I Swear It’s Alot Worse Than It Looks


So, I’ve been up at the old house today doing some final clean up and tearing down some heavy duty shelves in the garage area. They were heavy and solid, but I figured I’d take my time.

Everything was going great till I couldn’t get some of the pieces to fit in the back of the truck correctly. Of course, what you are to do is to push a little harder each time till it fits…right?

Inevitably, this cost me the chance of walking away without any “issues” I ended up slamming my pinky in between 2 of the pieces. Now, in my life, I’ve broken bones and torn muscles. I have been hit in the groin a time or two(I played soccer). I have been knocked out with a concussion. I have experienced pain. There is nothing as painful as crushing your fingers. There are so many stinking nerve endings in those things.

So, I get to continue working on the garage today, resetting up the shelves and I get to play piano all weekend at church with my bruised pinky. I hate being hurt…

For your pleasure…pics just don’t do it justice…

photo-184.jpg  photo-185.jpg


31 Responses to “I Swear It’s Alot Worse Than It Looks”

  1. There is nothing as painful as crushing your fingers. There are so many stinking nerve endings in those things.

    You’re kidding right? 😉 I’m pretty sure I can think of something a biiiiiiit more painful with just a few more nerve endings than a PINKY. 😉 heehee

    Actually this is really funny to me b/c last night AND today I hurt the tip of my index finger and it’s swollen and red, and I kept thinking, “seriously? how can a finger hurt this much?!” haha! And yet, here I type.

  2. You know what Bran. Not to downplay what you ladies have ot go through, but I know ladies that have crushed their fingers and have exclaimed that it is far worse.

    It’s actually driving me nuts typing right now…it stinks!

  3. The pic looks like it is your index finger instead of your pinky..either way fingers do hurt when they are smashed, and I will say extra prayers for you to be able to play keyboards.
    I cut the very tip of my thumb off 20 odd years ago, and although it healed with out much scarring, it still has pain when it gets cold…needless to say the tough girl I used to be never wore gloves but I do now…I was going to make a joke about it all, but I think I will just give you sympathy today. Hope it feels better real soon!

  4. 4 lazrus2

    Reminds me of 1/21/01 when you hurt your hand working on your jeep, and then had to play for a funeral shortly after…but maybe you’ve forgotten that one(?).
    Kassidi isn’t the only one with a ‘memory like an elephant’ =}!

  5. 5 Cheryl

    Is this the same pinky that you almost amputated with a paper cutter almost 3 years ago??? Poor pinky is really thinking it’s days are numbered!

  6. That is your pinky! I had to take a closer look..it looks swollen too..are you sure you didn’t chip the bone or something…man B you and Hubs need to take care of your hands… 🙂

  7. Ouch! I hate that when I do that! As Tams blog today would say;

    “It’s much easier to sympathize with someone else who has smashed their finger than to go through it ourselves.”

  8. D – I will never forget that! That was horrid. For everyone’s refernece, I ran two of my fingers through a fan blet while the car was on. God was gracious as it would have been very easy to actually lose my fingers on that one. I also helped lead worship from the vocals section instead of behind the Piano. i realized then how comfortable I was behind the piano 🙂

    Cheryl – It’s not the same one. I like spreading the love around to the other fingers 🙂

    Darla i don’t think I broke anything it is just very swollen and bruised. i am sure in a couple fo days we can all laugh about this…or not…

    Thanks Indian Lake Papa!

  9. Okay Dana has an amazing memory to remember the exact DATE! haha! 😀

    And B, I figured out your secret to knowing my whereabouts. 😉 heehee

    I bet typing is NOT fun with a hurt finger. I never hurt my fingertips when I have long nails and I just cut them off yesterday and then have hurt it twice. Grow nails. That look could be intersting. You could be like the guitar players with a long nail. Dana, Nick doesn’t grow a long nail does he? 😉

    On second thought, no long nail. 😉

  10. Sent a shiver down my back…that looks nasty!

  11. Dana, Cheryl… Dates and year references… Diiiiiistuuurrrrbeeeen 😯 You both just put Kass to shame!

    I freak out every single time Brent does ANY project. He is “slightly” accident prone. The majority of times he will walk away injured (don’t EVEN try to argue that Vinny!) AND it always happens on a Friday!

    When He about tore his fingers off from the fan belt on… 1/21/01:shock:, anyways, he came in, I got him some ice, he laid on the floor tapping his foot on the ground real fast and rocking slightly back and forth in pain. It was terrible! I couldn’t bear to see him like that. So I went shopping!

    I’m not proud of that. So back off!

