Small Town USA


Only in a small town. See the problem here? 2 days in a row. Maybe the one waitress/dish washer/cashier/bookkeeper’s dog was sick 🙂

This of course was mid morning…


17 Responses to “Small Town USA”

  1. Ahhhh I am looking forward to Small Town USA! 😉

  2. It sounds like you have visited my home town. I graduated with a class of 30. That is mind blogging to some people.

  3. Brandy, just don’t expect to get food and drink when you want it 🙂

    Crystal, that is pretty cool. Do you still keep in touch with some of your old friends?

  4. Hey! Maybe they were out looking for fresh road kill! Crystal, My graduating class had 17! Like I said once before, I was in the top 20! Enough said! :o( !

  5. Hahahaha…the top 20…Hahahaha!!!!

  6. LOL~
    i LOVE it!!!!

  7. Crystal, did you mean to say “mind Blogging”? That is good!

    B, I just got up 15 min. ago

  8. Tammy you slept until almost NOON?

    I’m jealous.

  9. She’s pretty sick today 😦

  10. oooh sad. 😦 We should all quit blogging together, we’re spreading our germs through cyberspace!

    I think we’re on the tail end of it. blech.

    Feel better Tam! 😦 😉

  11. Gone fishin’. Hey, love the car shots on your Flikr badge. Whats up with them?

  12. Hey Christian. I didn’t think about the fishing thing. this is a big fishing town 🙂

    The cars were at our Jackson County Rod and Custom show last weekend. My Dad, my son and I got to go and hang out. Some of those rigs were amazing.

  13. Oops, I was going to say, if you click through on the more photos, there are a little over 50 pics under the Rod and Custom set.

  14. Brent, are we sure we live in the same town?? It’s a big fishing town?? 😉 haha!

    How’s Tam today? Better I hope. 😀

  15. Brandy, hello! the Rogue River…Salmon…Steelhead. Um yah, fishing is pretty big here 🙂

    she’s a little better, but probably in the middle of whatever she’s got going on.

  16. Did B say I have it “going on”?


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