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Ok, I’ve been digging into After Effects this week for the first time. Our Creative Director has been doing a great job with graphics design and we really wanted to take his work and make it come to life. After Effects is the perfect software for this. As Brad from Motionhouse said, “it is like Photoshop on steroids”. I agree and my head hurts after a week of training and editing. It’s felt like a week of 2 steps forward 1 step back. But I am thankful of where I have gotten so far. By the way, Brad is a genius with video, so stop by his blog and check some of it out.

So, if you are a video editor, designer or after effects dude, would you be willing to take a minute and check out the video. It is NOT fancy. I tried to take the design already done and just add some life to it. I am very limited in my thought process with the software so far, so I would love to have your critique and ideas to make it better. Every time I watch it I get some some new ideas, but would love to hear more.

Thanks for any pointers you guys are willing to give. I can take it. I need to learn!

We are going to be doing a series called “30 days to live” at Table Rock. There have been many versions of this series going around lately. We like the idea, but are coming up with the messages and design from scratch. We want to focus on the “in between”. There is so much emphasis placed on the day we are born and the day we die. But, what counts is what’s lived out in between those dates. I don’t want to reach my last day and have regrets. I want to know that the Legacy I leave is one that has been impacting in a good way.

I love the work David our Creative Director is doing. If you want to see more of his work, go check it out here. Here is David’s original design…

Here is the video…


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  1. I got nuthin on Video design – i just wanted to get the first fast comment in on this post! 😉


  2. Ok – i actually have one idea…

    As each number is added to the background – could it open in shining Gold and fade to black as the next one is added? (I missed a few ‘days’ owing to the dark colour/background).

    And just from personal taste i’d fade the phrases in and out – like a sunrise/sunset kind of thing?

    Like the idea of keeping it not TOO ‘flashy’ though – nice.


  3. Thanks Love, I will definitely take your suggestions to heart…as I always do 🙂

  4. i love it…fantastic

  5. 5 Heidi

    I like it….

    Don’t change a thing…..

    Keep us updated on this series would ya?
    I don’t have enough money to fly there every Sunday. 🙂

  6. 6 Brad

    Hey Brent – Thanks for the love…
    First of all… for this being your first or your 100th – this is very well done.
    I do have three words for you… Depth of field.
    Blurring some of the numbers ALONG WITH dropping the opacity will create a cool DOF look and add some dimension.
    Also think about some slight z space movement…. suttle… not much… almost barely noticeable. It might create some room on the screen for you.

  7. 7 Brad

    By the way….is that Trajan?? 😉

  8. Klampert, that means a lot coming from you dude.

    Heidi, thanks for the vote of confidence. We are going to start this series in about a month and I will let people know when the messages are up.

    Brad, you rock! these are great suggestions. can I ask you quickly…if you don’t mind.

    Should the blurring and movement be done behind the numbers, so the numbers stand out? Just confirming this. And YES, that is Trajan. Our Creative Director laughed when I confirmed the font. It is kind of movie trailer’ish…or not. Good old trajan 🙂

  9. 9 Brad

    Behind or in front…
    Kind of a rule is this… Larger and Blurred = eye sees something close but you are focusing on something far. Smaller and blurred = focusing on something close and the object farther away is obviously out of focus. So to your question if it’s behind the numbers… it could mean both depending on how you want to interact with your numbers… you could be focused on one that is large and close – then it goes out of focus and you are now focused on something farther away.
    Also, text for your words could have some scaling up or z position towards the viewer… just adds drama. Quick blur fadeout adds as well.
    Again, play with it… your doing juuuuuuuuuust fine.


  10. Cool! I love the scaling up feature. The slow rise is always cool.

    I love the way you’ve described the focus. Awesome…I am sitting here on the couch with AE open and just playing. I will be trying a ton of stuff and giving all the Depth of Field stuff a go.

    I’ll be watching your blog for tips and tricks as well.

    Thanks brad!

  11. Hey Brent, I love it. I love Brad and your exchange here too. Along the lines of DOF and fading (love’s) will the number travel further back in the field as you count? Or will the number appear at a random depth and remain there? I’m not sure which I’d like better until I see it.

    Also, for what its worth, another totally different video played in my head with various choices being displayed/flashed on the screen. The video starts with a 30 day calendar hanging on the wall. As the video flashes through choices it keeps cutting back the the calendar on the wall and each time there are more red X’s crossing out another day.

  12. I must say, I liked everything about it. The length, the art direction, the pacing, the feel.

    Well done sir!

  13. Ric, thanks. I have adjusted a bunch of the settings to the video. Hopefully I’ll have a final up soon. The numbers stay at different sizes, but they all start out more bold and then both blur and fade slightly over time. I think it is a better way of making the next number in the progression stand out.

    I like the red x’s idea. What kind of flashes of video would you use?

    Mudpuppy, thanks dude!

  14. Yeah, so I imagined many scenes. Some wasting time like waiting in line at starbucks. some going through the monotony of our days (commuting, sitting in meetings, etc…) then others doing crazy stuff (like sky diving) but then other scenes were missions and reconciliation. the gamut.

    But don’t change this one. This video is very powerful. This is just what I see playing in my head. Which is cool that your video opened these thoughts as I watched and listened.

  15. Ric, there are always other videos. I was seriously curious of your thoughts and I like them. In this series, we want people to think about what they are doing with their life. I like the images you’ve painted.

    I saw a video today that reminded me of that. A gentleman was stuck in a room with boxes of paper all around them. He soon realized that these pages were filled with all the things he had done in life. Good and bad. they all defined his words or actions or thoughts and they all had his own signature on them. Suddenly Jesus enters the room and begins taking all the pieces of paper and writing signing His name to them, so as to take ownership for everything this man has done good or bad. He then ushers the man to the door and the man realizes the door to the room was never locked. The journey he was on had not ended, there were still more pages to write.

    Powerful images to remind us that everyday counts and wherever we’ve been and whatever we’ve done, there is still more in front of us. We should not waste our time away.

  16. Good job man. As a fellow AE rookie, I think you’re doing a great job. I agree with Brad, the DOF would add so much. Great suggestions Brad… those were tips i’ll be using also.

    You’ve inspired me, I think I’ll post an AE project I did a few weeks back and see if I can get some constructive criticism.

    Keep it up man!

  17. Thanks trey, i am going now to check your out!

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