Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

moments.jpgYesterday was a day of moments. There were moments that I couldn’t sing. Knowing what Jesus did for each of us. Knowing I do not deserve, in any way, His sacrifice. Knowing that there would be people singing with me, who would choose to walk away from it when they left our building. Easter Sunday happens in a moment. Going to church, spending time with family. Then it’s done. Or is it?

An atheist friend of mine said to me yesterday, “May the Easter spirit stay with you all year round”. We can put so much emphasis on a moment and then work our entire lives trying to relive it or to stay away from it. In the midst of living this way, are moments of learning and revelation. We can get so focused on one moment, that we never experience other, often more important moments.

A relationship with Jesus is a growing, changing and revealing process. It is life long and only comes to fruition when He says we are ready. It is not a once a year event. It is not a mountain top experience, it is not a lesson learned. It is all of it and more. To know Jesus is to journey through life soaking in every turn as He leads us on a path to Him. It is not a path to knowing ourselves, it is a path to knowing which, he will reveal who we are to be.

I love Matthew 16:25
“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

We also need to remember that moments are only noticed when we are attentive. We can often be distracted or even looking the wrong way. To capture a moment that God desires for us, our focus has to change. Our lens needs to be pointed at Him. Not what we want, or desire. Not what we like or wish. We have to allow His wishes and desires to be our clarity.

I’m tired of missing moments. Missing them because I am selfish. Missing them because I am tired. Missing them because I am distracted. I want to live in my weakness, so that He is always at work in me. Guess I need to get to work…


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  1. 1 mrsquigs


    I am a faithful reader who is “delurking” to say that it was so good to see your parents at Church yesterday.
    They both looked great. They are missed.
    Lisa Quigley

  2. Heartfelt and well written – as always B!
    May i add my insight from another perspective to what you posted?

    While you are right – it is not a path to know ourselves it is about knowing HIM… it is quite important that in order to prevent in ourselves those moments when we are NOT paying attention to Him but to our own desires that we do indeed KNOW ourselves (and the ways and tricks our ego imposes upon our will) in order to be aware of the weaknesses within us that pull us away from Him – in order that we learn how to overcome them.

    It is in the overcoming of our own will that He is glorified and remains ever stronger within us.

    Fore-warned is fore-armed in our fight against our own will from so frequently ruling our actions and moments of inattention. Observe in yourselves the ways your mind most often diverts you from Him and work on Overcoming those.

    “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne”. Rev 3:21

    “even as I overcame…” – to do so is to do as Jesus (while human) did!

    We all need to get to work B – but overwork leads to stress. God knew enough to rest when it was appropriate and knew that we being weak needed more regular rest.

    Lead the way – by following His ‘lead’ 🙂

    Hope that made sense? 🙂

    love <B

  3. Lisa, thanks for stopping by and getting involved!

    It is great to have my folks down here, but I definitely understand how they are missed up north!

    Love, I completely agree.

    Just to ease you a bit. My “get to work” phrase is right up your thoughts here.

    I need to get to focusing on Him purposefully. Knowing myself and my weaknesses is easy (I definitely know my greatest failures). What’s difficult for me is staying focused properly. Letting Him guide my thoughts and whims and not letting me(self) direct them. I know then, as I am focused on Him, He will change my way of thinking (renew my mind).

    I love serving Him and being on this journey with Him. But I truly believe I have missed out on much. He is patient though and I am grateful!

  4. Mind ‘eased’ 😉

    Staying focussed, i think, is what is difficult for ALL of us.

    It is not being helped by the seeming ‘ever faster’ pace of modern life today that our kids seem to be becoming more indoctrinated in daily.

    Our ‘quiet time’ (prayer/meditation) can be useful for learning how to make those periods of attention longer instead of shorter.

    “Day by Day Lord, help me grow stronger – longer!”. ( Just to be clear – that is not a prayer for, or endorsement of, Viagra!! 😯 )

    love <B

  5. VIAGRA?!?! 😯

    What have I walked in on here??????

    LOVE!! *tsk*tsk* 😉 (she shakes her finger)

  6. Thanks Brent. I live for these moments and I endeavor to find just the right words that would somehow convey the mystery of the moments… that instant when time stands still, when alarms and sirens cease, when snowflakes stop in mid-air. I think those moments are when He has successfully stripped away the many layers of me so that I may catch of glimpse of heaven.

  7. Taking time to reflect on Him is important – we hear him more clearly when He speaks if we are listening. I don’t want to miss any of his instruction or requests. If the conversation lasts more than 4 hours, consult a spiritual adviser.

