Do You Like Driving In The Snow?


This is for my friend Cheryl. She hates snow. We’ve had a bunch of snow this week. She thinks that people in our area don’t know how to drive in the snow. We don’t get much here. According to this picture here in town, I may have to say…she is right 🙂

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15 Responses to “Do You Like Driving In The Snow?”

  1. Yes, yes she is right!! haha!!

    I didn’t even take the kids to school yesterday (even though their teacher still had it) b/c I just didn’t want to mess with driving in it! I’m lame, what can I say. And yes,I DO know where I am moving and that they have a lot of snow….. 😉 heehee

  2. Where is your area?

    I live in Massachusetts…the Boston area…

    I’ll tell you this if you can drive in Boston, you are better than most NASCAR drivers. We ‘mass-holes’ pride ourselves on our ‘offensive’ driving abilities.

    16 inches of snow? Pah!!! We can drive in that!

    I’m not sure where Jason is originally from but I am sure he has already experienced the ‘white-knuckle ride’ that is automotive operations here in the BLUEST of the Blue states!

    Hey we’re the people that brought you the Kennedy’s!!


  3. 3 Sean

    Where is the snow that you’re talking about, oh, I see a little bit on the sides of the road. It still looks like golf weather, just use a pink or green ball! 😉

  4. I’ve seen my share of Snow! We lived in Lake Placid, NY (1980 – 1985)! Today, I love to see the first snow fall of the season — it means soon I will be in Florida for the winter! In LP we use to drive around with bright orange balls (golf ball size) on our car radio antenna’s so other cars could see you coming. The street snow banks were 5 to 6 feet high or higher.

  5. 5 Cheryl

    AAAHH! You see that Brent!!! Look at that!!! 🙂 Just imagine driving down Barnett!! Four Christmases ago I was rear ended sitting at a RED light! The very large Dakota Dodge pick-up behind me was rear ended by a delivery truck. The delivery truck hit the pick-up with such force that it broke his seat. I was then hit by the pick-up. Did I mention the RED light 😉 That was on a clear evening…you add snow to that and well, you can measure the sweat pouring into my shoes!

    I grew up in Montreal…land of snow & freezing rain. There are terrible drivers there but at least we know how to drive in snow!!!

    Look at that, you can’t even see the snow on the road in the picture, which tells you that the slightest amount of snow here is a hazard! Just imagine if it was still on the road! At least we have it for the whole blog world to see… Thanks Brent! 🙂

  6. I think B took that pic after the snow and ice cleared off the hi-way.

    It is kind of funny that we get 3 inches of snow and school gets canceled! I love it!

    We’re wimps here – I admit it! We had some good snow fall in Missouri when I lived there and it freaked me out driving in it. Correction…riding in it. No one wants me behind the wheel in a real snow storm!

  7. 7 Cheryl

    I can’t believe school was cancelled too! Why when I was young…. LOL

  8. 8 boffthewall

    I live in Vermont, i have no problems driving in the snow….what scares me more is the people from NJ, NY and MA who come up to ski and can’t drive in the snow. yikes!

  9. 9 ronpai

    Sounds like Medford isn’t too different from us up here in Bellingham, WA. We get 3-5 inches and the whole town shuts down. There are people who “grew up driving in the snow” and make people like me nervous because they almost run me off the road or ride my tail very close in their car. I am not a fan. I just walk everywhere or stay home from movie day.

  10. 10 ronpai

    …for movie day.

  11. i REEEELLLY don’t like driving in the snow. its kinda dangerous when its coming down so fast they can’t plow it.

    and then there’s the black ice. THAT’S a nightmare!

  12. Love drving in the snow, and doing donuts..hate black ice, and none of it is fun in the bus with kids in it..but when it is just me..woooohooooo sledding in a bus ! No donuts though I was told it will fall over LOL

  13. No longer having to drive in the snow is one of the best things about being retired. 🙂

    The second time I was laid-ed off I had been called to the home office for a “meeting”. It was snowing. I drove three hours on slippery highways to be given my “pink slip”.

    Driving three hours to New Jersey, then three hours back to Connecticut, white knuckle driving all the way, does rank as one of my most stressful days ever.

    I didn’t burn my bridges by having a fit in the office, it was however a good thing there were no firearms around. I was eventual re-hired, at a reduction in salary of course.

  14. I live in Texas and we do not drive in the snow. The entire State pretty much shuts down if it gets below freezing and snows or ices.

  15. Hey Crystal thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger!

    Your town sounds like ours. School was canceled twice during our last storm and there was maybe an inch on the ground. Crazy!

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