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Today is the last day of 2007. That’s weird! Where has the first decade of the 2000’s gone? Holy cow. As you look around the blog world today, you will see a lot of post regarding resolutions, top 10 posts, best celebrity screw ups, funny stories, sad stories. I am sure there will be great posts to read. Enjoy them, soak them in.

So here is my offering…I realize as years go by faster that I have to be purposeful in soaking in every moment of my life. The good and the bad. Remember to soak it in. We have to be purposeful in growing and learning. We have to be purposeful in accepting and moving on, forgiving and becoming new. There are so many things that do not come automatically to us. We are selfish and often look out for our own interests. It’s easy to do.

I am excited for the new year and what it will bring. Not because it is something different than the last, but because it is the future. I don’t make “new years” resolutions, because I don’t want to treat this day any different than another. We need to move forward, everyday. I watch many people make resolutions only to break them and then to wait till the next new years to pick them back up. Why? This is a habit of Christians as well I believe. We just came through a season where so much emphasis is put on Jesus. I think we need to be encouraged to uphold this emphasis everyday of the year. Our relationship is no different with Him on June 3rd than it is on December 25th. He is no less or more our God because it is Christmas.

I love the definition of resolution. It has 3 parts. #1 Taking something complex and making it simpler #2 Answering a question or solving a problem #3 The act of determining. There is some really good stuff there. If you make a resolution this year. Keep in mind that you are making a commitment with yourself to “make it simple, Find the solution and then determine to keep that solution in play”.

“Simplify” This has been a theme I have been reading a lot about lately and I like it. America is such a driven culture. We make more money than anyone. We have bigger homes than anyone. We have more cars, jewelry, stuff. Obviously though, we see that it has been self centered. Can you imagine if our drive as Americans was carried out in our faith with God. I can, and I like what that looks like.

“Simplify” The pure message of Jesus is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul”, and to “love others”. My buddy Christian has a great post on this right now. Love God. That sounds simple doesn’t it? It should. Unfortunately, like new years resolutions, a very simple idea can take on a very complex strategy. It becomes a list of to do’s or rules.

“Simplify” What does this look like for you? I am thinking this through myself. Noise is something that distracts and keeps us from seeing or hearing what is most important. What is the noise in your life? How can it be shut off or diminished? More importantly, what is the noise in your walk with Christ that keeps you from seeing or hearing exactly what God is displaying for you? This is the hardest question of all. It’s easy to shut off a phone, lessen work hours or take on less tasks. It is much more difficult to prioritize your life. It is very revealing to evaluate what position God holds in your everyday life. The challenge comes when you decide what you will do to adjust your priorities.

“Simplify” I have to simplify my life. Is this a resolution? Maybe. It is most definitely a commitment. BUT, this commitment is not to me, it is to God.


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  1. Simplify. Good word. Thanks for sharing man, this post challenged me in a very good way.

  2. 2 Heidi

    Brent, you are so right on with this..
    Awesome insight to this post.

  3. Not only was this post up to your usual brilliantly succint standards you plugged me as well. Thanks, dude and Happy New Year.

  4. 4 Brandy

    I blogged about this too. Mine was to do LESS.

    Hopefully. 😉

  5. Stephen – Glad it encouraged you. Now we have to hold each other accountable. I would have loved to be at your Christmas program!

    Heidi – Thank you for the kind words. I am always encouraged when i read yours.

    Christian – Happy New Year as well. i am anxious to see what it brings to our blog relationship.

    Brandy – I new I liked you 🙂

  6. Simple life is awesome! The Chias roll pretty simple and let me tell you, when it was time to clean up our house to be sold there was only about 1/2 the work that other people have becuase we keep it simple (or I should say my wife keeps it simple and puts up with my non-simplicity).

  7. Hi Brent, I haven’t offically met you but I go to Tablerock and came across your blog recently. I enjoy reading it and your encouaraging words. I loved what you said about the emphasis on Jesus every day not just this time of year. What a great reminder. I have my new devotional and it is my resolution to get through it and soak up God’s word this year. Happy New Year to you and your family! God Bless you.

  8. simplify…everything is better when simplified..Jesus said HIS yoke was light..and loving him with all our heart mind soul and srength is key…wonder why it is so hard to grasp? I understand the heart, and the mind is always a challenge..the soul a little harde to comprehend…but brother honestly what does he mean by all my strength? I have been working through this in my own walk with the Lord, and I just know that sometimes i need to apply and reapply the word, and maybe this year I will comprehend how to apply the whole thing…or if I am even close!
    This year I am striving to not try so hard, and trust more! Happy New year!

  9. 9 lazrus2

    I just read this short devotional and thought it might fit in with your New Year ‘challenge’. It relates to the real meaning of ‘enCOURAGE’ as more than just making us ‘feel good’ but also ‘spurring’ on to action (Heb. 10:24) — which, if you’re the horse, rarely feels good, I’d say??
    It enCOURAGED me to share it anyway.

    “Be strong and courageous.”
    Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV
    Without courage, you’re not living, you’re hiding! Courage is what moves you forward; it’s the muscle that makes your faith work. Faith by itself can be nothing more than a set of beliefs. Courage is what activates those beliefs.
    Every Promised Land has giant-sized problems, and you have to face them and defeat them before moving in and taking up residence. Notice three things in Deuteronomy 7 (NIV) that God said to Israel about taking the Promised Land: (1) ‘Your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God’ (v21). Your God is greater than any opposition you are facing. (2) ‘Will drive out those nations before you’ (v22). God will go ahead of you. He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself, but you’ve got to show up for the fight. (3) “‘Little by little’ (v22). Whether it’s conquering your Promised Land or your character flaws, you can’t do it all at once, so God works with you in one area after another. Life is not one big battle, then you march in the victory parade. No, it’s a series of small daily victories required to defeat the enemies of your spiritual growth.
    Twenty-four chapters later, God is still telling Israel to be courageous (Dt 31:6). That’s because courage is like oxygen; you can’t survive without it. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the conquest of it. Courage means doing it afraid – until you’re no longer afraid. It means – tremble your way to confidence! God promised to go with them, and go before them. Who does God walk with and work with? Who does He go ahead of and arrange things for? The courageous!

  10. the word fear is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible…and most of them are the Lord saying “fear not”, and the rest are saying to Fear the Lord…I find that very interesting, as I don’t see HIM as redundant, and HE knows we will struggle with that…have courage fits…

  11. Brenty is super sick. Bad head cold! His brain is in a fog… Just thought I’d take the controls and let you all know!

  12. iW,
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Nice post.

    I like the definition of ‘resolution’ used in music. Resolution is the progression from dissonant harmony to consonant harmony – from tension to release – from chaos to peace.

    That’s the kind of resolution I hope to make.

  13. Praying you feel better soon Brent…

  14. Billy – Congrats on the new job dude!

    Elaine – It’s awesome to meet you. Please come by and say hi one weekend. The devotional is cool. I know many people that enjoyed it last year.

    Lazrus2 – Good to see you back. I think you are right that “courage” is right on in this process. Good words.

    Darla – I like how you brought it together with fear as well…and thanks for the get better wishes.

    BuudyO – I love that definition. Puts a great spin on everything said here.

    And yes, like Tam said, I have been under the weather since Sunday, but I am doing well, thanks to everyone.

  15. Love it! I love the point about “New Year’s” not being the only time to make resolutions. AND I LOVE, LOVE the simplify, simplify, simplify. Great post! Thanks.

  16. Thanks Ric, great to have you around!

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