Clearly Out Of Touch


I am convinced that the world is out of touch with the church. It’s like they’ve created this little bubble that keeps them safe from others. They hardly come out of it. They’ve even created their own languages. It is not often that someone ventures out, but when they do, they quickly run back in for fear of having to look someone in the eye and relate. They just don’t get us. Our concerns, our needs, our hopes. As long as they look up to their so called “leaders” and their ideas of how life should operate, they will be blinded by their doctrines. They worship only one person…self…and they won’t budge on that. Don’t they know there is more to life than just money? They won’t even stop talking to hear what we have to say. It’s like they don’t even care about us. They are out of touch! Heck, look at American Idol last night. They sang an outdated worship song by some no name church in Australia when they clearly should have sung a Chris Tomlin tune.



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  1. 1 TheNorEaster

    Okay. I’ve got to say…Your nominative pronouns in the objective case are driving me stark-raving sluggo!

    “…THEY’VE created this little bubble that keeps THEM safe from others…THEY hardly come…THEY’VE even created…when THEY do, THEY quickly…THEY just don’t…THEY look up…”

    Who are THEY? Are you talking about the church or the world? Or both? It is not clear to me at all who or what you’re talking about here.

    And if the world is “out of touch” with the church, that’s our fault–NOT theirs. But what you have said about “THEY” could quickly and easily be applied to Christendom (Christians collectively).

    At the very least, please revise this so I know who THEY are.

  2. I’ll never tell…


    I would say this one is dripping in a bit of the sarcasm. Definitely an optional look to what we always say about the church…maybe some truth???

  3. 3 ronpai

    I thought it was funny that they were singing “Shout to the Lord”, when they should’ve been singing the song that was sung by Jordan Sparks last year – if you listen to it it sounds like “How Great is Our God” (p.s. her song was written by Christians – I thought it was funny and unoriginal).

    Maybe the conversation ended when the church began to “seperate itself form the world” to not be “of the world”. I wonder if the world saw this as a big middle finger…just a thought.

  4. touche’ my friend…touche’.

    I have to admit, I never realized how much that worship classic sounds like formulaic pop-trash. Perhaps I get so deep into connecting with God when I sing it that I don’t notice the We Are The World-ness of it.

  5. ‘some no name church in Australia’?

    Thanks for the mention, Sir! 🙂


  6. …and just who’s this ‘Chris Tomlin’ of whom you speak, pray tell? 😉


  7. Hey Ron, “I thought it was funny and unoriginal”

    Isn’t that what “pop” music is 🙂

    “Maybe the conversation ended when the church began to “seperate itself form the world” to not be “of the world”. I wonder if the world saw this as a big middle finger…just a thought.”

    I completely agree!

    Rick, welcome! it is great to read your comments. I actually have to say, I like the song, but it would probably be considered out of date at this point. Maybe the “we are the world” sound is why American Idol used it. hope you’ll stop by again!

    Love, Chris who? 🙂

  8. Oh a wise guy, ehhh? 🙂

    I asked foist.


  9. 9 Nevin

    I went a whole different direction. It occurred to me that maybe this song had reached “amazing grace” kind of status. It’s the sort of yeah we all know it’s religious but it has become a universally or culturally accepted song. Did you look at the audience shot? A few people were worshiping along and didn’t care. Kinda cool


  10. Hey Nev! That’s the reason I still like it. I know of many people that don’t want to hear it again, but it seems to me that it can be pulled out every once in a while and will always be appreciated.

    Hey…you playing this weekend?

  11. 11 Nevin

    Slacker…At this point I am planning on Sunday. Sorry……Again….

  12. Cool! I will look forward to it.

    Check out Planning Center…we’ve got a new one this week.

  13. Has Shout to the Lord gone the way of MWS’ Friends? I didn’t know that there are folks who are tired of hearing it.

    Oooh! A new song this weekend??? Cool!

  14. I think Shout to the Lord will be around for a long time. Its a classic.

  15. Oh good!

    Interesting note…since I didn’t watch AI I thought I would check iTunes to hear what the AI version of Shout to the Lord sounded like. So far it is #8 download. The sample on iTunes is craftily set up without any mention of Jesus or worship.

  16. The world is out of touch with the church…how do you think we should or could change that? 😉

  17. Hey Cheryl, if you download the whole thing it actualy has jesus in it. and if you guys were watching last night, they sang Jesus. I would love to know that actual story. They may have gotten in trouble for not singing Jesus. Hillsong is their own publisher and they would have to have given AI approval to sing it that way. I wonder if they didn’t…Hmmmm…

    Darla, I think your right 🙂

  18. I forgot to say…they added Jesus back in last night for the elimination show…

  19. 🙂

  20. 20 TheNorEaster


    I don’t usually get the stuff that’s in the blue and white boxes, but…I see it everywhere.

  21. Hey NorEaster, sorry about that. I tend to be filled with it sometimes. Just be on alert 🙂

  22. 22 barryweber

    I think it is “Jesus as magic amulet” we see most often- the Jesus that has become a rhinestone cross on Paris Hilton’s neck, the Jesus that is not much more than a guardian angel for American babies, the Jesus that is used to suck in and justify a segment of the American Idol audience that might have otherwise felt a little guilt over not being tuned in to “Christian” television.

    Jesus as a marketing tool.
    Jesus as a “feel good” lucky stone in our pockets.
    Jesus as whatever doctrines happen to be primary during the present culture.

    Never Jesus who sits in prison waiting for a visitor.
    Never Jesus who is dying in Darfur and sub-Saharan Africa for lack of clean drinking water.
    Never Jesus who builds a home each night out of cardboard in mid-town Manhattan.

    That Jesus is messy, has germs, and..might even get blood on us.

  23. Hey Barry, thanks for your thoughts. I agree that we often see Jesus as a marketing tool these days. And although American Idol most likely used this song to do just that, they still sang a song of worship to our God. I am grateful for the opportunity that millions had to hear this song and to hear who our God is. My wife used this verse on her blog the other day,

    “Philippians 1:18 – But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.”

  24. I would say this one is dripping in a bit of the sarcasm.

    You think? Hahaha!! You made me laugh.

  25. Ric, coming from a writer, I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

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