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As Christians, are we saved from something or saved to something?

This is not meant to be loaded. This is not singular in it’s thought. This could go a whole bunch of ways. Maybe it’s just you saying what you think it means to be saved.

Let me hear you…


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  1. 1 Nevin


  2. Ephesians chapter 2 immediately springs to mind. There’s so much wrapped up in the passage. Being saved from being dead in trespasses and sin, and being made alive together in Christ, raised with Him and seated with Him in heavenly places so that He can show us the unmeasured riches of His grace and mercy and kindness. (vs. 1-7)

    That sounds like being both saved “from” death “to” life, and into a relationship with Christ.

    But, wait, there’s more! Later in the next few verses Paul talks about our salvation not being performed by our works, but that our salvation through Jesus Christ is for good works. So, here we are saved “to” perform good works in His name and for His glory. (vs. 8-10)

    Even later, Paul talks about being separate from Christ, and that we have been brought near by His blood. Saved “from” separation with God “to” relationship.” (vs. 11-18)

    The last few verses talk about salvation bringing us from being strangers and aliens to being citizens, even to the point of being a part of God’s household, being an integral part of the very temple of God. That sounds like another “from” and “to” salvation experience to me.

    I could say more, but I’m interested to see how others take this, and what your own thoughts are.

  3. lol, WordPress turned my “eighteen” into a smiley

  4. Nevin, that’s why I like you. i never am confused by your thoughts πŸ™‚

    Jeff, awesome! You may be surprised where I am coming from on this, but I think you nailed it.

  5. Oh and I’m leaving the smiley face Jeff, that cracks me up 8)

  6. I’m pretty sure Paul the apostle would approve of the smiley. He might have included a few in Ephesians 2 if he wrote it today. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hahahaha!!!!

  8. I am cracking up over Nevin’s answer b/c that was TOTALLY going to be mine but he beat me to it. πŸ˜† Seriously. hahaha!!

    I believe we are both saved FROM something and TO something. Saved FROM a life of sin. Not saying we won’t sin, but that it will hopefully not control our lives, and even if it does in some instances like addictions, Jesus died so that we might be saved from the eternal consequences of sin. Saved TO an eternal life with Jesus and freedom from sin.

    I know that the way I wrote it is kind of confusing, it sometimes confuses me too. It’s just something you know in your heart of hearts. Ya know? πŸ˜‰

    Also, WHY do we say “so that we MIGHT be saved” b/c rereading that it sounds like we might NOT be saved too….why do we use that expression??? I’m changing it. I don’t like it. πŸ˜‰ haha!

  9. 9 Nevin

    Its like this. We are all divine files born into a bad sector of hard drive. Jesus comes along and says if you let me – I will work on you, fix you, make you beautiful, and best of all you will be saved onto a brand new beautilful (and made of gold I might add) hard drive.

    Just trying to become the file Jesus wants me to be… (and a little bit tired)


  10. 10 Nevin

    Pathetic I know…

  11. 11 Nevin

    That’s how you witness to an IT person.

  12. Nevin your killing me πŸ™‚


  13. That was hilarious! And a very good analogy! πŸ˜† hahahah!!

  14. I guess you would have to define what “saved” is πŸ™‚

    The word saved is mentioned throughout scripture, like throughout Judges, the Israelites are always being saved “from” something.

    In the context you are talking about, salvation, I assume, I would go back and look at what the root word actually means. When we save for something, we aren’t saving from something or to something, we are saving FOR something.

    If you put money in the back to “save” it, you are saving it FOR something, right? Or the clichΓ©, saving something FOR a rainy day?

    So, I would put forth that we are saved FOR Christ. He came to save all so we could be in internal worship for Him. Just my $.02

  15. 15 kim

    I agree with the ‘both’ answer, which has been defended well here. Another way to think of it… imagine taking one part away. What if we really were only saved ‘from’ something with no greater purpose? Or what if we were really ‘to’something, with no larger hope?

  16. if it isn’t both we aren’t really saved. we have to be saved from a life of sin and saved to a Savior. without both we aren’t saved.

  17. 17 T

    Saved From. At least in my case – He saves me from MYSELF daily.

  18. Wow good answers here…I would agree both…saved from my sinful nature deserving eternal damnation, saved from bondage of becoming a slave to something else in the world, saved to be the bride of Christ, and saved for HIS glory through my testimony. (oops I guess that is three)

  19. Excellent thoughts! And I think we have some nice tie in to scripture for all of it.

    Scott, welcome thanks for getting involved. I like your thoughts of ‘For” as well.

