauty – love

    Time – clocks

    Quiet – beach

    Justice – law

  21. Wealth – is not about having the most toys.

    Stress – not easy to eliminate.

    Pleasure – is in the little things.

    Community – an opportunity to be quiet and learn from others.

    Food – fuel for living but too often used to medicate feelings.

    Hate – destructive to self and everyone around you.

    Beauty – all around us but too often overlooked.

    Time – you never have as much of it as you think you do.

    Quiet – in a world where everyone shouts to be heard, an all too rare commodity these days.

    Justice – makes me grateful for God’s grace.

  22. Thanks guys!

    Ed, you were in spam for a moment, but I got you out. I think “pleasure” and “sex” in one sentence was too much for the Spam police πŸ™‚

  23. “now comment”

    and. totally digging the background here. totally

  24. 24 tam

    im not commenting.

    im on strike.


    ive been asking Vinny for weeks to help me with a new Template.

    And what does he do.

    redesigns his own.

    how precious.

    no trying to dig your way out fella.

  25. He doesn’t bring me templates anymore. {sniff}

    sorry… this is the first thing that came to my mind. I prob need therapy. πŸ˜‰

  26. I knew this post would go south in a matter of time πŸ™‚

  27. 27 A.

    Wealth: True wealth isn’t about money

    Stress: Tension

    Pleasure: Relaxation

    Community: Family

    Food: I still need to eat my lunch (& it’s 5pm! yes, really…)

    Hate: unbiblical

    Beauty: misunderstood [in definition]

    Time: an irritating concept

    Quiet: Calm, peaceful mind

    Justice: God

  28. 28 ronpai

    Brent, Good to see you over at my place! Love this idea. Here goes:

    Wealth – Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

    Stress – Stay Away!

    Pleasure – Sweet love by the fire.

    Community – The blueprint.

    Food – We have a love/hate relationship.

    Hate – Such a dirty, dirty word

    Beauty – My wife

    Time – I waste a lot of it.

    Quiet – WHAT?!? It’s too noisy, I can’t hear you!

    Justice – the mission

  29. 29 Heidi

    Wealth- God

    Stress- now

    Pleasure- kids

    Community- united

    Food- where?

    Hate- hate

    Beauty- inner person

    Time- what’s that?

    Quiet- selah

    Justice- victory

  30. Wealth – Treasures unseen

    Stress – unnessary

    Pleasure – children laughing

    Community – family

    Food – seafood

    Hate – racism/ignorance

    Beauty – sunsets

    Time – fleeting

    Quiet – not often enough

    Justice – not always balanced on this earth

  31. Wealth – America.

    Stress – food.

    Pleasure – fun.

    Community – global

    Food – stress.

    Hate – bad

    Beauty – profound

    Time – keeps on slipping…

    Quiet – underrated

    Justice – rare.

  32. (Cracking up at Ric – Keep on taking the pills fella! πŸ˜‰

    Oh-Ohhh Vinny’s in trouble – nothing new there then! πŸ™‚

    I figured out what i don’t like about this ‘new’ In Worship…

    Where’s the cute guy peering round the ‘edge’??? πŸ™‚

    He totally ‘made’ the old blog template


  33. wealth-false security
    stress-Chesapeake Bay
    Pleasure-intense worship
    community- not enough
    hate-great saddness
    Beauty- Jesus
    Time- restrictive
    quiet-study time
    justice- God

  34. Wealth – Always some on else

    Stress – Constant

    Pleasure – Family

    Community – Find a need and meet it

    Food – Yes, please.

    Hate – Knock it off!

    Beauty – My wife

    Time – Constant loss

    Quiet – What?

    Justice – Awareness and action.

  35. 35 tam

    Wealth – Something I wish had more of so that i could pay someone else to design my blog

    Stress – something I apparently give Vinny for wanting him to design my blog

    Pleasure – making sure Vinny knows how wonderful HIS blog looks and how completely the same mine looks. still.

    Community – the place outside our home where Vinny will soon be living

    Food – something I might withhold from Vinny as a punishment

    Hate – clearly not in my vocabulary

    Beauty – πŸ˜‰

    Time – is ticking. pray for Vinny

    Quiet – me. until i get a new design

    Justice – πŸ˜€

  36. Tam – πŸ˜†

    Wealth – America

    Stress – Living

    Pleasure – Private swimming pools

    Community – Bible Study

    Food – Tex-Mex

    Hate – Evil

    Beauty – From ashes

    Time – Fleeting

    Quiet – Time with God

    Justice – Grace

  37. 37 HW

    Wealth – Kingdom

    Stress – when my kids are sick

    Pleasure – marriage

    Community – church

    Food – ugh

    Hate – no one

    Beauty – skin-deep

    Time – limited

    Quiet – blessed

    Justice – needed!

