See You Soon…


I’ve never liked saying goodbye. it seems so final…

Today is the last day in town for our good friend/younger daughter/little sister Brandy. I use all those terms, cause she’s each of those to me and I know as well for Tammy.

Brandy, her husband Jake and their 3 boys leave tomorrow AM for Minot, North Dakota. We are truly going to miss them.

Last night when we got home fro Portland, we stopped in to see them at a little going away party. It was good to get the last hugs out of the way and it was good to see their smiles and hear their laughs one more time. Brandy has an addicting laugh and the biggest smile in the world.

Brandy, Tammy and I will miss you a ton. We love you and we look forward to maybe come to visit one day!

Head over to Brandy’s blog and say goodbye if you haven’t had a chance!!!


11 Responses to “See You Soon…”

  1. Okay well, up until right before I read this I hadn’t cried yet today. I guess it had to start sometime. 😉

    Love you guys so much too, and I’m so thankful to keep in touch with you this way, even though I will miss seeing you on Sundays a heck of a lot!! *kisses* (((hugs)))

  2. 🙂

  3. 3 tam


    I was fine until I read this. All the memories started flooding my mind. All the times you watched our kiddos when they were toddlers. All the swimming adventures with them at your house. Eating Kota’s last bite of baby food with all the mucus included for a measly 5 bucks! OH, what desperate teens will so for $$$

    Bran, you are a PHENOMENAL mother and equally a tremendous wife! I really hope and pray your boys (all 4) know exactly how blessed they are!

    I love you much more than I could adequately express!

    I am so proud of you Bran Muffin!

  4. 4 Darla

    I am going miss Bran making me laugh on here, hope it doesn’t take too long for her to get hooked up!

    BTW- I am not liking my new dashboard..and writing a post and adding video is frustrating me!!!! why do things that are supposed to make my life easier always seem harder? Maybe I am too dense for WP

  5. 5 Darla

    😯 😆

  6. Darla…Hahaha!!!

    You’ll get used to it. It’s all there, just some of it is in a different place now. They actually updated some things nicely that I didn’t like before. If it drives you nuts, you’ll be here in 2 months, we can go over it then 🙂

  7. Nice post B! She is moving closer to mama and I. We are already toying with plans to get together! She has become like a daughter, maybe grand daughter already. Mama and I hold hands each evening in bed praying out loud for all our blogging friends – especially “little one” right now!

  8. That’s the first pic of Bran i have seen – she’s even cuter than i imagined! 🙂

    Safe trip and keep in touch there young Lady!

    love <B

  9. Hellooooo alllllllll!!! 😀

    I’m using my sister in laws computer….God Bless her!!
    I’ll try to get a post up!

  10. Hey Bran…isn’t she in Portland? You only got to Portland in 2 days?!?!?!


  11. We spent one day in Portland. 😉 hahaha! 😆

    Got there Sunday night, spent all day monday there, and left today. 😉 Had to get some visiting in and let the cousins play. 😉

    Update #2 is up! 😉

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