God’s Gracious Power


God is in the business of transforming lives. I believe that wholeheartedly.

A wonderful blog friend of mine Joe has given us a chance to hear his testimony. It is not one you will soon forget. In fact there may be many that could benefit from or be encouraged by his writing.

Take a few moments to go read Joe’s story and remember that the same God that worked in and through Joe is the same God that desires to work in and through each of us!

By the way, Tammy and I get the opportunity to hang with Joe for a couple of days this June…he is flying to Oregon! Can’t wait!

13 Responses to “God’s Gracious Power”

  1. So will he be here for my birthday then?? 😀

  2. When is your birthday Theressa?

  3. 7th 😉

  4. He is gonna be here the 19-23rd.

  5. Ok. So did you call him and change the date or what?!? ROFL

  6. What an awesome testimony. Bummed that we’ll miss him by 3 days.

  7. 7 Heidi

    So do have another couch?

    I want to join in on this party!!! I’ve been linked with Joe for a long time. He’s an awesom father, poet, and a man of God.

  8. Haha Theressa!

    Scott, I know…that would have been fun!

    Heidi, your welcome anytime. May not have enough sofa space, but we’ll figure something out 🙂

  9. WoW, that was an incredible. moving story. Thanks for sharing, I especialy needed it tonight. I was having a pretty awful day feeling sorry for myself and his story just brought so much hope. God can do great works in all of us.

  10. Party at Brents! woooohooooo!! wish I could meet Joe too, and I am going to miss Teresa’s bday , i will have to make my own party! haha

  11. Yes, Thanks B for shining some light on Joe’s ah… light. Way cool. Way powerful. Way.

  12. Elaine, I am glad that Joe’s testimony encouraged you. God CAN do a great work through all of us.

    Darla…don’t encourage all of them 🙂

    Ric, there’s some great stuff there. Great hope!

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