I’m sleeping On The Couch Tonight!


Today is my day off. The kids are home for spring break and my wife is sick in bed.

All of a sudden I hear a loud, “Brent come here!” I was concerned, something was wrong with Tam. I run to the room and she is laughing hysterically and pointing at my pillow.

First, a little info. We have a Mini Yorkie. About 7 lbs and furry. He is a great pooch and is very obedient. But, every once in a while, after relieving himself, we will notice that he has a little left over piece of crap hanging from his fur. We will quickly clean it off and move on with life. However, there are times where these little nuggets show up around the house, because they have fallen off without us noticing. Today was one of those days.

My wife was laughing hysterically, because one of the nuggets showed up here…


YES, that’s my pillow! I definitely know what it is and who did it…


Sorry Neil! At least I didn’t twitter about it 🙂


52 Responses to “I’m sleeping On The Couch Tonight!”

  1. Dude, that dog is smiling 🙂

  2. yorky loves you and left you a little present..sort of like a mint on the pillow!

    sorry dude, I really hope you get some sleep, but a clean pillow case would be easy and more comfy than the sofa…just trying to help 🙂

  3. 3 tam



  4. 4 tam

    Oh! and even funnier is Kota coming in and asking me..”Who did that?”

    WHAT THE???!!!!

    Really Kid???


  5. 5 tam

    uuuhhh, Scott, Darla…

    we’ll try not to leave mints on your pillows this summer


  6. Scott, I think you are right.

    Darla, that pillow needs to be burned!

    Tam, thanks for the support 🙂

  7. we will remember to smell the mint first…or ask Kota who left that?

  8. honest B you totally caught me off gaurd with this post! hahahahahaha my dogs would leave something much bigger, and then they die!

  9. Darla, that’s what makes this small pooch so dangerous. These little nuggets are suspicious and it is very easy to pick them up and smell them to figure out what they are…Im just saying…

  10. 10 kim

    So is this a new spin on the ‘His and Hers’ series?

  11. hysterical laughter…heart pounding…sucking air…I’m just saying!

  12. Kim, that was tam’s idea…but I didn’t think it really had that His/Hers thing going on…even though His pillow was desecrated and Hers was fine!

    Darla, thanks for the love!

  13. love you man! really…(trying not to laugh, does that count?)

  14. 🙂

  15. 15 boffthewall

    Ewww!! Head to the nearest walmart and buy a new pillow ASAP!!

  16. boffthewall, On my way!

  17. 17 Heidi

    I hear years of therapy starting.

    You know that dog Neil did on MY pillow that one year!!!

  18. Aww she left you a present!

  19. Heidi, I don’t want to know what your dog did!

    Hey Blessed1! The problem is it’s not my birthday, Christmas or any other time of year that would constitute a gift…so I can’t accept 🙂

  20. Okay, while the post was HILARIOUS, the comments have me ROLLLLLLLLLING!!!!!! 😆

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!! heehee

    Seriously hysterical!!

  21. Oh crap! Are you sure Tam didn’t switch pillows??? It doesn’t smell like Oreo’s does it ????

  22. Oh, man…those are absolute must Twitter moments.

    Things like that make everybody laugh. Or vomit. Either one is a good reaction.

  23. If a dog craps on your pillow and no one sees him……… 🙂 Maybe something about your pillow made him relax….

  24. 24 Cheryl


    But tell me something…are you one of those dog owners who let their dog lick them on their face…you know where that tongue has been right?

    Burn that pillow!!!

  25. I take it Raisin Bread is verbotten in your house… i Hope? (Darla – Scott – be warned!) 😉

    Waiter! – what’s this fly doing in my soup…? – That is NOT a fly sir… 🙂

    I love how with your posts you boldly go wnere no man has gone before B! – dog’s maybe – but not man!

    love <B

  26. Neil, this is a great twitter moment, but I had to take advantage on the blog and expand on it. By the way, I had a group of people at a birthday party tonight…LOVING your “betes” videos 🙂

    Deb, my pillow is comfy. And yes…he does still crap 🙂

    Cheryl, I’m not a big doge lick face kind of guy. I’ll love on him, but french kissing is left for…

    Love, I do this all for your enjoyment 🙂

  27. Rest assured B it is SO MUCH appreciated 😉

    You bring out the best (and the mother) in me! 😆

    Doesn’t say much for what else is in here (points to head)- granted!

    Hope the couch is comfy! 🙂

    Just a thought… do you keep ‘pooper’s’ crotch fur trimmed short?? ( and no, i MEANT the pooch! that was NOT a side reference to Tam btw – shame on those who thunk it! 😯

    love <B

  28. I don’t know… when the dog craps on my pillow I’m not gonna be too open to the thought the s/he loves me. I mean there other ways to show love, right? Then again, I’ve heard tales of your methane torture technique from Kass. Maybe this is your dog after all…

  29. Love…so shame on you 🙂 We do keep the dog trimmed nicely…but to no avail at times…

    Ric, it is most definitely my dog. Of course, I see that he loved me, cause he really likes my pillow. he was sleeping on it when the incident took place.

  30. ( sign of my mis-spent youth! 😉 )

    OK – that’s me out of anti-klingon ideas 🙂

    Oh – you DO make a wonderful ‘nurse’ btw. Tam’s germies seem to be as stubborn as she can be though (ducks) – you both have our prayers.

    love <B

  31. Thanks Love…she is getting better but Slowly…

  32. 32 kotaincahoots

    I love duke

  33. Then he can sleep in your bed 🙂

  34. Just don’t go eating any raisins you find in bed, K! 😉

    love <B

  35. 35 TheNorEaster

    Oh, that’s one for the record books!!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  36. 36 kotaincahoots

    write a new post already

  37. Seriously, I am with Kota. In fact, that’s all I came here to say. New material. That’s all. 😉

  38. NorEaster…I am still traumatized 🙂

    Kota and Brandy…seriously! I can’t take a day or two off???

  39. 39 tam


  40. I second that no. Especially since you used to blog, like, every day. 😉

    You’re slackin B. You’re slackin. 😆

  41. 41 kotaincahoots

    Yah what Brandy said… Love You

  42. ooooooh I have a young follower…. hehe
    Let the brain washing commence…..

  43. I find myself in a MOST unusual position…

    I’m sticking up for Brent!

    Against Brandy!

    Against ‘Kota!!

    AGAINST TAM!!! 😯

    You post to your schedule and His B… just don’t get slack about it 😉

    You can trust me to let you know if i think you are..

    getting ‘slack’ that is!

    Those guys just like running you ragged – oh and reading your always entertaining and enlightening posts 🙂

    Us dudes gotta stick together 😉 ( and eat RIGHT!!! )

    love <B

  44. It’s nice to have the support there Love 🙂

  45. Love Love Love…..*sigh*

    😆 😆 😆 😆

  46. (Sorry Brandy!)

    ( not really! 😉 )


    You got your way anyway – naturally!

    Now – where’s that guest blog we’re still waiting for – did you really think we’d forgotten?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love <B

  47. Brandy’s Guest post is in my email inbox. I will be debuting it at the appropriate time 🙂

  48. yeah, that’s nice. but we had something way worse than than on our comforter last night thanks to the furry creature we own and come to find out, it was all over his furry behind as well. Let’s just say smeared would be a good adjective.

  49. Carrie, that’s awful. I am glad I only needed to deal with a little nugget!

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