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  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand this commercial and it get major air time here.

  2. Really? I’ve never seen this before, but it makes me want to ask some questions. Like, “Who thought this was a great idea?”

  3. My comment is a little more serious – When we take my mother-in-law to the doc – mama has to go in with her. She will not tell the doc whats wrong! Never asks the key questions. We pay 100 bucks or more when you step into that exam room and yet we expect them to guess – not this boy, I want my moneys worth!

  4. It’s a rejected script for Scrubs.

  5. Cheryl, today is the first day I saw it and I couldn’t keep a straight face.

    Casey, that is the perfect question 🙂

    Pap, see you get it, cause you already ask the questions. But someone thought this was the best way of reminding people to ask the questions…yikes!

    Jeff, I was thinking the same thing.

  6. Oh it’s on quite a bit. I know because Simone reaches for her Elmo Dr. Kit each and every time it comes on. It reminds me of that ill fated “Cop Rock” show.

  7. Cop Rock!!! That was awful!

  8. Exactly! 🙂

  9. Am I the ONLY person who loves this commercial?!?! And yes B, it’s on A LOT. haha!! 😆

    It cracks me up everytime and it’s kind of catchy. heehee 😆 Also, the nurse with the purple jacket on CRACKS ME UP!!!!! AHAHAHAHA!! I watch those people dance and just laugh and I said to Jake once “some of these dancers probably went to Julliard and this is the best they can get!” hahaha!!!

    I just think it’s a hilarious commercial and it makes me smile. 😀

  10. 10 kotaincahoots

    that was awsome

  11. See Bran, I think that’s the problem. I think it’s supposed to entertain, but I honestly believe that people who created this did NOT intend for it to be humorous.

    It’s just that bad. And I am so thankful that I have only seen it once. Geez I guess you and Cheryl watch a lot of TV 🙂

  12. Glad you enjoyed it Kota 🙂

  13. Big nugget of wisdom…If the hospital staff bursts into a musical, don’t just speak your mind…leave immediately!

  14. Hahaha!!!

  15. My question is…How bad is the economy that people couldn’t refuse to participate in this crap?

  16. Hey Rick, No Kidding! Do you think they were doing something cool?!?!?

    This is like the video your in, that you never want your friends to get a hold of, for fear of what they would do with it 🙂

  17. I’ll have to pay more attention to what I am watching at the time. It’s one of those “Head On” moments. Since it is a PSA it comes on at least twice.

  18. Guys Guys Guys (and gals too of course 😉 )

    lighten UP!

    Brent – you are right that the originators had a SERIOUS message to pass on to us all who see this ad (and who talk about it afterwards with our family and friends) but you can’t be serious if you think the message was not intended to be both Funny and slightly controversial, surely?

    Would you have even NOTICED what the message of the 30 second ad is if it was made ‘seriously’? or, would you, like so many others who watch tv, just ‘tune out’ if you are not being entertained or informed about something you WANT to know about (as opposed to something like this that you NEED to know about??)

    And suggesting that people not take money to be in an advert with a serious health message or that such messages are best imparted in a more ‘serious’ fshion – that is just sad.

    I’m sorry for you folks who don’t ‘get it’ – i really am!

    Help yourselves and your health professionals out and ASK them about things you don’t understand/agree with or know about fully – it’s for your own benefit and to reduce health care costs and tragedies that occur because of incomplete communications between Dr and Patient.

    Of course, i don’t have to watch this ten or more times a week living in Aus.

    Maybe that helps my perspective a little?? 😉


  19. 19 TheNorEaster

    I never saw that commercial before, and I’m glad. It’s pretty ridiculous to suggest that a doctor is going to answer every patient’s questions. I once read somewhere that the average doctor spends about three minutes answering a patient’s questions. Usually, they just test test test test test test test, write a perscription, and then send you a bill that rivals the national debt.

    But think about this for a minute…Most people don’t trust other people–even people they know–with their emotions. And yet, we’re expected to trust a doctor with our lives?!?!

    The logic escapes me.

    I don’t like doctors. I don’t trust doctors. I don’t like drugs. I don’t do drugs. And I don’t trust perscription drugs.

    That has always been my greatest incentive to stay healthy.