  38. Where is B, and why don’t I see his answers? (yelling out the back door…) TAM…what did you do to B? Is he locked in the closet again? for cryin out loud girl, you just gotta let him out!

  39. Hey Darla, I am hear just having limited time onle this last week.

    I am loving all the responses here and it is amazing to read through all the different thoughts. I am going to be doing a follow up post to ask some questions around your answers. I am looking forward to that!

    Also, I want to let everyone know that I will be working on Tam’s blog this week!!!!


  40. My answers πŸ™‚

    Wealth – Give

    Stress – Selfish

    Pleasure – Peace

    Community – Honesty

    Food – Fun

    Hate – Confuses Me

    Beauty – In Everything

    Time – Constraint

    Quiet – Not Thinking

    Justice – Fairness

  41. 41 HW

    It is good to see that manipulation and harassment aren’t lost arts… they still work. πŸ™‚

  42. Haha!!!

  43. 43 tam


  44. Wealth- responsibility, relax

    Stress-church politics (I’m a minister, sometimes I hate the stuff I see behind the scenes)

    Pleasure My husband:) He’s my big “God smile” in this world!

    Community -Family. I love it…just moved to a small town, there’s nothing like it

    Food-struggle. wish it wasn’t such an issue. Wish all we had on this earth was food that actually nourishes instead of killing us.

    Hate Hurt. Hurting people hate.

    Beauty anyone who just accepted Jesus into their heart and life…such radiance…

    Time never enough. Most valuable commodity on the entire earth. Can’t buy it, can’t generate more of it.

    Quiet 2 am. Rare. 5 kids. One husband. a church. Youth group. Quiet is a treasure.

    Justice The blood of Jesus. I should have paid so much. He did it instead. Amazing. My Defender.

  45. Hey Kelly, thanks so much for getting involved!

    You said you just moved to a small town. Where are you at?

  46. YAYYY! The cute little ‘peeking’ guy is back!

    Happy, happy love πŸ˜€

    (Tam – you are killin me girl πŸ˜‰ need a hand designing your new blog look? I’m sure you can do it!)


  47. I’m in Frankfort, Michigan. Near the “pinky”. Not that I’ve been far from here, only an hour away in Traverse City. Lived here before for a few years, moved away, and now I’m back. My husband’s family has been here for generations. It’s such a fabulous little place right on Lake Michigan.

  48. Just for you Love. I couldn’t get some things to work the way I wanted, so back to the old stuff πŸ™‚

    Kelly, that’s cool! It sounds like a great place.

  49. Well.. as happy as i am i don’t like it when people have good ideas that don’t at first go the way they want – so, anything i can do to help Big Guy? ( or would it take a paying Css support account on WP? )

    Css is not my specialty i should add.


  50. I have the CSS upgrade. that’s how I’ve been able to manage a lot of this. the problem is we are stuck with some basic structure that we just can’t change. So WordPress gives us the template and then we do the best we can with it. Someday I will self host and create as I desire πŸ™‚

  51. 51 tam

    “Someday I will self host and create as I desire”

    Yes Master. And your humble servants will follow…..

  52. I REALLY think Tam wants a new Blog Page BAD, Brent! πŸ˜•

    Call it Manly Intuition! πŸ˜‰


  53. Ohh – and there’s always more than one way to skin a blog! πŸ™‚


  54. 54 HW

    I self host on my family blog, and… well… I don’t know css… so it is worse than this. So when I started this one I just went with what they would give me for free and less hassle!

    But I liked the other thing you had going for a little while!

  55. Love, I think your manly intuition is spot least in this case πŸ™‚

    Hey Heidi, I loved where the other look was going, but I was restricted to certain things like, you couldn’t see the amount of comments for any posts except the first one on the home page. that bugged me. and I couldn’t figure out the header, cause it was 2 layer and so I just turned the print to 0, but that screwed up the look for Explorer and Firefox Beta, so i thought it was best to put it to rest until I can get self hosting.

  56. 56 alece

    Wealth – America

    Stress – Life

    Pleasure – Bright colors

    Community – Home

    Food – America (twice, I know… but hey – it’s what came to mind)

    Hate – Mushrooms

    Beauty – Beast

    Time – Not enough

    Quiet – Scary

    Justice – Mission

  57. Thanks Alece!

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