Update: More Finger Pics


Thought it would be fun to do some comparison shots. Yup, it’s swollen, but nothing like Ric’s “spoon”. Just for reference. The scar on the other pinky in the 3rd pic, was what Cheryl in the last post was talking about. I had a little run in with a paper cutter…


photo-186.jpg photo-187.jpg photo-188.jpg


47 Responses to “Update: More Finger Pics”

  1. 1 Cheryl

    Hmm… but have you ever lost a nail before?

  2. 2 Cheryl

    I meant to say “I hate to say it but…”

  3. thanks for checking me out! Nice blog also!

  4. ya, I am planning to lose this nail. I have lost one before.

  5. 5 Cheryl

    of course you have lost one before…what was I thinking! 😉

  6. okay that was just gross. EW. I think it will be a distraction on stage this weekend. Seriously.


  7. 7 oneDirection

    What no lost finger! Man, was hoping to pull some 911 action! Fingers do hurt though, I feel ya pain!

  8. Jason, thanks for stopping by. Everybody go check out Jasons blog. His latest post cracked me up.

  9. Maybe “Tim” would be more appropriate than “Vinny”? Like in “Home Improvement”? I can just see Jesus slapping his forehead saying: “Here we go again!”

  10. Hahaha!!!

    Tim “the toolman”! He usually blows up the shop or destroys the equipment. He doesn’t usually hurt himself. I think that would be a good name though 🙂

  11. How’ bout…



  12. 😆

    really now!

  13. Be sure to check back here tomorrow morning.

  14. Ooooh. Do we get to see pics Ric???

  15. Geez B, looks like you may need some pinky protectors….hope it’s not hurtin too bad… 🙂

  16. Did you say LARD instead of LORD when singing in church today? Seriously?! I can’t believe I missed that!!!!! 😉

  17. Umm, Ouch!!!!

  18. 18 Sean

    Hey B,
    I have some sad news, check my blog. I will email you.

  19. my finger is feeling fine. Made it through the weekend and all is good.

    Bran, the discussion came up last night about all the things I say wrong 🙂

    Sean I am really bummed about this. Everome head over and touch base with Sean today.

  20. Okay, the pics from the rod and custom show….awwwwwmazing. I can’t believe I stayed HOME yesterday. I didn’t even know they had that until last night when mom told me my aunt and uncle went.

    Is it weird that SWEET cars like that make my eyes bulge, my heart race, and I break out into a huge smile? hahahahaha!!! 😉

  21. You know what was crazy…as we were walking through, my Dad would see a car that he owned. Some of those pics were of cool cars my Dad actually owned atone time in his life. Like this one. Beautiful!




  22. Seriously? He owned THAT car and not one just like it?? That is COOL! Was he feeling sort of nostalgic looking at them? That is really neat.

    I love old cars. So pretty!

    My grandpa bought me a 69′ convertible mustang when I was 11, a fixer upper. His intent was for us to work on it together and I would get it when I was 16. He sold it though b/c mom really was not fond of my having such a fast “dangerous” car. 😉 I as way bummed. He also had an OLD Oldsmobile, I want to say 1940’s, it was beautiful!! And huge!!

  23. I did the ’69 wrong. Lame.

  24. BTW, how do I get my page to NOT say “weblog”? I don’t like that part.

  25. are we still looking at old pics of your pinky..has it changed colors yet?? new pics??

    Love the old car pics..couldn’t afford to fuel them though with the prices now.

  26. I’m recovering from my own wound

  27. Vinny- Vince wins the award for the gross’s pic of self inflicted injury!

    Vince- do you need stitches? man they look deep!

  28. Oh my gosh Vince that is disgusting. I don’t do “cuts” very well.


    Darla, I am not sure it’s gonna get any worse. I am sure as the swelling goes down the bruising will get worse, and I will definitely loose the nail, so, I will keep the updates coming as it gets to the good stuff 🙂

  29. What is this? “My wound is worse than yours?!”

    Vince, that is wrong, wrong, wrong! OUCH!!! You can lose the remote in that middle gash! Yikes!

  30. We concede. Vince wins. Please no more entries at this time. Or later either.

  31. I saw some entries about old cars! My first NEW (brand new-ordered it!) car was a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, Bright blue with a white top and white interior. I got it in September 1966, $4200.00! Mama was not a happy camper! I was in college working part-time and Mama was working full-time. The car was a dumb move – I was 23. I was lucky I didn’t end up with alimony payments!

  32. Indian Lake Papa, I think you and my Dad could have some nice discussions about cars and wives 🙂

    My Dad has owned a ton of cars. He loves them and has had a blast trading in and trying something different. It was kind of a joke at the dinner table to see what he would come home with each week.

  33. I now drive a 2005 Ford Freestar Van! Bummer!:o) But – no alimony yet! I do like a van though – it serves us well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  34. Indian Lake Papa, we’ve owned both an Aerostar and a Windstar. They definitely served their purpose, but I could never go back.


  35. 35 Sean

    Hey B, thanks for your comment. I appreciate the prayers and thoughts. I love you guys! I will see you around the email and facebook world now versus the blog world!

  36. Sounds good. Sean. I got your email yesterday, just haven’t had time to respond. We are praying for you and for amazing things in your life!!!

  37. 37 reidgreven

    So did you take the weekend off from playing and claim worker’s comp? ‘Cause THAT finger’s nasty!

    And speaking of cars, my dad just sold his pristine Candy Apple Red 1961 MGA Roadster Convertible, so guess what I WON’T be inheriting one day… 😦

  38. Hey reidgreven, I fought through it and played this weekend. I just had to adjust a little to not use the pinky. It worked out. It was actually kind of fun trying to play differently 🙂

    And MGA Roadster…incredible. You know what, if my Dad still had some of the cars he owned, we would be very rich…

    Thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger.

  39. This is a whole lotta talk about a pinky!!! hahaha!! 😆

  40. No kidding, imagine if I hurt a bigger finger…like my thumb 🙂

  41. haha Have you seen those commercials for the lottery with the HUUUUGE fingers and thumbs?? Oh my…

  42. I haven’t. I’ll have to go look for them.

  43. It’s for the Oregon Lottery I think. It is HILARIOUS. They thumbs and fingers are wearing sweat bands and they show them gripping a penny and scratching a lotto ticket to the beat of some jazzercise music. The finger and thumb look all “pumped up” with muscle. SO funny. 😆

  44. high five.

    seriously, though….I bruised my pinkey scrolling down through your 9 million comments. You’ve got some love here on the blog, my friend!

  45. Neil, you are correct dude. There are some pretty cool people that hang out around here and I am so appreciate of all of them!

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