  20. I second Jeff – Scrubs was the very first thing that popped into my mind.

    Great message though. We shouldn’t just take things for granted that our doctors say. They make assumptions and can be wrong, too, if they don’t have all the information.

  21. 21 tam

    I’ve always been pretty blunt with my doctors. My thought is, Hey – I’m paying them here, they work for me, they can hang and answer some questions. I bring in lists of questions. They love me! 😯

  22. Hey Brent buddy,

    Love your posts – always so entertaining! Quick question – not like you have anything better to do right now, but perhaps I’ll catch you in a “sushi moment” with a little time to spare and you can respond 🙂 How would I go about posting a youtube video on my blog? Thanks again for your blog! God Bless, Nancy

  23. Love, I am sure there is a little sarcasm in you thought, but seriously, I wouldn’t have listened to the serious commercial. Usually the PSA’s are serious and lose your attention (you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all). But this one definitely gained my attention…although, not for the right reasons 🙂

    NorEaster, How do we best get the info or create the communication we need to have with a Doctor. I at times do not trust them as well, but I have also found some that I have a great relationship with and trust completely. I still ask the questions though.

    Cool Dad, I think you guys are right. I absolutely think they were taking the Scrubs approach. But it’s hard to match something as brilliant as that show. With that said, I second you..Don’t assume your doctor knows what you think and be honest with them. If you want them to be honest with you, it starts on our end.

    Tam, I know those lists 🙂

    Hey Nancy, I’ll get in touch with you and help you out!

  24. Hahahaha I also take a list of questions, and if they rush me in and out..i tell them about it, and find someone else..especially when it comes to my meds…some of that stuff is worse for you than what you came in for! wha???

    Nancy- you will have to fly across the country to have help with that..just kidding! 😆 thats what I have to do…or maybe my kid has figured it out by now and will help me.

    love ya B!

  25. Darla, excellent! Take the list and go for it. That’s what you pay them for. I think that the cost of s doctor’s visit allows us to take out time.

    Also, Nancy, is one of our women’s ministry leaders here at church, so she only has to drive across town 🙂

  26. I am with Love…. and thanks B b/c that song has been stuck in my head since I saw this one here, since the last time I saw that commercial was back in Oragone. 😉 😆

  27. hahaha I knew that I checked out her blog! just messin with you!

  28. Haha. That was great.

  29. when you gonna answer the question I asked you, back when you were collecting open-ended questions from anyone?

  30. I thought the commercial was very well done as entertainment. I doubt it will have any effect on getting people to ask their doctors more questions about their health care. I am completely honest with my docotor about how I feel. Papa is right, too many people aren’t truthful with their doctors and then blame them when something goes wrong.

    I always ask questions. I always research the answer on the Internet. If it is a major health issue I will get a second opinion. I have never had major surgery. If this was needed I don’t need to, or want to, know the details of the operation, once I decide it is necessary.

    I do not trust doctors when it comes to medication. I will do research first and consider drugs as a last option.

    When I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, I found support groups on the Internet and learned as much as I could. When my doctor suggested I take medication, I said no. I tried diet and exercise first and that worked.

  31. That’s really a mental institution.

    All the patients have eaten the real doctors, put on their uniforms and they’re trying to entice people to come into their hospital / cannibalism building.

    I’ve been on the road for a long time….give me some leniency on this response.

  32. Hey Seven, have you seen this before. People that live around here say they see it all the time. This was my first time…and hopefully my last 🙂

    Bad…You are SO RIGHT! Dude I am sorry, I had started working on that and then totally forgotten. It will happen this week!

    Ed, “I do not trust doctors when it comes to medication” I would agree with this. Docs seem pretty quick to throw drugs our way.

    Neil, you can have all the slack you want, you always make me smile…and usually laugh out loud!

  33. Bad, Your Question IS the Answer! Pay attention!!

  34. I know that; you know that; but does Brent know that???

  35. Bad, Oh ya! Just wanted to back it up with some scripture 🙂

  36. What a great ad! And if you don’t beleive that it is then ask yourself, how many other commercials have I been discussing on the internet? And they bring up a good point – I’ve asked a few pertinent questions of medical staff that have seemed me a bit of misery, if not danger. Of course, I don’t trust ’em – my dad and my uncle are doctors, my mother, mother-in-law and sister-in-law are nurses, my wife graduated nursing school but is a dental hygienist – I know how fallible these people are.

