All Hell Is Breaking Loose


So I am sitting here. It’s Friday AM. I’m enjoying a day off and catching up on the blog world. My wife is on a video conference call with Mandy. They are creating some sort of world domination video. This is cracking me up!

I think the plan is to start some sort of new video blog series. I can’t wait.

If you haven’t seen there ya’ll videos…you have to take a minute to do so.

Also, you may see some changes around here. I am playing with the look of the blog today. I’ve gotten bored of the clean look…imagine that 🙂

Alright here is Mandy’s video…

Here is my wife’s response…


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  1. 1 kim

    There’s sort of a ‘Robert-Palmer-girl-except-with-jackets’ looking thing going on in these videos. Is that part of the world domination plan?

  2. Haha!!

    That’s hilarious!

  3. 3 HW

    Oh, now THAT is funny….

  4. Brent: are you trying to start RUMORS again!?!?

  5. Heidi, aren’t they awesome!

    Mandy, now why would I do something like that 🙂

  6. I’m scared. 😮


  7. 7 tam

    me ascared too

  8. Hahahaha I thought the RObert Palmer girl thing too, they are only missing the red lipstick, and some strats, and they got it! mmmmmmm now I am jealous…man I am always praying for me! dang! can’t wait to see what they come up with..sure to make me 🙂

  9. 9 TheNorEaster

    Duh udder day I wuz tellin’ my frien ’bout duh way we tawk up he’e in duh Norf Eas’, but she didn’ unduhschtan’ whud I wuz sayin’ so’s I hadda explain t’ ‘er dat she needdead to wook up Don Bosquet an’ his QUAHOG books!!!

    [No, seriously. People in my state do talk like that. Especially the ones from upstate. Not me, though. Nope. I would drive myself crazy if I ever tried talking like that. 😉 ]

  10. NorEaster…. I’m hearing a lot of that here in North Dakota. 😉 😆

  11. TheNor: WHUT???????

  12. NorEaster, Hahaha!!!!

    Yes, Bran, I can see how that all makes sense to you

    Sorry Mandy, he isn’t speaking Y’allese

  13. 13 tam

    NE – it took 3 1/2 minutes to read that! geeze – I don’t know if I could look at someone in the face and not laugh if i heard that. i’m sorry. it’s mean. i’m praying about it 😐

  14. Tammy, try listening to it on the phone and trying not to let them hear your muffled laughter. 😯 I had to call a dog breeder about a dog we’re looking at and OH. MY. GOSH. I think I squeeked at one point. 😆

  15. 15 TheNorEaster

    Hmm…Well, I’ve got a video! I just have to get my friend to get it to me and then I have to figure out how to get it on my web site. It’s even more stupider than what I wrote above, and it’s…it’s…”Yawr gun die waffin’ wen ya she id!” (And I never even talk like that!)

  16. I was in Munich, Germany back in 97 and I was talking with this fine German gentleman. He learned BBC English. Very interesting… When he spoke German to someone, he sounded well… German. Then he turned to me and spoke English with a British accent. Wow. I was impressed. At one point in our conversation he complimented me on my English. “Your English is very good!”

    “Oh, really? ahh… Thank you.”

    Then he told me about the time he vacationed in TEXAS of all places (why would a German vacation in Texas??) Oh well, he asked me where I was from and made sure I was not from anywhere NEAR Texas … Then he says, “THOSE people in Texas DO NOT speak English!”

    I could only affirm this truth.

  17. BTW, y’all reminded me of conference I attended a couple years back:

  18. 18 tam

    dang – Tomlins teeth are white!!!!

  19. Brandy, I can imagine you trying to keep a straight face!

    NorEaster, do you know how to open a Youtube account and upload the video to youtube? Then your video to your posts, just like you would add a picture. If you want to do that and need some help, emial me and I’d be glad to help

    Ric, that German you met, must have known someone in Texas. That’s hilarious! And I love that video. I’ve seen some others with those 2 giving each other a hard time. Di you go to the Passion conference?

    Tam, was it Tomlin or Chan??? 🙂

  20. OK, now here comes the Texan!!! 👿

    When I was living in England, I was COMPLIMENTED on my “posh American accent” for they were so enamored with the show “Dallas” they were sure I was one of the rich ones with the ranch and mansion. When I sang in church they couldn’t understand, afterwards they let me know, “We think you’re British when you sing, you pronounce your words properly, then you carry on a conversation, and we know you’re not the least bit English.”

    Posh, people!! Posh is the appropriate description of our accents down this way!! 😉 Get it right, y’all!! 😆

  21. hahaha Michelle…I loooove posh.

  22. No, not Passion. It was a sr high youth conference. Chan was the lead speaker. He convinced Tomlin to play Pharaoh, Pharaoh … while Tomlin played it, Chan was doing the egyptian all over the stage. Tomlin was trying to bust on his dance moves in the video.

    Michelle, You don’t sound the least bit Texan from here.

