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greenland_ice_melting.jpgI have no problem believing that there are effects of global warming going on right now in our world. I truly feel there are a ton of things we must do about gases and waste. I do have a problem with much of the hype though. I have read 100’s of pages of data done by our country and others in regards to what is happening. I see many things that we can honestly say look like evidence for it. I also have read many things that are very shaky on their stance and tend to speak against it.

This article came out today regarding a large volcanic area underneath the ice crust in Antarctica. The researchers believe they have proof of a large volcanic eruption that took place underneath the ice about 2000 years ago. They also believe that there is still activity under the ice that may be a factor in some of the ice melt taking place right now.

Here is my question. The ice melt in Antarctica is a huge part of the evidence for global warming. How can we be so sure about something that has so much information both in favor and against it? Case and point. Here is a statement from the article.

“”It may be possible that heat from the volcano has caused some of that acceleration,” says BAS professor David Vaughan, who stresses though that global warming is by far the greater likelier cause.”

So if it’s possible that the ice melt is being caused by this large amount of volcanic activity and they are just beginning right now to research that theory and find out information about it. How can this scientist say that it is most likely global warming. With all the info still to be gathered and theories to be tested. How can someone say this? It’s like coming up with a perfect mixture of something and showing us that facts on how this perfect mixture was created. Then you realize there was a hair in your mixtureit but you continue to claim that it is still a perfect mixture and show us the facts to prove it’s value. It seems to me that this would demand more study on the mixture not a pressing forward of it’s value.

When I read something like this, I feel I am being told it is something and I have to believe it. We know science is something that is constantly in flux. We knew that 20 years ago we were headed to a new ice age. Over a 30 year span the world temperature had dropped almost 3 degrees.  So why, with so much diverse information are we so certain about this now?

Give me your thoughts and understanding.


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  1. 1 Ed

    All the models for predicting future weather are based on past trends. All anyone can say is that they have x % of confidence in predictions of what our future weather will be.

    Rapidly improving research is giving us much better models to use and we are learning a great deal more about what effects the weather. I doubt we will ever be able to predict with 100% accuracy what the weather in the future will be like. Of course like all research different people interpret the same data with different results. It’s is very frustrating for us none experts.

    As far as taking action now on information that is less than 100% accurate it’s a question of how much risk you want to take with the conditions are future generations will face.

    What worries me the most is the rising temperture of the earths oceans which have a significant impact on sea life.

    We all have to decide for ourselves which source we want to trust more. Since I have a bias towards the scientific community I believe we should be spending more on alternate fuel research and set higher standards on pollution standards.

    For example I think that within 10 years all car models should be getting at least 50 miles per gallon.

    We should be prepared for the extinction of fish species that are now part of our food chain.

  2. Good stuff Ed.

    I completely agree that the same data can be interpreted 2 different ways. Sounds like a lot of our religious discussions 🙂

    I think your reasoning makes sense. Whether there is global warming or not we know that there are many reasons to adapt our lifestyles. The alternative to fuels is a big one for me. i am all for it. Not only for what it could do for our air and pocketbook, but also what it could do to decrease our need to control and depend on other countries. I think in a lot of ways, it is time for the US to start contributing instead of taking.

    One thought I have as well. When we look at data of both surface and water temperatures, we usually hear that things are up by x amount. But when you look at the annual temps, they are constantly up and down. In fact I just looked at a graph that said water temps in Greenland in the 40’s were warmer than they are now. But, in the last century they are overall up by .6*. So what do we look at. The average or the yearly? Cause if we go by the yearly, there was a period of time in the 40’s that were worse than now, but I don’t remember hearing about issues with fish then.

  3. 3 Ed

    I did a quick search and found a Dec. 17th article about the possible adverse affects of global warming, and rising levels of carbon dioxide, on the oceans.


    “Carbon dioxide increasing in the atmosphere may affect the microbial life in the sea, which could have an impact on a major food source, warned Dr Ian Joint at a Science Media Centre press briefing December 10.

    Dr Joint is sequencing the DNA of different ocean bacteria to find out how they will respond to an increase in carbon dioxide. “So far from one experiment we have sequenced 300 million bases of DNA, about one tenth the size of the human genome. We are analyzing this ‘ocean genome’ to see if changes might affect the productivity of the sea.”

    Worldwide, fish from the sea provide nearly a fifth of the animal protein eaten by man. If microscopic plants that fish eat are affected by carbon dioxide, this may deplete a major food source.”

    “The carbon dioxide produced by humans is turning the oceans into weak acids. This century, the seas will be more acidic than they have been for 20 million years.”

    “Bacteria made the earth suitable for animals by producing oxygen nearly 2 billion years ago. We want to find out if human activities will have a major impact on microbial life in the seas and if this is likely to be a problem for mankind in the future.”

  4. It would be really interesting if fish were not to be a part of our diets. Of course for me, I would say that fish is more like 1/10th of my protein, but I should make it more because of the health benefits.

  5. 5 Ed

    Life without Lobster is unthinkable. 🙂

  6. Very good thread!!!

  7. 7 Sean

    Don’t forget Sushi Ed!

  8. I am with you here Brent. And Ed as well. When you are talking about something this important then we don’t want to stick our heads in the sand. Or shoot for pie in the sky solutions like the carbon tax. We all need to be more responsible in our care for the planet. It can be done, we’ve made great strides in water and air quality since the 1960’s. But we don’t have enough hard evidence for some of the more draconian measures that some have suggested. And let’s face it – the UN doesn’t instill a lot of confidence these days.

  9. I am actually encouraged that many of us are thinking similarly. I am not interested in proving a point or being right in this.

    I truly want to walk through each step of this with thought and care and not hype or agenda. So often I am fed hype and agenda and I believe that it is hurting the process. There is so much info and like you said Christian, “shoot for pie in the sky solutions”. I don’t want to move without purpose and even worse be desensitized to all of it and do nothing.

    Sean – I am a HUGE Sushi fan. Mmmm that sounds good for lunch…

  10. “I am not interested in proving a point or being right in this.”

    If you all only knew how rare this is!

    I shall treasure that comment always…

  11. Thanks for the love hun 🙂

  12. 12 Sean

    Play nice kids! Haha!

  13. 13 Sean

    I definitely have to do something about the whole umpa-lumpa thing!

  14. blueberries anyone???

  15. 15 Sean

    Ouch, be nice! haha

  16. I am 😉

  17. She’s telling the truth Sean, just ask Christian 🙂

  18. uh B…there’s a Twitter bore goin’ on

  19. Is that better 🙂

  20. 20 Sean

    Well, I am going to definitely try to fix the blue thing tonight. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work…

  21. No Sean…don’t fix it. You’ve inspired me to eat more fruit!

    I’m sorry – I couldn’t help that…I’m not a mean person (Sshhhh Christian!)

    I like the blue. Blue is manly!

  22. Ya if your 1000 feet under water 🙂

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