Him vs. Her…Bagels


Exhibit A…How she prepares a bagel with cream cheese…

Exhibit B…How he prepares a bagel with cream cheese…



37 Responses to “Him vs. Her…Bagels”

  1. The one on the left looks way yummier. Fo Sho. The one on the right is just plain sloppy and looks more like a croissant anyway. Are you sure that’s a bagel?? 😉

    Mmmm, now I want a bagel with LOADS of cream cheese. 😛

  2. If I was forced to choose one, I’d go with Exhibit B. To me, a lactose-intolerant creature, both would cause abdominal and intestinal cramping. Just looking at ’em makes me nauseous.

  3. Brandy, she cut hers and I just tore mine open…thus the look 🙂

    Ric, Do you drink coffee? Since you don’t add all that milk stuff and can actually taste the coffee, what is your favorite cup of Joe’?

  4. I like hazelnut coffee but love a soy caramel latte (no whipped cream of course)

  5. Oooh I am a hazelnut fan. Any specific brand or place for coffee?

  6. 10 points to the person that can guess which coffee shop we were at, by this picture…


  8. And yes I would cut my bagel too.

    You said 10 DOLLARS right? 😉 heehee

  9. OH! I also have to tell you this, speaking of coffee.

    Today I went through Black Rock (Kacie was working and mom and I had the girls) and I got a Caramel Blondie Freezer. OH.MY.GOSH.IT.WAS.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I have never tasted such coffee goodness before. I will FOR SURE BE BACK, I’m thinking tomorrow on my way to the doctors AND on the way back. I think I will just give them my tax refund and call it good. It was heaven. Go get some. It was so much like heavenly goodness I think it might even make Robert a believer! hahahahahahahahahaaaa! 😉 😆

  10. So that sounds really good.. I will have to try one.

    BUT, you are wrong on the coffee shop 🙂

  11. NO WAY! I am?!

    Are you at crappy Starbucks?? EWWWW

    Yes go get that blondie! It is sooo goood.
    Actually, I will bring you one tomorrow. Will you be at the church around 11 or so? Tell Tam to be there too and I will bring you both one. You MUST have one. 😀 heehee

  12. I will be there at 11…Absolutely!

    Tam says she’ll try it too.

    Mmmmm…looking forward to it!

  13. And Starbucks it is 🙂

    Of course tam’s term of endearment for it is Starsucks.

    And I believe I said “points” NOT “dollar”

    Sorry 😉

  14. Why why whyyyy go to Starsucks?? 😉 I like Tam’s name for it. It’s fitting. 😉 hahaha! 😆

    Sweet! I’m totally bringing you two a blondie. 😀 I’ll have all three boys with me too. 😀

  15. Because it’s good…Hello…

    I like lots of different coffee and Starbucks is one of them. I just don’t like their prices. That Starsucks.

    By the way Tam had a drink there today she really liked. She always tries different things and she said she would get this one again 🙂

  16. Their prices do starsuck 😉 haha that was funny.

    You watching American Idol?? Poor Oregon girl, she is SO STIFF on stage! Give that girl a drink!

  17. “Give her a drink”



  18. Seriously! 😆

    Medusa is up next. I’ll grab my earplugs. 😯

  19. Girl you need an IM account. I would love to get the play by play from you on American Idol!

  20. I do IM on Gmail and myspace. 😀

    DId I tell you I’m doing a fantasy American Idol??


  21. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. She scares me.

  22. My SIL and I are IMing about screaming Medusa right now.

    Amanda YOURovermeyer. hahaha.

  23. What’s your IM name? is it AIM or gmail?

    You can email me if you want with it.

  24. Gmail

    Same as my yahoo but gmail

    got it?

  25. Brandolyn*****@gmail.com

  26. I think I got it

  27. Check your gmail/IM…

  28. 29 kim

    Thanks for the insightful comments re:churches creating culture. You’re right…. people will be changed when they see who Jesus is. We’re all built to resonate with the whole truth of God…

  29. Thanks Kim. My pleasure to be involved.

  30. 31 Cheryl

    Madusa…You mean the bride of Frankenstein b/c her vocal cords seemed to have been harvested from a corpse! Oh Bran you are funny though, Fantasy Idol, oh brother! LOL

    BTW Vinny, those bagels look more like croissants…they look flakey, rather than dense. The best way is toasted with butter and then add the cream cheese… I would go by Tam’s delicate spreading of the cream cheese!

  31. They weren’t flaky…the one was just beat to snot cause I tore it apart instead of cutting it nicely…like Tam did 🙂

  32. 33 Cheryl

    Hmmm…Obviously there is a “Man’s style” of bagel eating LOL!

  33. I am partial to Caribou Coffee but not necessarily for the flavors or snacks or wireless internet. Its just a popular hang-out for several people I love. Plus the barrister on Thursday and Friday is Diana, a college student from our church family, who Patti and I love. So the place usually can make me smile.

    And based on the size and direction of the bagel shadows, I’d have to say that looks like a coffee shop somewhere on the west coast. Probably Oregon.

  34. Oregon is correct 🙂

    Ric, you point out something so important for me. You like a place cause of relationships and fellowship. Not just because of what they sell. See here in town, we have 2 places you can actually sit and enjoy a cup of Joe. So, it becomes more important to have a good space then the best coffee. I like that.

  35. I just happen to know where the best coffee shop is:

    Sorry, it is in the Midwest but they do take internet or over the phone orders. Good stuff! My nephew owns the business and my son works there part time – he is a coffee guru!

  36. I’d love to try it out someday!

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