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St. Patrick…


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  1. hmmmmmmm…..

    😉 heehee :lol;

  2. 2 Cheryl

    LOL! I just read sometime this week that an Irish bar back east has banned Danny Boy during the month of March because it is too sad and should be used for funerals…This video would be proof of that! LOL

  3. Was this the Creative Worship Team at church?? I didn’t have trouble picking you out, but Tam with a mustache threw me. The other one, high pitch (still pre-teen) must have been Kota – no guitar!

  4. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boyyyyy!

  5. @cheryl I heard the same thing. Also because it wasn’t written by an Irishman but a Brit or something along those lines, but I agree with you, I can see why it was banned. 🙂

  6. That version of Danny Boy, does bring a tear to my eye, from laughing.

    I love the Cookie Monster.

    “Danny Boy” is a lot more popular outside Ireland than in that country, perhaps because it was written by an English Lawyer, Frederick Weatherly. It is the National Anthem of Northern Ireland, so even a beautiful song can get the Irish Catholics and Protestants fighting. 🙂

  7. You guys have gotta love the muppets!!!

    Indian Lake Papa…Hahahahaha!!!!!

  8. 8 kotaincahoots


  9. Glad we made you laugh Ed.

    Kota, make sure you sing it with that real high voice 🙂

  10. Oh Great – Now he not only can speak Mexican – he can Sing Welsh!
    Merry St Pat’s day to all.

    I love the muppets!

    Papa? Tam with a moustache?? You’re going straight to hell for that one!
    I’m gussing Kass was the one off-camera, on piani?

    love ❤

  11. Kass is definitely playing the Piano…BUT Kota is definitely Animal on the drums!

  12. AN EE MAALLLLL!!! (Go! Kota) 🙂

    So that would make the fat one with the mo’ you B, and Tam is the slim red-head?

    That makes much more sense now 🙂

    PLEASE put my mind at ease and tell me you won’t be indulging in such an ‘Amazing’ platter again any time this year? The music is fine, company important and i can even cope with the beer, but i fear for your waistline/artery loadings.

    love ❤

  13. Big Brother blocks the domain here in the office in the nation’s capital. This content must be way too mature for government workers and contractors. Hey, but we can shop on eBay and blog.

  14. Big Brother is a party pooper! I love the muppets…and I spent many St Pats day at the bar, (not presently) and live on the east coast and never heard that song at the bar..did see green beer though!

  15. 15 tam

    I’ve seen lots of green beer before too. On it’s way OUT of my mouth!


  16. Love, You do realize I did not eat much on Friday…right?!?!

    Ric, Sorry, I am sure it will make it that much better when you get home tonight.

    And green beer…does not interest me at all…

  17. I was never inticed by green beer! not once!! I did used to laugh at the ones who drank it!

  18. Or in Tam’s case…puked it up 🙂

  19. One St. Patrick’s day, when I was around seven, me and my cousin painted our dog, Bart, a German Shepard, green. Poor Bart just stood their and let us paint him green. I swear it was all my cousin’s fault. 🙂

  20. Wow. Must be the day for powerful YouTubes.

    I’d try a green beer… as long as it wasn’t Tam who handed it to me.

    Its the Shamrock MILKshake that would kill me.

  21. Ed, that is awesome! How did the dog feel 🙂

    Ric, I think yours was a little deeper than mine 🙂

  22. If you say so Brent, i am honour-bound to believe you!?
    ( i understand the platter was shared by your buddies as well – i just have the nagging fear that, were they suddenly called away, you would hog the LOT!!! 😯 )

    I know it can be the tastiest part – but TRUST me on this one – the skin of cooked chicken can be removed and NOT actually be eaten – by those with supreme will power! 😉

    I wonder when i turned into your mother??? 🙂

    love ❤

  23. “I just have the nagging fear that, were they suddenly called away, you would hog the LOT!!!”

    Mother’s intuition 🙂

  24. 2 for 2!

    no more nagging – tonight ! 😉

    love (Mom) ❤

  25. Dude, I need new reading material.

  26. 😉

  27. What the heck! I did this Sunday night!

    I don’t have much going on this week…I should get to it 😉

  28. Come on Brandy – you have a guest spot open! 🙂

    Don’t read – Write! Go totally Random if you have to but i’m sure you could share something you’re passionate about with us folks desperate for a read and a smile? 😉

    Thoughts on what this coming Easter means to you and your kids perhaps? 🙂

    Feeling any better there, B?

    love ❤

  29. Love to the rescue 🙂

    Brandy, he’s right, if you want to read something, give me something to post 🙂

  30. You’re killin me smalls! 😆

  31. wow it’s quiet around here…..

  32. killin me smalls?

    Is that anything like Killin me softly?? 😆

    Probably all making ready for Easter service Bran?

    love ❤

  33. Love…hahaha!! We say to the kids “you’re killin me smalls!” all the time!! heehee It’s from the movie “Sandlot” haha! 😉

    We taught the boys how to say it too and it’s hilarious! 😆

  34. Ahhhh – ty for the ‘upgrade’ Bran – out here in the sticks we don’t always stay ‘in the loop’! 🙂

    Now i got to get me a copy of Sandlot! (Assuming it has reached our distant shores already? I’m not big into downloading movies from the net).

    love ❤

  35. 35 tam

    FYI – if I could hack into Brents dashboard I’d write a new post for him 😯 Maybe he’s hangin on this one til NEXT St. Pattys Day!

  36. Sandlot is soooooooo old……I’m sure you could find it somewhere Love! 😉 haha!!

    Tam, I think he’s forcing me to write that guest post! haha! 😆 Any ideas?? I don’t want to be lame. 😉

  37. 37 tam

    do you have any funny memories or stories about B and you, or us, from way back when?

    Sandlot is such a great movie!!!

    We’re actually planning to watch Helen Keller over Spring Break. I know. Raaaaaaaaan-dom!

  38. Love you BS 🙂 , but are not ever going to write a new post? Should I be buggin Brandy about it? Why is no one on East coast time? oh well, have to go back to work anyway, its candy day on the bus!!! So today they all love me!

  39. ahhhhhhhhhh are you not ever…

  40. New post is up 🙂

    I’ll be bugging Brandy…we’ll get her post going…


    I just emailed Brent and told him I have an idea. geesh! 😉 heehee

    Are the masses (or just Tam, Darla, and Love) happy now? 😆 hahaha!

  42. 42 tam

    “Idea” vs an actual post.

    Nope, not happy yet.

    will be happy when i see post


  43. I’m always happy – moreso when my cyberfriends are ‘up and commenting/posting’ (Hint Hint) 😉

    One i need to take myself at times, no doubt! 🙂

    love ❤

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