  8. Those moments when God really captures our attention, they are so humbling. I too have at times not let myself “see” the moment, to busy or distracted by this or that. Many more times than I care to admit.
    My prayer this morning in my quiet time was that God would “distract” me with Himself. When I get up from here, cleaning the house and putting the music on…I don’t want to be distracted by the words, the beat, the music, but by God Himself. If I’m going to stop in the middle of cleaning because a song grabs me, I don’t want it to be the song itself, or me singing with it, but the communion of my spirit with the Holy Spirit.

  9. I love this post…very mind provoking.

    It reminds me of the verse that says all our days are numbered…wonder how many I have wasted already…and to pray more fervently to capture the moment and serve the King in all that I do. I too am easily distracted, selfish, and tired. hislifeformine’s prayer reminds me of a song from Steven Curtis Chapman..”Be my magnificient obsession”. Praying for that too…not being so caught up in what is wrong as much as HIM and that HE is always right. WHen refocusing on HIM, its not that hard to be consumed in HIS majesty! thanks for helping my head today…my heart follows suit 😉

  10. Thanks for the clarification Love…

    Ric, I agree. You know what you are gifted to do and you look for what He shows you, so that you then can display that to others. I love it!

    Papa, I don’t want to miss anything as well.

    Theressa, “that God would “distract” me with Himself” I love this. Let us make a point of letting God be our distraction. Our attention is always drawn to Him.

    Darla, thanks for doing this with me!

  11. 11 ronpai

    thank you for this post and a reminder to slow down.

  12. Man, you really hit the nail on the head here. I so needed this today.

    “I’m tired of missing moments. Missing them because I am selfish. Missing them because I am tired. Missing them because I am distracted. I want to live in my weakness, so that He is always at work in me. Guess I need to get to work…”

    How true is that 😯

  13. You’re always welcome B 😉

    Bran – 😉

    Ric – I think those moments are when He has successfully stripped away the many layers of me so that I may catch of glimpse of heaven…

    While not quite the way i would have written it – we are most definitely on the same page there 🙂 There is a heck of a lot of most of us that could be ‘stripped away’ and we would all be so much better off for it – and so much closer to Him too.

    Tam has a great post going over on In Progress that follows that thought. 🙂

    love <B

  14. The disciples were always missing moments that Jesus was living out right in front of them…we don’t even have that luxury.

  15. Love, agreed!

    Vince, you are so right. It is our nature isn’t it. I am consistently distracted. i like Theress’a take on it…to be distracted with Him.

  16. Ron and Scott, thanks for thinking this through with me!

  17. 17 Phillip

    This is a great post. I love how you said a relationship with Jesus is changing. Ain’t that the truth!! (I’m from the south) A relationship with Christ is a journey and an awesome one at that. Thanks for posting this.

  18. Phillip, thanks for stopping by! It is an awesome journey! Hey, have you got a blog we can check out? Let us know.

  19. I was sharing “deep” truth with my family several months ago, telling them that they could go far in life if they simply paid attention.

    They responded, “huh?”

    There’s more moments out there than we can possibly imagine; an old mentor taught me to take advantage of all situations – regardless of circumstances, or perceived “relevance” – simply that all the moments are unrepeatable moments.

  20. Bad-just wondering if we needed to send a search party out to find ya! missed you…

  21. Bad, welcome home. How was your trip!

    Moments are there and then gone.

    “regardless of circumstances, or perceived “relevance””

    I agree! I was listening to Erwin McManus the other day and he was talking about moments. His book Chasing Daylight has a whole section on it and it is really good. Grab it if you can. He spoke to this, He was given the opportunity very early in his life to speak to a very large group of people. He knew someday he would do this, but he was put on the spot and this was his moment. He immediately thought about how unprepared he was for “this” moment. He went through with it anyway and learned a valuable lesson. It is much better to fail then to never have grasped the opportunity. The fact is, just grabbing the moment and going with it, whatever the outcome, is a success.

  22. Thanks B! I love what you shared about Erwin McManus.
    I read a quote just this morning and was so excited. I was going to run right over and blog it because it so perfectly fit what you are talking about. I clicked on your post and 😯 it was the exact same quote you have at the very top! Ha! So, I guess I won’t. 🙂
    Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works in us and we can see that He is showing many of us the same things at the same time. I love it!

  23. Theressa, God is faithful to lead His people where they need to be if we are listening. thanks for listening. I think there are some very cool things going on here locally and it is good to be a part of it and watch what god will do!

  24. It is exciting. My eyes are open…waiting…

  25. And btw, I love the seascape pic!

  26. Ric, thanks, I took that when we were in Maui a couple of years ago. That place is an amazing canvas!

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