  12. 12 Cheryl

    lol! Well, I’m not too sure how I remember that…but come to think of it…It was on a Friday b/c I remember telling Greg that Vinny came over to look at poor pinky and I wondered how he was going to play on Sunday…hmm…yes, I remember some of the most random things which is why my hubby hates playing Trivial Pursuit with me! 😀

  13. My HUBS is accident prone too, I really think it is a musician thing…and shopping , well it is the way we show sympathy so that we don’t ask a lot of annoying questions while the other is in pain…I am not proud of that either! 😉
    Vinny are you walking around with your pinky out? Please when around other men suck up the pain and keep the pinky in…my best advice on a friday night.

  14. Man that looks painful. I can feel it from here.

  15. You all are so…gracious 🙂

    I am sure I will live. the other 2 accidents (that Cheryl and Dana mentioned were worse).

    Anyway, I got the shelves back up in the new garage. I sucked in up…now I am going to go find a nice couch and see if someone will take care of me. Maybe if I moan looud enough, so as to get sympathy 🙂

    Or maybe they’ll just go shopping…

  16. 16 Jason

    It makes my back feel all crinkly looking at it.

    for rehab

    no picking yer nose.

  17. Ouch. It’s like I can feel the painful throbbing in that pinky just by looking at it. One time, I broke the little bone in my left pinky and I had to play guitar for a gig. That part of my pinky kept on bending backwards in the middle and I didn’t know why (this was before I realized it was broken). Now, my pinky has a definite curve to it.

  18. CD, I told Vinny you should lose points for NOT KNoWING it was broken. I guess I’m grumpy today.

    But Vin said you should totally get points for being such a STUD MAN!!!

  19. Jason, I can always use a different finger…

    Cool Dad, you are a stud. I probably would have fainted watching my finger flop back and forth like that.

    Yes…you GET points 🙂

  20. I caught my pinky in a wood splitter (my right pinky is about a 1/4 inch shorter than the left). I think there must be a billion or so nerve endings in each finger. I feel (felt?) your pain.

  21. 21 Jason


    “I feel (felt?) your pain.”

    Is that ghost empathy?

  22. Ric, i about passed out reading your comment.

    Wood Splitter?!?!?!?!

  23. Yes, its true. My mom was at the controls … but it was not her fault. I placed the log on the I-beam between the hydrolic ram/push arm and the splitting wedge and started to turn away to get the next log. That’s when mom probably push the level. Out of the corner of my eye I see the log is not straight so I get this great idea to “fix” that … fortunately I noticed the ram arm was closing in and jumped back … but not soon enough. By the time I got my finger back it looked like a baby spoon, flat, oval shaped, and white because all the blood had been squeezed out.

    And Jason, yeah ghost pain. I’ve never been able to clean out my right ear correctly ever since.

  24. a bruised pinky to a piano player is like the end of global warming to Al Gore.

    It’s unthinkable!

  25. Ric, I am in awe at that moment for you. A spoon???


    Neil, you have a perspective that I love 🙂

  26. 26 lazrus2

    ‘Sorry to blow the pattern, but 1/21/01 was a Sunday. I remembered that whole weekend well, but cheated for the exact date by looking it up on an email from two days later.

    That may be even more Diiiiiistuuurrrrbeeeen???–that I have emails saved all the way back to June 1st, 2000??
    Besides 1/21/2001 sort of has a ‘ring’ to it, don’t you think?
    (Like 1/23/2003 when I had my kidney stone–some pretty significant pain there too!). Nick stayed with me though–and even helped the ER nurse finally get the IV started 3 hours later ={! Not to worry, he’s an R.N. (for those of you who think he just plays guitar) and no Brandy, he doesn’t have a long nail- he chews them all off most of the time =).

  27. stones!!!

    I have been fortunate enough to never have them. Now there’s some pain.

  28. Toes & fingers are the worst, you’re right! OUCH! My dad blessed me with inheriting his long toes, that should be fingers and I swear, I catch them on everything. Those suckers hurt when they’re caught and pulled back. Sorry about your pinky! Maybe Tam will help you wrap it in ice and feed you ice cream??

  29. 29 kassincahoots

    When I was going into the third grade:

    I was on a slip-n-slide out in the backyard of one of my friends houses and I decided to go the other way on the S-N-S. Well, there was a hole in it and my right pinky got caught in it and jammed it… well, that’s what the nurse thought after looking at the x-ray. A week later, I was at Camp Harlow in Eugene and was swimming with my friends when the doctor called. He talked to my mom and I had ended up actually breaking it. There was nothing to do at that point. It was already starting to heal. It is still about an eigth of an inch shorter than the other!

  30. I remember that Kass. That was a bummer.

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