    I also think the premise – questions are the answer – makes a good case for a dynamic and growing faith.

  37. saved me misery, not seemed. jeesh.

  38. Hey Christian, I’ll tell you what, I noticed it. And I completely agree with you regarding the fallible nature of doctors. They are no different than anyone in ability to screw up, they just have lives in their hands 😯

    Question, so you think this ad was made in favor of the doctor or the patient?

    Do patients need to be reminded to ask questions becasuse doctors are frustrated that they aren’t talking?


    Do patients need to ask questions because doctors are failing?

    Maybe it’s a little of both…

  39. I think the ad was supporting both the medical professionals and the patients. I think the old school doctors (not so much nurses) weren’t too crazy about being questioned by the patient. More than a few had prima donna complexes (at least from listening to my Dad and his friends talking over a couple of drinks). But in the old days medicine was a bit more straight forward – now just about everyone is taking some kind of med and the records aren’t always up to date or even available. I think that it helps for the patients to take the time to be a little bit informed before they start grilling the docs. The internet has some great sites.

    I think medicine today is just great. It’s just expensive. All these wonderful things didn’t exist 30 years ago and everyone just HAS to have them- it’s their right, right? – so I am paying about $1500 dollars a year for prescriptions for justme alone. 30 years ago this would have been unheard of. 30 years ago I would probably have died in my early forties, if not sooner.

  40. I don’t disagree at all with the fact that medicine has gotten very good. I unfortunately have watched my Dad on the bad side of medicine. i have watched medicine that was supposed to help him…hurt him. i’ve also watched Doctors quick to give him medication when in fact he needed none. kind of a treat the symptoms instead of the problem.

    I am happy to say now that he is on the least amount of medication he has been on in 5 years and is getting healthier each day. He is one case, so I still agree with how good it has gotten, but I also see the “quick to handout” routine as well.

    An interesting subject to talk about would be things like medication for mental issues like depression or ADHD or such. It is interesting to hear some churches take on it. Some speak so strongly against it. I don;t feel this way.

  41. To speak out against medicines that help people with ADD, depression, anxiety neurosis (or psychosis) is to speak from ignorance. My family has benefited immeasurably from these medications. The brain is an organ and as such it may be flawed, like a heart, a liver, a thyroid, eyes or the skin. Some of the ‘Christian’ arguments that I’ve heard tend to anger me. Why not pray for 20/20 vision or my hair to grow back? These folks are on the same bandwagon with the Scientologists and other goofy cults.

    Meanwhile the stigma against these medications continues to grow while people and their families that continue to suffer. The problem that I’ve seen is that too often the meds are prescribed and the psychiatrists are not inclined any to engage in therapy these days, which is often needed. They leave that up to the psychologists and LSW s – if they think of it at all.

    It is true that many doctors will tend to medicate but one reason is they tend not to pick up the scalpel quite so quickly. Another reason is that many of us cry out for the meds. And then there is the nagging fear that if they don’t do something, just anything, and a situation becomes worse then they will be sued. It’s tough, especially when folks like your dad has had to suffer.

  42. I am totally with you on the psychosis meds. I have watched people who were literally unable to function, come back to life with the right meds. Ignorance is a good word!

    Any part of the medical relationship is a process. It is hardly if ever that something is diagnosed and the correct treatment or meds are immediately considered. it can often be a process of elimination.

    It is amazing how one medication can affect someone and have zero affect on another.

  43. You know? – for a crap ( to some 😉 ) ad it has had some AMAZING thoughts revealed Here!

    Tam takes a LIST in to her quack (i mean Doc)??? – WOW! Organisation or WHAT? Colour me Impressed! 🙂

    I have developed a ‘healthy’ distrust of today’s western GP ‘production line’ style ‘service’ (you can have a 6 minute or a double-length 12 minute ‘consultation’ with the Dr of your choice at the mutiple Doctor – single registry service barn!)

