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EDIT: Here is a great link to find out about all the individual bloggers involved 

You may have heard of this, but if you have not, take a second and listen.

There is a group of influential bloggers that determined to use their presence on the web for good. They met together and decided to do what they could to make an impact on lives in Uganda. They have traveled there and are in the midst of getting to know the people and understanding better how to care for them. They are using their blogs to allow us a glimpse into their lives as they travel, as well as the lives of the people in Uganda they meet. They are also encouraging us to participate however we can with them in this journey. Their hope is not just for reaction, but for action.

I have been moved in reading from many of them as to what their journey is bringing them. They would like you to see, in a real way, the people of Uganda and their needs. One way of caring for these people is to get involved with Compassion. It is a way of adopting a child from a afar and bringing them into the life we are benefiting from while living here in the USA. Compassion is a part of this trip.

I personally have been following Carols Whittaker’s updates. He is over at a little blog called Ragamuffinsoul. Check out his blog and follow along. I’ve chosen to include one of his posts today for you to see the impact something like this can make on a person. Just for reference. Carlos and his wife adopted a little Korean boy into their lives almost 2 years ago.

From the Ragamuffin Blog…


Butewas is in the Houston Rockets jersey to my right.

Me – “This is my son Losiah.”
Him – “That is your son?”
Me – “Yes”

I could see his confusion.

Me – “Do you know what it means to adopt?”

His eyes lit up.

Him – “YES”
Me – “I adopted Losiah because his mother could not care for him”
long pause…
Him – “Do you think you can adopt me?”

Oh how things have changed in me.


20 Responses to “Blogging For Compassion”

  1. Child sponsorship is an excellent help. I have a link to one such program on my blog. The link is CHILD SPONSORSHIP. Mama and i sponsor a child from Kenya. His name is Coki !

  2. i’m loving this trip…. its genius. feel sucked into the whole stinking process now.
    this is gonna be a heartbreaking week for us bloggers.

  3. The Ragamuffin site tells such wonderful story. Just one man trying to help others and finding in redemption doing it.

    I don’t do enough to help those in need. This site reminds me of that. It is one of character flaws that I need to kept working.

    Thanks Brent for providing the linK.

  4. I am glad you guys are touched and moved to action on this.

    I am so excited to see the fruit of this down the road as people continue to be placed in a position of evaluation.

    I know Tammy and I have been there now with everything financial going on in our lives. It is a really good place to be.

  5. 5 ahavens

    i’m enjoying the journey. Hope all is well with the crew over there. Hope God is moving in their hearts!

  6. Also checking it out, heard about it on boomama’s blog, and also Travis Cottrell’s….I have a child from compassion who lives in India, I would love someday to travel to see him, it would be hard to not bring him home, he wants to be a worship leader in church when he grows up. How precious!

  7. My cousin Nicole was in Uganda last year, and her pics are enough to make anyone who doesn’t have a clue get one.

  8. A Holt team is over in Uganda. If you go to you can read what they are experiencing right now. The need is so great.

  9. Thanks for posting this — very, very cool. A better world IS possible.

  10. ahavens – Agreed!

    Darla – you crack me up.

    “and her pics are enough to make anyone who doesn’t have a clue get one.”

    hahahaha!!! Love it.

    Amy – that’s cool. I checked out the site. It’s fun to keep in touch with thing going on.

    Ric – Jesus is the answer and when we show him to the world, it IS a better place.

  11. Oh man, oh man, how those children’s eyes affect me. I’m so ready to go there if the Lord sends my family. Something about those cross-cultural children overseas… especially in Africa, gets me. Their joy amidst trials most orphans here have never experienced is beautiful.

    I’ll never forget watching (on a video) children worshipping who had lost their parents to AIDS. One child clapped and sang and worshipped with tears streaming down his cheeks. So genuine and heart-racing. Made me want to jump through the screen and hug him, telling him that his love for Jesus is so evident and inspiring.

  12. Ashley, sounds to me like you get it.

    There is an interesting perspective you’ve brought up. All people in hurt deserve care, but I truly think that there is not an American under true need like there are people in other countries.

    Americans at their worst are still pretty blessed or at least have amazing opportunity. I hope we are willing to give even a little of what we have.

  13. 13 Jason

    I really appreciate you bringing these groups to our attention. The world is small, but it seems big sometimes.

    One of my professors is a founding member, board member and fund-raising bull horn for Rafiki.

  14. Jason, you reminded me of something. Compassion is a wonderful organization and if you haven’t been involved with adopting a child from afar before definitely check them out.

    BUT, many of you have listed organizations you know of and are a part of. If you have any that you are a apart of or know some you would recommend, list them here.

    Let’s make out end of this event as resourceful as possible.

  15. 15 Jason

    “Let’s make out end of this event as resourceful as possible.”

    I am a miserable typist, and make chronic errors, and don’t mean to laugh, but can I buy a verb, Chuck?

  16. Hahahaha!!!!

    “Let’s make OUR end of this event…”

  17. 17 Jason

    sorry, “pronoun”

    it’s not as funny if you’re doubly wrong in correcting others…

  18. I think I’ll forgive you on this one 🙂

  19. 19 Jason

    you’re not laughing at me

    You’re laughing near me

  20. Well I’M projecting laughter toward you! And LOTS of it!

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