Lots Of Thinking…Questions Edition


Alright, I asked all of you to list questions that, to the best of my ability, I would take some time answering. You are awesome. Great questions and lots of good chances to share a little about me in them.

What I will be doing is taking time starting this afternoon to answer some of the questions each day. I will be able to consolidate and answer a bunch at a time and others, will need more attention.

As you read this, I am hard at work beginning to formulate my answers 🙂

So check back each day this week as I go through the list.

Here are the questions…
What is your job description and what does it require of you?

Is it hard to seperate the work aspect of leading worship and having your own personal time of worship?

Did you have a defining moment that just screamed I have to be a pastor, I know God called me?

Ric Booth
Why are you a pastor?

Do you feel you spend enough time everyday alone? Either all by yourself or one on one with God?

Do you realize you left a bowl and glass on your end table?
When Tam leaves comments like that is it like seeing her looking through a window right in to your computer??

What kind of things do you bounce off of Tam while she is in bed and how far do they bounce? Doesn’t this wake her up?

Are you willing to entertain the idea that God has absolutely no expectations of you?

Why do you blog?

How do you prepare for a weekly service…picking out songs, rehearsing, preparing the musicians…basically how do you go about doing that?

When was the last time He really spoke direction to you, had your undivided attention?

Does He have all of you?

Favorite thing about your wife?

What’s your favorite memory from:
Growing up??
Life with Tam before kids??
Life with Tam after kids (because they are definately two different lives I think)??
And as a dad??

If you could do anything with your ministry and you knew that God would bless it, what would it be?

What are your feelings on arrangements (solos etc.) and how far can you take it in a worship setting?

How do you manage in your M-Th ‘office’ days to keep up with so many blogs (read and comment on them), stay current with all the news, politics, entertainment and fashion worlds, post and reply to comments on your own blog, and yet still honor all your pastoral ministry commitments?

Should I assume you consider all of the other things part of the ‘job’ you get paid for as well?


7 Responses to “Lots Of Thinking…Questions Edition”

  1. Boy, you sure make me look frivolous. Thanks. 😦

  2. Christian, I had not read your questions before just now. 😀 Thanks, I needed a laugh. Cup your hand to your ear and lean toward DC… Can you hear me now? HAHAHA!!

  3. Christian, your question isn’t frivolous, look at the 11″‘frivolous” questions on my post today! :o) My answers will be easier and less disputable than what B has to come up with!

  4. In honor of your short attention span 😆 I have a short blog today. I was even watching my word count! haha!! 😆

    It was nice to see you guys today! The boys had fun too. 😀 I’m going to look into that ichat and yahoo thing later tonight. I really want to add one of those. 😀

  5. Christian…I love your question. It made me laugh and that in my book is exceeding expectations 🙂

    Brandy, we had fun too. Thanks for the free coffee.


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