    I like Ed and Darla’s attitudes – although it can be a little risky thinking you know more than the Doc about health and remedies. We should all know more about ourselves than They do though and hence the need for communication and asking questions (they’re ONE answer, not the Only answer!)

    Not to disagree with Chris and Brent but many times the medication we actually take is just to reverse the effects of a previously ingested substance (drug – food ‘additive’) – particularly in our Young who are less resistant/tolerant of chemicals and poisons than we adults).

    And Brent if you want REALLY amazing then consider this well – up to thirty percent of the positive effects people report from taking drugs are delivered by Placebos! (things that have NO beneficial material ‘content’ whatsoever).

    This means that about one in every three ‘cures’ are solely in our minds.

    Consider that the reverse is quite likely also true – that one in three illnesss are caused solely by ‘placebos’ – things that do us no harm at all – we just THINK they do.

    You then have the solution to almost two-thirds of disease being entirely within our own MINDS!

    There is far too great a reliance in the mainstream today upon drugs that do little to no good whatsoever… and have the potential (see the ‘possible side effects listings!!) to do us some serious harm in accumulation with all the other man-made crap we all consume daily.

    We should save them for the REALLY sick! And work on making ourselves healthier individuals with healthier minds!

    Belief is a very powerful medicine indeed – as the Native Americans and witch-doctors of people’s past have proven for centuries.


  44. I think you nailed it Love. ” The real sick” . I would however consider those with Psychosis issues as C and I discussed as “real sick”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have a hard time with 1st graders being diagnosed quickly as ADHD when in fact they may just be artistic or intelligent. I think our school systems have not done well at encourging creativity. It is often considered a disease and them medicated.

  45. I also have seen lots of wrong diagnosis and that causes me to questions things, not that I know more than doctors but when rushed in and out, they don’t have a true picture of what is going on…my son when 3 years old, was diagnosis with the flu…and I was told that I was overreacting to his high fever…ended up with Scarlet Fever, and I would have lost him had I just sat at home and ignored what I saw…myself was diagnosed with several things including digesetive problems and I have allergies, that cause the same type of pain in my chest as a heartburn…wrong meds, and wrong diagnosis can be fatal. We do have the right to ask lots of questions and I don’t think that means we know more than the doctor.

  46. I think there is often a “hurrying” of patients by doctors. I am sure they are overbooked and can’t truly focus on everyone they see. So there is a common response to things they believe are happening to their patient. Probably with the majority, the doctors response will help, but then there are those that do not fit the pattern and are still hurried along and pushed away. Your son got caught in that Darla. It is unfortunate. I wish there was a way to slow things down and to lighten the cost up, but I don’t see that happening.

  47. 47 lori

    From Mary, age 7: “That was just weird!”

  48. my thoughts? i wish i could sing like those African American Soul SISTAS!!!!

  49. Lori, Haha!! Children are wise!

    Mandy, I have no interest in sounding like a african soul Sista…I am sure you would sound great though 🙂

  50. Funny stuff. Ad Council getting back to the ‘this is your brain on drugs’ quality level.


  51. Oh man I had forgotten about hose ads! They were awesome 🙂

  52. hose ads?

  53. Haha!!!

    THOSE ads…

  54. Darla, just in case there was any misunderstanding (and i know you still love me anyways 😉 ) i did say i liked your attitude to the doctor!

    And i also said we know more than He does about US and hence you should continue to do as you do – communicate – ask – challenge even, if ‘necessary’.

    My comment though was that it can be risky if we start to think we know more about Medicine and how our bodies function and about prescribed drugs than a good doctor does. Kind of ‘a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing’ thing 😉

    Doctors can and do make mistakes though – moreso when they are being ‘rushed’ – they are human – just like us. And the ad was right – they cannot read minds.


  55. The ad did not strike me well.

    Not sure why.

    I kinda want to come out with a counter-commercial called, “Read my freaking chart so I don’t have to ask so many questions!”

  56. Love – understand! and you are right I love you always!
    Mark- you totally had me ROTFL 😆 my thoughts exactly 🙄

  57. Hey Love, thanks for your thoughts. I got your email as well and really appreciate it. I will respond later today.

    Mark, welcome, thanks for stopping by and I agree with Darla, that is hilarious!

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