    Any other thoughts?

  20. Well… I have always understood GRACE as getting what I don’t deserve… and MERCY as NOT getting what I do deserve, so…

    … I would have to say it’s both, we are saved from something and saved to something.

  21. I’m really not sure if we’re saved from something, or to something. But I know that we’re saved BY something. πŸ˜‰

  22. By the way, awesome blog! You have officially been blogrolled!

  23. Hey T, I realized that this may be the first time you’ve commented here as well an I did not acknowledge you. Looking forward to future podcasts!

    Mark F, I love that statement regarding grace and Mercy. Hey, I’ve been enjoying your new site as well.

    Mark T, thanks for getting involved! I love the way you just turned all attention towards Jesus and away from us. Well done. And thanks for the kudos. If you’ve got me blogrolled, I will happily return the favor.

  24. 24 Jason


    the “might” is just grammar. Our “might” is what is called the subjunctive mood, which is what those words are in Greek. But there are two ways that the subjuctive can be applied, conditionally or presumptively, that is, (respectively) “if this happens then this might happen” or “when this happens then this will(might) follow” It is only a causative way of viewing the future tense, that is, what happens now will have result X in the future. In matters of salvation and God’s activity the second one is almost always the right way to view it.

    i.e. I agree with you.

  25. So, Jason, I would take your answer to my question as…”See Brandy’s comment above”


  26. Both – however, just in case you folks don’t make it, I’ll verify it when Darla, mama and I get there. We’ll get word to ya some how.

  27. Papa, Hahahaha!!!!

  28. 28 Leslie

    I believe that everything is a double-sided coin. So, everything you are saved from, leads you to something else. You cannot divorce one from the other.

  29. I believe it is both.

    I know that I am saved to something…relationship with Christ – eternally.

    And also saved from something – no relationship with Christ, a never ending emptiness in my very soul that is present when Christ is not – eternally.

  30. Thanks Theressa!

    And Leslie, welcome. I just found you in spam. I apologize for that. I like how you have brought up the idea that when there is an action, it affects something else. Thanks!

  31. Papa! was that your answer?? What makes you think I know?? πŸ˜‰

    I am sure that B has something up here that I am missing…he is quite clever although he would probably say not…

  32. 32 tam

    “he is quite clever although he would probably say not”

    in that case, i’ll say not for him


  33. Clever?


    I assure you, like I said, this is not a loaded question, just the beginning of a discussion, that I am enjoying so far.

  34. I am hoping you have some answers on this as can’t really discuss without adding to the conversation…hey that is clever!!

    Tam- I was waiting and expecting that answer from you…you always crack me up! πŸ™‚

  35. 35 TheNorEaster

    I remember someone had once told me that the original meaning of the word “salvation” or “saved” meant “to go home.” If you think about it, that makes perfect sense since humanity was meant to live in communion with the divine. So “saved to” or “saved from”? Just words when you just want to go home.

  36. I think ‘timing’ is very important.

    Before Christ was ‘The Law’ – required by ‘the Fall’ (of mankind (a creation) moving away from The Creator).

    Christ Came. And Died FOR us. – to redeem our original ‘error’ and show us all the way ‘back’ (to Salvation/God) as per the original ‘specs’.

    We came after Christ and if we follow Him are not subject to the Law by reason of our (ongoing) freedom of error…


    we still err.


    Those who er are not yet ‘saved’.

    ( more to come)


  37. Re-phrasing that previous last line in my previous comment…

    While we have BEEN ‘saved’ (washed clean of ‘error’) because of Christ’s Blood Sacrifice of His Earthly Body, those who do not fully live as Christ (doing ONLY His Father’s Will, always, above our own) continue to err and choose their own will, at times, over the Father’s, and are hence still in need of ‘saving’.

    WE do not ever fully ‘cast off the Old Man’ to adopt the New Man Born In Him. We still ‘wear’ the old habits/thoughts/ways man had before Christ came to free us from Sin.

    A look at the 6 o’clock News is all you need to prove that is true.
    So for my answer to your question… πŸ™‚

    As other’s have said – it’s Both.

    We’re (Humanity) now saved FROM our previous way of sin (error) by reason of His Coming and Death Upon The Cross. We remain saved as long as we remain ‘Christian’, but sadly, in my opinion, every time we follow our own way before His Way we need our own personal salvation once more. Christ also came TO lead the way back TO Salvation, IF we become as Christ (Christian).

    At least that’s how i currently understand the situation πŸ™‚


  38. Both! Both

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