It’s Friday…


tamcoffee.jpgFriday’s are my day off.

I will sometimes take a Monday after a long weekend, but I like to be down the day before the weekend to refresh.

Friday’s are my day to do nothing but hang out with Tam.

I love it!

So today, has been perfect.

Perfect piece of equipment, perfect cup of coffee and the perfect partner. I am refreshed.


35 Responses to “It’s Friday…”

  1. 1 tam

    your coffee’s bigger than my head!

  2. Ya…I know 🙂

  3. 3 kim

    hate to interrupt the conversation you two are having, but the blog looks awesome so far. Love the clean-ness.

  4. Kim, I suspected you would enjoy. After seeing video of your office, I would take you as a person that is tidy 🙂

  5. 5 Cheryl

    Holy Cow! That’s a cup of coffee!…From far it looked like a danish!

  6. 6 Cheryl

    Ah! I just daw your head popping out on the side….scared me at first… 😉

  7. 7 Cheryl

    I meant saw

  8. I dawt I daw a puddy tat.

    Makes sense to me 🙂

  9. Hi Tammy! 😉

    Cafe Diem I see! 😎

  10. Cafe Diem…yes!

    And contrary to photo evidence, I am only drinking a 16oz triple, white mocha.


  11. Ah, so we’re not the only ones who do the double-laptop thing! We call it our Computer Lab time.

  12. 12 Cheryl

    Hi Tammy! 😀

    I figured my typing would make sense to you 😉

    Is that the place next to Tinseltown?

    So, is that supposed to be 16oz times 3???

  13. 13 tam

    AND, contrary to photo evidence I happily brought in my Dutch Bro’s coffee but IT didn’t make it into the pic!

  14. Cool Dad, that’s awesome…”computer lab time” 🙂

    Cheryl..that’s the one. I really like this place and it has free Wi-Fi.

    I’m wearing a Duthc Bros sweatshirt…does that count 🙂

  15. You took your DUTCH BROS into another coffee shop?! 😯 😆

    Okay Daddy B you need to add some caramel to that and it’s golen! 😛

  16. CRAP. I meant golden. 🙄

  17. 17 tam

    Oh yes i did! I do it all the time. Sue walks 10 steps ahead of me when we go into Starsucks together with my DB in 😆

  18. 😯

    You dare to brave Starbucks followers on their own turf with DB?! You are brave. I commend you. Even though I don’t care for either one. 😆

  19. 19 kim


    I’m going to tell Tam.

  20. 20 tam

    Ahem, Kim, you told him to slap me girl! It’ll take me at least 2 1/2 minutes to recover from that suggestion. THEN I’ll come to you aide…

  21. 21 kim

    oh NO!!!!!!!!!! didn’t know it was you.

    [kim is now in inFamily time out]

  22. Actually, I am a little Jealous…you’ve got KRK’s sitting on your desk!

  23. 23 kim

    [risking further punishment by speaking from time-out chair] the KRK’s are the result of me, my husband, and my church reimbursable account making a little trip to guitar center. Something about ‘the music ministry office should have good speakers..’ and then a string of letters & model numbers.

    you and neil should really meet sometime.

  24. 24 tam


    who else would it be?

    Yes, and you sit there until I say you can get up!

  25. My “quality” speaker system for the music office died 2 weeks ago and Ive been stuck with using the on board Macbook speakers…not good.

    I’d love to meet him…someday!

  26. 26 kim

    [resuming silence under orders of tam]

  27. 27 tam

    I’m over it…you can speak now 🙂

  28. 28 kim

    thanks. my kids were a bit confused as to why I had sent myself in the bathroom (that’s our time out place)

  29. hahahaha nananana I haven’t been on time out all day! But the bathroom is not our time out place, but it has doubled already for my office and phonecalls! 😆

    I love the go to starbucks and bring your own coffee! that is too funny, and I may have to do it with you just to know I am getting away with something. I love it!!!!!

    B you are so deserving of a sound system at work, I would definitely take that to the next meeting, as a way God talks to me, and I am inspired…I think you can work this! 😉

  30. Ya…not sure that budget request is much of a priority at this point 🙂

    But I’ll make sure and let them know that you recommended it!

  31. It doesn’t hurt to ask…you know like Worship ministry, no speakers…mmmmmm

  32. It is so neat that you two are so happy to be on the pc’s OOPS…sorry, Mac’s together. I love it! And Tam, we must go to Melellos sometime soon, bring your DB…I wanna watch 😀

  33. 33 tam

    It’s a date! And I will happily tote a Dutch along with me 😀

  34. wait, you guys are spending the day together, with the computers in front of you both?
    Please tell you did something else besides that!
    wait, maybe this IS how a healthy relationship works, mabye i’m doing it wrong.
    Hubby, i want a laptop!!!

  35. Krislinatin, Hahaha!!!

    Trust me, we are talking as much as typing when we’ve got those things in front of us.

    We love taking them to a coffee shop somewhere and just enjoying some peaceful time together.

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