Lots of Thinking…


If you come by often, you’ve read that I have been thinking through some stuff regarding ministry and personal life. I really appreciate the opportunity to just dish it out here and to gain the response and wisdom from all of you.

First of all, there is nothing dramatic in my life going on like moving or quiting my job. I just really am reevaluating things I do, what fills my head and the time I spend on tasks. Things have to change for me. I am loosing some of my ideas and thoughts on wasted time and I need to focus more clearly on things God is saying and wanting me to do.

With that said, there will probably be some changes around here at the blog. I am not sure what that looks like, but I am sure it will be more focused and even simpler. The discussions that have taken place here have been amazing, but often I find myself looking for more of something and too often not looking in the right place.

My wife is amazing and I have been able to bounce things off of her while laying in bed. She lovingly listens and critiques and prays. I love her! I have had other friends that have reminded me of things as well and I am so grateful to all of you. I want to please God to the best of my ability. I want to be faithful to using what He has given me physically, mentally and spiritually to share Jesus with others. I do not believe I am not doing this effectively right now. And I as I think through it, a lot has to do with focus and time. I have spent time being or doing things that are not me and not what God has created for me to do or be. I need to recapture and intensify those things.

Would you be willing to pray for me as I journal here and think things through, would you be willing to share with me the things that God reveals to you as well.

I don’t want to end this post like this, so here’s something I’d like to do. I’ve seen this done around the blog world and thought it would be fun to do here. Ask me anything. In the comments section of this post, ask me anything and I will answer…to the best of my ability… and with some discretion 🙂 Some may know me for one thing and others may know me for something else. As we get involved in each others lives in the blog world, I see it as important to know the people we are hanging out with. I do believe that people can have true relationships through the blog world as well as face to face.

So, let’s make this fun. Today and tomorrow, give me all the questions you want answered about me and my life. On Wednesday, I will go through them all and answer them. If I have a bunch, I will do it over a few posts.

Alright, have fun…


26 Responses to “Lots of Thinking…”

  1. Yes I commit to pray for you.

    What is your job description and what does it require of you?
    Is it hard to seperate the work aspect of leading worship and having your own personal time of worship?
    I know for my Hubs it is difficult sometimes to remember there is a line between entertaining and having worship, is this true for you too?
    Without meeting you (yet) I have read lots of your posts, and I see the Lord here, and the conversations really do require one to reevaluate thier own thinking (with exception to the silly stuff, but I think God is great with that).

    We are just not home yet, and it all is a learning time, and a rejoicing time, and leaning time, and a trusting time..if nothing else..it is never dull or boring!

  2. Prayers yes.

    Related to darla’s question of “what do you do”… Why are you a pastor?

  3. Did you have a defining moment that just screamed I have to be a pastor, I know God called me? I know my call, and I have a defining moment,,just not sure if everyone does??

  4. 4 Elaine

    Definalty you have my prayers coming your way. Thanks for sharing what you are going through.
    Do you feel you spend enough time everyday alone? Either all by yourself or one on one with God.

  5. Do you realize you left a bowl and glass on your end table?

  6. B- when Tam leaves comments like that is it like seeing her looking through a window right in to your computer?? just wondered

  7. Thanks gang for the kind words…and tam 🙂

    Good questions, keep them coming. Hun, I will be glad to remove said dishes when I get home. Of course I am sure they have already been moved so as to keep me in the dog house 🙂

    By the way, I won’t be answering that question on Wednesday…

  8. I will keep you in prayer. Your wife does the same for me and I am grateful for her prayers for my life. I would be happy to do the same for you.

  9. Sure, dude. You got it.

    Question: What kind of things do you bounce off of Tam while she is in bed and how far do they bounce? Doesn’t this wake her up?

  10. are you willing to entertain the idea that God has absolutely no expectations of you?

  11. b4dguy, I am really looking forward to answering that one.

    Good questions gang!

  12. 12 Cheryl

    Sounds like the Lord is already moving….

