Portland…Sushi…Friends and Memories


The last 2 days have been a whirlwind!

Tammy and I left Thursday AM and headed North to the Portland area to attend a memorial service for a friend. Traffic on the 4 hour drive was ridiculous. Probably the worst I have ever experienced in the state of Oregon! It made us about 10 minutes late for the service, but we really did not miss anything.

The service was incredible! We spent 2 hours remembering Ben. Ben was an amazing guy. He was 26 and the 500 seat auditorium was packed. Pretty amazing amount of lives touched in a short time. We got to see a ton of pictures and we heard a bunch of his music. There was dancing and sharing. There were some pretty intense emotions at some points, but the family is doing well, considering this tragedy.

One thing I noticed and wanted to point out was the fact that we all leave a legacy when we go. Either good or bad. We need to determine what we want our legacy to be. Ben knew who he was. He was always “others” focused. Every story, every moment shared, the pictures, the music, they all pointed to this fact. Not once did you hear that Ben was a good guy because of what he accomplished, you heard he was a good guy because of who he was and how he treated others. That was amazing. He was a true example of God’s love. I want to be like Ben.

After the service we had the privilege of meeting up with a blog friend. I met Tyler via his blog a couple of months back. Tyler is a Worship Leader and band director for a large church in the Portland area. We had talked about meeting up if I ever came north. This was our chance. We had a blast. We sat at Starbucks for over an hour before he needed to head to rehearsals. We talked ministry, theology (he’s in seminary), we talked blogs and of course music. We also had the honor of meeting his wife Rose. She doesn’t blog…yet πŸ™‚Β  Anyway, stop by Tyler’s blog and say hello from us. I am looking forward to extending this relationship in the future.

Thursday night we metΒ  our friends Jason & Julie for dinner at PF Changs. I love their Mongolian Beef! We have been friends for 15 years now. Jason is the President of the company that I managed the recording studio for. We got to spend the night at their home and enjoyed every minute of it.

This AM we left and headed to downtown Portland for some Sushi (Dragonfish) and coffee (Stumptown). I am planning to get back to Portland sometime this Summer when the weather is great and spend a couple of hours walking the downtown streets taking pictures of all the incredible buildings, people and culture. I absolutely LOVE downtown Portland. Tammy and I have talked about how we would live there in a minute if God called us there.

Anyway, it’s good to be home. I get to sleep in tomorrow, so nobody call me πŸ™‚

Thanks for all your prayers and comments reagrding our friend and their family. It was an honor to celebrate Ben’s life this week!


13 Responses to “Portland…Sushi…Friends and Memories”

  1. UMMM HELLO?! What am I? Chopped liver??

    You failed to mention your “appearance” at my slammin “party” tonight!!! πŸ˜† heehee

    You know the food and atmosphere was SO MUCH BETTER than anything P-town has to offer!! πŸ˜• hahahahahahaha!! πŸ˜† heehee

  2. Trust me I didn’t forget you…your “mention” is coming πŸ™‚

    And although the company was incredible at your little shindig…the 2nd story in Angelo’s pizza on W Main has NOTHING on Ptown!

  3. B, this is so encouraging to me getting home..We hope to have the same thing Friday for Mom. She impacted so many lives. I knew Ben as a child, it hurt us that we couldn’t be there…but the family has been in our prayers. Mom left a note, to only be opened after she was gone….she had some specifics, but the one thing that stood out to all of us was she wanted us to put the “fun” back into funeral. She is an amazing saint…so of course, that’s our plan. God is so amazing, hope to share with you and Tam…

  4. Deb, I know that you will celebrate Mom’s life. I am anxious to hear about the memorial and about how you will celebrate her life!

    You and Jerry will continue to be in our prayers Deb…Love ya!

  5. 5 Tyler

    Rose and I had a lot of fun too. She talked about our get together all night after we both made it back home.

    Hopefully we can make it south at some point. Or hopefully you can make it to the leadership summit. We would see a lot of each other that week then.

    Anyway, God bless. Glad we were able to connect.

  6. uh oh….should I be scared?? haha!

  7. 7 Cheryl

    Hmmm… it’s 7 in the a.m.on a Saturday…. I have to go to work…maybe I should call Vinny…let him join in my misery…hmmm muahahhaaa!

    Now there’s an oxymoron: “I am planning to get back to Portland sometime this Summer when the weather is great”. Anytime I’m there it is cloudy.

  8. 8 TheNorEaster


    Did you get a chance to pass along that information about griefshare.org?

    Just wondering. It sounds like you had quite a day, an extraordinairy service for an exceptional young man.

    But, unfortunately, the hard is just starting for those Ben left behind.

  9. Tyler, we’ll definitely be back up…looking forward to it.

    Brandy…no worries πŸ™‚

    cheryl, thanks for not calling πŸ™‚

    Hey NorEaster, Ben’s family has a long road in front of them. Especially his wife. She has been hot pretty hard. I did pass along some info and I am going to be able to touch base with Ben’s step dad next week as a follow up. Hopefully we’ll have a little better time then to really be honest and make sure that he is grieving.

  10. “Not once did you hear that Ben was a good guy because of what he accomplished, you heard he was a good guy because of who he was and how he treated others.”

    i love that. sounds like ben was a pretty amazing guy. we should all hope to be remembered one day for the same reasons you remember ben.

  11. Thanks Jake…I am with you on this one!

  12. 12 Wayne

    When you come back to stump town to shoot some photos, bring a tripod. The bridges over the river downtown are nicely lit and make for some great nighttime shooting. And if you do come up for the Summit, maybe I’ll have a chance to say hi. I’m a FOH operator at Ty’s church and usually work the summit.

  13. Hey Wayne, I’d love to meet you. I am about 90% positive that our staff is coming up for the Summit. I think we will be getting our tickets before the May early bird deadline.

    A tripod is a great idea! I will definitely bring one.

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