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trffoh.jpgThis weekend was fun. I was scheduled to be off this weekend from Worship leading, so my other Worship leader had put together the service and I was going to enjoy some down time with the family. However, I received a last minute call from my sound tech that he had to work. So, I got to fill in for him.

Some of you know that my career was as a sound engineer. Working in live and studio sound. I miss it a ton. I am able to play here at church every once in a while and although I was looking forward to some down time this weekend. I smiled a little when I found out I was going to be working front of house.

So, anyway, it is always a pleasure to be in a different position on the weekends. It is easy to get into routines and have a limited perspective when I am on stage a lot. Once I step to the back of the room and take on another role, I really enjoy experiencing all the different things that come my way.

I love to hear our congregation sing. We use in-ear monitors, that block out all outside noise and help to keep stage volumes down. To combat complete separation from the congregation, we have setup some room mics that we can mix into our in-ears that allow us to hear what is going on around the room. This adds a wonderful dynamic to the overall sound as well as allows us to hear some singing and most definitely any type of verbal response. If you guys aren’t using room mics with your in-ears…give it a try!

The weekend didn’t go without some miscues. 2 to be exact.

#1 Saturday during our practice, we were having some monitoring issues. I have never done this before, but I literally blew up at one of our team members. Yikes…how stupid was I! Apologies were made and accepted and I really appreciate this persons willingness to forgive and forget.

#2 Sunday AM during our last service, I had finished recording the worship and needed to test the CD before I handed it off. Normally I just playback in our CD recorder, but I wanted to fast forward and it does not have a search. So, I dropped it in the CD player, which we never use. We use iTunes off the Mac for music playback. I can’t remember the last time we used the CD player. So, unknown to me , the CD player was routed to one of our floor monitors. When I pushed play…the recording blasted through the speakers. This was of course, in the middle of the sermon. Pastor Tom played it off nicely and continued without a hitch…but in my opinion the damage had been done.

Well, I haven’t had a lot to say…beside talking about food and poop, so I thought I’d just share the weekend with you. The picture is from my seat behind the console. Sorry it’s a bit blurry…it was via the iPhone πŸ™‚


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  1. Aahhhh B, I was at that service and it really was just a quick blip…itty bitty. No damage done. I felt bad for you because I know how I would have felt had it been me. (Did that help or…?)But really, it’s okay! πŸ™‚

  2. No worries. It helps, I just hate making mistakes like that πŸ™‚

  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  4. Gotta love live music! This last sunday I missed the rehersal before the service and the guy running sound for us never put me in the mix so I lip synced the whole set. I guess he didn’t notice I was there 😯

    We’re getting an avion set up for our monitor mix. WooHoo!!!

  5. Back in our little church on the corner BuddyO drafted me to be the sound guy. The acoustic dynamics of the church were challenging as was some of the equipment of the time. Being an ignorant novice I couldn’t help but reminded of this classic Gary Larsen cartoon:

  6. 6 Cheryl

    That’s a pretty good picture from the iPhone.

    I often wonder what the congregation sounds like from your side. I mostly just hear the worship team.

    SO do you record all the services? If it helps the service before the last one went pretty well.

  7. 7 TheNorEaster


    That was a HILARIOUS cartoon!!! Love The Far Side!


    I’ve lost 60% of my hearing–and counting. (If you’re wondering “Why?”, just go to Exodus 4:11.) But try to imagine, for a moment if you will, what it was like for me to conduct “Jesus Christ Has Risen Today” for bell choir on Easter Sunday. As frustrating as it was sometimes for me to make so many mistakes–even just being in bell choir–it was still a moment I wouldn’t trade for a lottery jackpot. And there are times I try to imagine how grateful God must have been for my efforts–overcoming the burden and the embarrassment and the very real possibility of making a monumental mistake in front of a full house on Easter Sunday. Not to mention letting down everyone in bell choir.

    But…it all worked out. I actually did it. So, if you want some advice from my point of view about those mistakes you made…Let it go! Just be grateful you have the opportunity and the talent and ability TO make those mistakes.

  8. Scott, that is a sound man that needs to be fired. You are going to love the Aviom’s!

    Christian, I love that cartoon. We had it hanging in the studio I worked at. OK, true story. We used to have a client that did not have the best ability to understand what good sound was. he would often ask for us to make adjustments that did not make any sense. We would inevitably change things after he left. One day, one of our producers came in with a little gadget he had created. He had taken a rack mounted drawer for storing tape and pencils and such and retrofitted it with lights and knobs. The lights lit up and some flashed. They were all operating with a 9v battery. Now whenever this client would come in and ask for things, we would reach over and grab one of the knobs and turn it and ask…”is that good”. He would always say yes. We called it an idiot box…

    Cheryl, I’m surprised you can’t hear the congregation. Every time i stand out there, they sing loud. Maybe it’s cause I am not leading πŸ™‚ We don’t always record. just when we do new songs or need a reference of something for the future.

