My Son > Ham


This is what happens when you put my son in front of a video camera 🙂



15 Responses to “My Son > Ham”

  1. 1 Darla

    RRRRRRRRRRico Suave! hahahaha I can’t wait to play with the Hodges…we will have to make a video of Kota and Derek, named Hams R Us!

  2. My Son > Ham 🙂
    I’m guessing the apple doesn’t fall farrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. You can learn so much about your friends by watching and listening to their children. 😉

  4. i think i feel less intelligent after having watched that. my brain hurts i’m so confused. is this what little mandys and drews are gonna be like?


  5. OMGOSH that was funny!
    I especially loved all of Tammy’s facial expressions!!! 😆

  6. OK, what’s all this talk about “not far from th tree”. I have no idea what you guys are talking about 🙂

    Mandy, I look forward to the day that you will post stuff like this on your blog.

  7. wow man, I’m jealous. I can’t roll my R’s.

  8. Neither can I. I think he gets that from his Mom 🙂

  9. ha…thats wicked funny…Tam rules. lol

  10. Tam is pretty cool 🙂

  11. 11 Cheryl

    Well, I don’t think that he gets that “hamminess” from Tam! 😆

  12. 12 tam

    he does 😀

  13. I am a double bacon kind of guy 🙂

  14. Ham was a very good choice of words. 🙂

    It’s now my goal this week to put some video up of Tanner, Tonia and Pluto.

  15. Sweet. I’d love to see some.

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