  23. I don’t sing or type Texan – bud-eye sher dew tawk it!! 😉

  24. 24 TheNorEaster


    I’ll take you up on that once I have the disc of the actual recorded video–30 seconds that will CRACK YOU UP!!! But I have a Nor’Eastern response to Tam and Mandy running through my head, which I think would be HILARIOUS…I just need to find someone with a video camera! Thanks for the info. 😉


    I…I’m glad you don’ type Texan! But my NEW phone…being installed Monday…might have a bit of trouble RELAYING that thar ack-scent o’ yers! 😆

  25. Michelle, Now right there, “bud-eye sher dew tawk it!!” reminded me of Dolly Parton. You’re Dolly Parton blogging under an alias, aint-cha??

  26. OK, Here’s what y’all need to do.

    Everyone (if you are capable) make a video of you either speaking “Texan” (cause you really do) or trying to speak “Texan”

    Then put it up on the blog and link back here!

    Let me see them, this is hilarious!

  27. i won’t even have to try.

    TheNor: bring on the video!!!!!

  28. 28 TheNorEaster


    You got it! Just…pray I know someone with a video camera! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!

  29. OH DEAR. I’m very very afraid. 😯

    Brent, you go FIRST with the texas vid. 😆

  30. Oooh I like it! 😀 Very “sultry” hahaha 😆 You and Tam, a sultry duo. 😉 heehee

  31. Whoa – Where am I?? Love the new look – so clean was too boring??

    No, Ric, no Dolly here – I sing with ‘proper’ English. 😉

    Talk Texan on a video?? I gave in and showed an “eye” – a whole face? I can’t do nothin’ as clever as Mandy or Tam – and I’ll lose my mystique – hahaha! 😀

    Y’all try to talk Texan and Joe and I will let ‘ya know who wins – how’s that?? 😎

    I’m with Bran, we wanna here y’all (that would be Tam and Brent) sing!! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  32. hear hear hear – I meant hear – how embarrassing. 😳

  33. Michelle, I think I love you! haha!!

    Michelle Says:
    2008, April 27 at 6:34 am
    hear hear hear – I meant hear – how embarrassing.

    SO FUNNY! Only b/c I do/think the same thing when I use the wrong form of a word. 😳 heehee

  34. Kindred spirits, Brandy!! 😀

  35. I’m hosting this video thing, so I can’t actually do one 🙂

  36. Sounds like excuses to me. 😎

    It could be two different events – we’re up for many events – some of us get all our entertainment from the blogosphere. 😉

    We want you and Tam to sing a duet so we can hear your lovely voices blended together in sweet communion…seriously.

  37. MICHELLE!!! You just said KINDRED SPIRITS. 😯 Do you like Anne of Green Gables by any chance?????? 😮 😀 😆

  38. Brandy 😯

    I didn’t read it until my late 30’s but then I fell in love with her and devoured the series.

    This is getting a little creepy…in a cool way. 😆

  39. Seriously, that is my FAVORITE MOVIE SERIES EVER!!!! hahahaha!!

    Seriously, ask around, everyone knows this. hahaha! 😆

  40. And the books are AMAZING!!!!!!! 😀 I didn’t read them until a year ago. I was determined to read the whole series before I had Owen and I whizzed through those books so fast! I couldn’t put them down! 😀

  41. OK, am I going to have to start reviewing “Anne” books and posting “how to knit” posts…


  42. Brandy, I don’t think we’re manly enough for this site…we’ll just have to talk elsewhere. 😀

  43. I’m not sure if I am manly enough for this blog…that’s why we all have discussions like this 🙂

  44. ahhh I like subjecting Brent to my girly chit chat. heehee Brent’s got a little girl somewhere in him anyway. 😆 heehee

  45. Brent, even more fun would be a Currant Wine post. hahahahahaha 😆

  46. currant or current?

    A current wine post would be nice actually. We’ve got some great vineyards in Southern Oregon.

    Besides there’s a difference between “girly” and “sophisticated”. I am sure I would be able to pull both off at times, but I would prefer the Sophisticated 🙂

  47. The series of Anne on PBS is what turned me on to the books. I don’t think I ever saw the whole series, but what I did see, I loved…Brent, they are excellent books for your daughter, if Brandy hasn’t already turned her on to them.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

  48. You could the Mexico missions team about the time I dressed up in a skirt and a small top to make everyone laugh after everyone was getting so sick and moral was down…

    Or not…

  49. OK…HAHAHAHA…I can’t let this one pass…I should but I can’t….

    Morals were low on the mission trip? Might not be something you want to talk about over a public blog… 😆

  50. NOOO…moral for the trip in general was great, but everyone getting sick stunk. There were a few on the trip that were missing home pretty bad while throwing up.

    Otherwise the trip was awesome!

    If you go to my flickr page, there are a ton of pics…

  51. Gross!!

    morals vs. morale

    So…morals, for the most part, were great???


    Morale was great for a time, until the sickness hit!!

    I’m just pickin’ on you, Brent!! 😉

  52. Oops…sorry. i just realized that I left the “e” off.

    Definitely a different take on the story with that little “e” gone 🙂

  53. Amen…I’m not one to spread rumors…I just didn’t want your church to get a bad reputation is all. HAHA 😆

  54. 54 HW

    I just couldn’t help correcting all of you. 🙂

  55. You guys are nuts Heidi!

  56. 56 HW

    Ahhhh… shucks… 😉 that is such a nice compliment. Thanks!

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