    NorEaster, I love that you led a bell choir! My Mom led their churches bell choir for 17 years. She loved it. And, I truly loved every minute of it this weekend. I am only hard on myself to keep moving forward. But trust me…I do forgive myself πŸ™‚ I am grateful.

  9. I love doing sound, I never get a chance to do it anymore, but love it when I get to fill in! Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Skyler, you were a sound guy! I didn’t know. That’s really cool. Hope your new little addition is doing well!

  11. A man needs a hobby! Lucky you get to combine yours with your ‘work’
    (even if it was on your ‘day off’ πŸ˜‰ )

    It is never in our human nature to enjoy making mistakes (particularly not ones that have an adverse effect on others) but what matters most is not that we make(made) them but what we can learn from them (about ourselves mostly).

    love <B

  12. hey man, my “off sunday” is this week – I’ll be floating around the bldg, but not on the stage!

  13. 13 ronpai

    I love the story of the idiot box. too funny. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend behind the board. Good for you!


  14. Is it bad that I totally don’t get the “idiot box” story?? Like, AT ALL????

    Okay, I have to tell you, when the music came on when Tom was talking, I instantly looked back at “you guys” and YOUR FACE was hilarious!! Your eyes were 😯 heehee Jake and I giggled. And really, it wasn’t as bad as you think. There are ringtones that do more damage during a service. Can I get an Amen there? 😯 Annoyyyyyyyyiiiiiiing. πŸ˜†

    (I replied back to you at mine)

  15. Love, I love being able to do what I do!

    Fred, sounds like a typical weekend off in ministry πŸ™‚

    Ron, thanks man!

    Brandy, that’s ok, we all understand that under that red hair is a bit of blonde πŸ™‚

  16. So the client idiot box story was very funny πŸ˜€ and then when I discovered that Brandy was the client well, even funnier. Yep. Thanks for my morning chuckle.

  17. Ric…Hahahahaha!!!!

  18. 18 tam

    hey b, so all the guys, bad, rick, C, buddy AND their wives are meeting up this weekend. So NOT fair!

  19. I had heard!

  20. Actually I called Buddy and asked him about Saturday night. He asked Kathy and she told him that was the night his son’s rock band was in a talent show and that she had e-mailed me on it. I said, “That’s right, just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten!” Sheesh! Anyway, the first Annual/Semi-Annual/Monthly/Weekly (we won’t know until we find out whether we can even stand each other’s company) Mid-Atlantic Sur-Virginia Sub-Pennsylvania Blogger’s Beer Gathering will be this Saturday sadly lacking the lovely company of Kathy Oliver. (I don’t really are about Buddy)

    Why can’t you guys do something like this out west? Unsociable?

  21. So, you continue to declare this event…using my blog.

    How dare you…I am so jealous!!!


  22. What’s a “Sur-“Virginia? Can’t we just be East Coast Blogger’s Beer Gathering? With notable absences of course.

  23. “With notable absences of course.”

    YA! ME!!!

    Oh and Tam πŸ™‚

  24. 24 tam

    Christian and Ricardo,

    we DO have west coast gatherings. me and vinny! most everyone is out YOUR way!

  25. You know – on top of Virginia but underneath Pennsylvania. I would have said adjacent to West Virginia but they don’t have internet yet.

    Tam, what? A little drive would kill you?

  26. “I would have said adjacent to West Virginia but they don’t have internet yet.”


  27. Got a point there C… after all it is a Saturday (and I think they had today off too)

    And technically B, you and Tam cannot be “absent” from an East Coast Bloggers Beer Gathering. I guess you’re thinking this is the 1st Annual/Semi-Annual/Monthly/Weekly NATIONAL Blogger’s Beer Gathering. That does sound better. Thanks. We’ll nominate and elect officers and then let you know how it all turns out later.

  28. Maybe if the place you go has internet, we could “gather” via webcam πŸ™‚

  29. Well, this is where we’re gathering:

    I like their tag line “Where Great Minds Meet” (hahaha) Its a TAVERN!!

    So I don’t see wireless advertised but who knows…

  30. Maybe πŸ™‚

  31. That’s an idea. Let’s check and see if they have WiFi. If not maybe we should find a place that does? Nah!

  32. This is not getting better for me…

  33. B, if it is any consolation (and i KNOW it is) – you’ll always have Roscoes and the Family Platter as well as the associated music festival therein. πŸ™‚

    I Cannot believe i just promoted that dietary disaster! 😯

    Besides the West Coasters are too sociable, just go here for proof:

    Two plugs in one comment – i bet that gets spammed! πŸ˜‰

    Y’aww have fun over at the 1st M.A.S(V).S(P).B.B.G! y’hear? πŸ™‚

    May i suggest a better acronym be the first order of business?

    Business?? hahahahahahahahahahahaha – yeah, Right!

    love <B

  34. Love, I may have to take your council on that one πŸ™‚

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