Him vs. Her…Hair Care


How she does hair care…

How he does hair care…

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22 Responses to “Him vs. Her…Hair Care”

  1. Captions:




  2. HAHAHAH dude i love your picture!!! oh man i am laughing hard outloud right now! thank you for totally brightening my morning hahahah

  3. I think you have those captions out of order…

  4. 4 tam

    to my defense. some of those bottles are nearly empty and I’ve just not tossed them yet… I’m really not that high maintenance.

    Am I dear?

    Watch it!


  5. Theressa, I love your captions…but may have to agree with Bad 🙂

    Evan, happy to help!

    And tam is not high maintenance!

    Did I do good hun 🙂

  6. 6 kim

    standing in solidarity with Tam. 🙂

  7. Haha, this post is great. It’s so true also.

  8. ummmmmmmmmm Vin…..?

    What hair?



  9. I have male worship leader friends who’s hair care cache looks like the top picture…what does that mean?

  10. Kim, you gotta stick together!

    Ricky, thanks for the confirmation.

    Robert, dude…I’ve got hair. you’ve seen my mullet pics, right 🙂

    Rick T, Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  11. You clearly need to rethink your grooming process. 😉 😆

  12. Mine is even simpler, just a damp wash cloth! :o(

  13. Hey Bran…Ya, she should simplify 😉

    Hey Papa, whatever works. Of course I am sure you are implying that there is not much to care for 🙂

  14. No no no…. YOU need to rethink your grooming process. Add some conditioner, maybe a little gel or styling goo of some sort, finish it off with a nice holding spray so you don’t fro later on. 😉 hahaha! 😆

  15. Hack that’s all in one there. Shampoo and conditioner 🙂

    Besides, i am not sure my buzzed head will get too frizzy 😉

  16. 😆

    Now tell us your grooming process for that thing hanging from your chin. 😆

    Dylan says “Bwent has a fing hanging fwom his face” hahaha!!! 😆

  17. Same 🙂

  18. And tell him I am very proud of my “fing”


  19. There’s something wrong with those pictures….




    GOT IT!!!!

    TAM! – ONLY ONE BRUSH????? 🙂

    (Oh – and B – do you ‘shave’ (where’s the razor/scissors?) or go to a barber for trims?)


  20. (and i ain’t gonna ‘touch’ your ‘fing’!!) 😯


  21. Well if I put out my shaving gear that would add one more bottle…still not very impressive 🙂

    And I’m not letting you touch it either!

  22. Just talking about the Hair (cuts?) – rest assured! 🙂


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