An Attack On The Environment…Or At Least My Back Pocket


We’ve had a couple discussion about going green and reducing our impact for the environments sake. I’ve enjoyed them and I hope to have more in the future.

I have to vent! Notice this picture below…


I have set my keys next to these receipts to put it in perspective. WHAT THE HECK!

#1 I cannot hold more than 5-6 receipts in my wallet without tipping to one side becasue it is sooo fat.

#2 Do retailers see anything wrong with this?

I have highlighted the areas on each receipt with the amount of purchase, retailers name(Apart from their massive logos) and date. That’s all the info I need. Why do retailers see the need to pack us up with so much wasted paper. Maybe the paper is created from recycled stock. So what! Is it going to be recycled after you give it to me?

This seems to be mostly an issue with major retailers. The smaller shops or vendors have those little machines and their receipts are smaller. Which seems to beg for more questioning, because the amount of 8′-10′ receipts walking out of all these large stores has to be huge.

This is truly a waste of resources…space…and time. It drives me nuts!!!

22 Responses to “An Attack On The Environment…Or At Least My Back Pocket”

  1. Dude!!!

    It’s a conspiracy Man!!!

    The cash register makers and the paper industry are in cahoots to ensure that we cut more trees down!!!

    Thus ensuring more CO2 emissions not being absorbed by reduced plant life. Thereby, making necessary the hydrogen economy….

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go don my tin-foil hat and campaign for Ron Paul!


  2. OK. I’ve been wanting to say the exact same things for years. What is the friggin deal? A bunch of retailers give you a set of receipts too. It’s absurd!

  3. Robert it is a complete conspiracy πŸ™‚ The reality is…I just hate dealing with these stupid things.

    Mudpuppy – I’m with you…What’s up with giving me 2 receipts?!?! I hate it when they take the debit card receipt and then staple it to the cash register receipt. Do I really need both?

  4. Actually noticed a cool thing at Wal-Mart the other day. My receipt was 1/2 its normal size, because it printed on both sides of the paper (name, date, purchases on the front Total amount, return info etc. on the back)…Genius!

  5. So it’s only 4′ long πŸ™‚

    Actually that would be really cool and a much better space saver!

  6. 6 tam

    Y’all sound like a bunch of crazy mad women!

    Knock it off!

  7. 7 tam


    I have no idea where that came from…

  8. We got a PS3 at best buy… 3 – 2′ strips of reciept… I needed another bag just to carry them.

    …. that reminds me somewhere in there is a rebate I have to fill out, I better get on that… The rebate scam is a whole different post, don’t get me started!

  9. 9 tam

    Rebates? Argh!!!

    You must cut the bar code out from the side of this box, making sure to leave 1/8″ inches around the dotted line. Except for the bottom of the code, there you must leave 1/4″, for no reason at all. After removing code from box, put in microwave. But don’t turn it on. Just put it in there. 😯 Wait 3 minutes and 12 seconds then do 82 jumping jacks. Blind folded. Remove bar code from microwave and quickly panic as you try to remember what other ridiculous things you must do to get your $3.50 rebate. Look for the password on the bar code that isn’t there. Be sure to write that on the personal letter you must send to headquarters. Please remember to have this letter notarized. Mail your rebate offer within 3 days but only on a 72 degree and sunny day. Be sure your envelope weighs no more than 5 oz and don’t forget to add your left shoe lace. In 2 weeks you will not get a confirmation that we received your request. In 4 weeks, you will not either. It’s not personal. We’ve just never intended to give you your money. In 3 months you should feel much better about being scammed. But don’t let that stop you from calling the number on your original receipt. We’ll be sure not to answer. Have a great day. SUCKER!

    Is that what you were thinking Buddy? Not that I’ve ever had any experience with this…. πŸ˜‰

  10. uhhh…. exactly, you read my mind! On top of it all, all of those instructions are printed on these enourmous receipts in a miniscule font using ink that fades in sunlight and over time (NO JOKE)…

  11. I think they hope you’ll leave them in your jeans pocket so they go through the wash…

  12. Buddy, I’ve had to be purposeful in folding my receipts face in so that they don’t fade in my wallet. It only takes 2-3 days and I can’t read them. Of course, i should take care of them more frequently…

    Who is this tam woman πŸ™‚

  13. It is nuts. But so are customers (as we have just seen). Having spent an inordinate amount of time in the retail/restaurant trade I have some experience here. (When I started out we were using the abacus.)

    (Ahem) I can’t tell you how many times someone would come up to the counter to buy a cup of coffee or a Coke -that was it- and insist upon a receipt. I guess they really had it in for any potential IRS auditors in their future.

    It’s like those people who leave very precise amounts on the tip line of their credit card vouchers. I imagine that their monthly statements are in X dollars and NO cents.

  14. “It’s like those people who leave very precise amounts on the tip line of their credit card vouchers. I imagine that their monthly statements are in X dollars and NO cents.”

    HEY! I do that! It makes life so much easier….for me πŸ˜€

    I like that one debit card that rounds up your purchase and puts that extra $ into a savings account = that’s so cool! Wish our bank did that.

  15. first of all… you are the king of comments. Dang you get a lot.
    Second… go to LOWES and buy one thing and they will give you a one hour court reporters sheet of paper. Lordy it’s huge.
    Great post.

  16. preach it bruthah!!!!

  17. Hey Brad, I think I just know a lot of people that like to hear themselves talk…including me πŸ™‚

    AND, the Lowe’s receipt is one of the worst!

  18. HEY! I do that! It makes life so much easier….for me
    I figured as much.
    Well, it doen’t make things ‘hard’ for anyone – it’s just weird, that’s all. How does it make things easier though?

  19. Rounding up the number makes it easier to account for – love it!

  20. And you wonder why they have to change out those receipt rolls like every other customer. And seemingly, I’m always one of those customers!

  21. Hey cool dad, welcome!

    We frequent a small coffee stand in Southern Oregon called Dutch Bros:) they aren’t small for Southern Oregon, but pretty much regional. Anyway, it seems like every other time I drive through their stand, they have to change the receipt or I get the one with the pink lines through it and I can’t read my receipt…

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