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kasshonors.jpgMy kids have always been a blessing. There are ups and downs, but there is never a time that they don’t fill me up. Last night we spent part of the evening at my daughter Kassidi’s school to participate in an honor’s society presentation.

Kassidi has been honored with involvement in honor’s society. The honor’s society is an opportunity to rewrd students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service,
and character.

I can’t say enough how proud I am of the hard work Kass has put in to be rewarded this way. I love you Sissy!


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  1. Well, she may have gotten your looks but she got my…





  2. She looks so OLD and so pretty!!! And yes, she is a total Brent clone! πŸ˜‰

    Congrats you guys! Ya done good. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  3. very cool! Congrats all around. can’t wait to meet Miss Kass and congrat her in person! Well can’t wait to come to Oregon, all we are thinking about…

  4. Posts like this are too few and far between! Our kids need to know we really pay attention!

  5. Congrats to Kass. Well done!

  6. 6 Dana Lazzareschi

    Congratulations to both you and Kass.

    Yes, now we know what you’d look like with long hair and lipstick.
    But then again, by now, you may be developing gray hair and wrinkles (?) for all I’d know.

    ‘Til I see you (?) to find out,

  7. 7 lazrus2

    So, why did I have to enter my name for the reply, when it used to come up on it’s own? My real idenitity is now ‘exposed’!!

  8. Thanks guys, she is pretty sweet. And yes, she is getting old πŸ™‚

    lazrus2, D, Dana Lazzareschi, You are cracking me up! Not sure I would look as good as her in make up though πŸ™‚

  9. Stuff like this should be front page news! Much more so than “Bush blames Dems on surveillance bill”
    Yay Kass!!!

  10. 10 Elaine

    That is something to be very proud of! What a blessing kids are!
    I started a new blog
    Have a great weekend!

  11. this reminds me of how my parents were proud of me when i was still studying!

  12. I totally agree Scott. It will be on my front page for at least a week or two πŸ™‚

    Elaine, I am excited about your blog. I’ve already been by and I am anxious to hear from your heart there!

    Steven, welcome. I think this is your first time commenting here. Make yourself at home and don’t be a stranger πŸ™‚ Are you still a student? As a parent, I can say it is good to see my kids benefiting from their hard work.

  13. Congratulations to your daughter. It sounds like she gives you and your wife much to be proud of. When I read stuff like this, it makes me look forward more to having kids of my own.

  14. Thanks Odgie, she is a great young lady. I am thoroughly enjoying both our kids!

  15. I already graduated college. They originally didn’t want my target schools (because they are expensive), but I got to study in a highly reputable university here. Well, they can’t resist that much because I passed the entrance test! haha

    (WordPress doesn’t have an e-mail notification system for replies? It sucks that I have to personally visit the sites that I commented on just to see whether there’s a reply.)

  16. Steven – for email notification go to your….

    dashboard – then to
    options – then to

    you’ll find an email option there

  17. oh wait…I misunderstood…

    gotcha Steven!

  18. I check out replies without going to the site sometimes..go to dashboard and then click comments they show where you commented and the next couple of comments…I am not sure if presentation plays into it or not…I am thinking that my last presentation did not do lots of things this one does..

    Tam! love ya looking around cyber space for my friend! πŸ™‚ (oh ya, love you to B)

  19. I checked Dashboard -> Comments, but I can only see the comments left on my blog, not the replies to my comments on other blogs. Do wordpress users find this feature (or lack thereof) comfortable?

    Sorry, im a first-timer here. I want to receive a notification via e-mail (or at least when I log in to wordpress) when someone replied to my comment on a different blog. Just like in livejournal, etc.

    (sorry for discussing an irrelevant topic hehe)

  20. ah! Dashboard -> MY Comments. sorry again, and thanks!

  21. I was driving home from dropping Tanner off at pre-school last week and thinking how much I’m looking forward to going to school all over again, with him.

    Parenthood continues to find more and more ways to be AWESOME!

  22. No worries Steven, glad you got it figured out.

    mudpuppy, there is much beauty and much pain, but it is all Awesome πŸ™‚

  23. What a doll she’s turning out to be. Go dad! You & Tam have done well.

  24. 24 Momma Jen

    I’ve been attending TRF for quite awhile and have had the privilege of watching your (T & B) beautiful, outgoing, God loving daughter grow up. Although I don’t “know” her, she is such a delight – always has a smile & a hello.
    You’ll have to have a seminar or write a book on your secrets! πŸ™‚ Congratulations Kassidy! Keep up the GREAT work!

  25. Momma Jen, she has to take most the credit. She is truly a beautiful kid in all ways! Thanks for your kind words.

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