    A couple of questions…

    Why do you blog?

    How do you prepare for a weekly service…picking out songs, rehearsing, preparing the musicians…basically how do you go about doing that?

  13. Hi B, sound like your in a tweener….what a fun place to be! 😆 I will commit to praying for you every morning.

    I know that we have alot of faith in our God, I forget sometimes that He has faith in me. He has a tramendous amount of faith in you….and will be faithful to complete His good work.

    Question: When was the last time He really spoke direction to you, had your undivided attention?

    You have a ton of people praying with you!

  14. 14 Jason

    For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,





    so that we would walk in them.

    Eph 2:10

    A joyous, visionary, fleshy misery to have been driven to due diligence in your certainty of His having called and chosen you! God is rolling up his sleeves!

  15. Cheryl, He is…

    Deb, He is faithful isn’t He. This is all for Him, so I know everything I am and become is His plan.

    Jason, “God is rolling up his sleeves!” I like the sound of that!

  16. I think it’s amazing that God leads us as He does. One of the things that I believe is best for our leading and is a normal question from people asking this is: do I have all of the the things I need from God?”, but my questions would be “Does He have all of you.”

    We’ll pray for you. We also ask you all to pray for us as we serve God in Mexico, planting churches and sharing Christ with people. We have a blog which I’ll leave below:


  17. Hi. we just pray all of our life, cause just with praying we’ll be strong.
    by thesmartmother.blogspot.com

  18. No questions. Just letting you know you’re a cool guy. 🙂 That’s it.

  19. thanks for stopping by and sharing your words on cassie bernall.
    I will pray to our God for you, praying expectantly.
    I agree with the blog world quote about getting to know people in this arena. I hope for fruition of it as well.


  20. favorite thing about your wife? 😉

  21. 21 lazrus2

    Praying, of course…. haven’t stopped yet, as promised.

    ‘Sounds like you have enough questions to keep you busy for a while, so I’ll just wait to hear your answers to those first. I would have asked some of them myself, and no, I won’t say which =}.


  22. Jonny and radhofa, Thanks for stopping by and being willing to pray for someone you’ve never met. I truly appreciate that . And Jonny I pray your missions work is blessed!

    sammm1777 Thanks for coming back by. Dude your wisdom is incredible. I have really appreciated reading your insights to God’s Word on your blog. Guys go check him out!

    Mandy, I kind of thought a question like that, from you was coming 🙂

    lazrus2, I had hoped you ask some. Of course your leaving me with the guessing game 🙂

  23. What’s your favorite memory from:
    Growing up??
    Life with Tam before kids??
    Life with Tam after kids (because they are definately two different lives I think)??
    And as a dad??
    You can throw in your favorite memory of me too. 😉 hahaha! KIDDING! 😆
    Glad I got my computer back so I could get a question in before wednesday. WHEW! 😉

  24. I really enjoy your blog and will pray for you.

    If you could do anything with your ministry and you knew that God would bless it, what would it be?

    What are your feelings on arrangements (solos etc.) and how far can you take it in a worship setting?

  25. 25 lazrus2

    Okay, so while we’re waiting for your answers to all the previous questions, I’ll add another that’s been banging around in my head for a lot longer than Monday (when you posted this):
    How do you manage in your M-Th ‘office’ days to keep up with so many blogs (read and comment on them), stay current with all the news, politics, entertainment and fashion worlds, post and reply to comments on your own blog, and yet still honor all your pastoral ministry commitments?
    Should I assume you consider all of the other things part of the ‘job’ you get paid for as well?
    (Granted, some of it ‘in moderation’ I can understand, and admittedly you did say you tended toward ADD, so can read and respond much quicker than I could ever even think I’d imagine =).

  26. Alright, I let these run through today, just for any last chances 🙂

    All questions are submitted and I will begin the process of answering them.

    Check out the new post tomorrow and I will tackle the “when” and how “there”.

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