Where The Heck Is Brent???


question-mark.jpgI thought I’d check in and give a little update. It has been a very busy season. As most of you know, being a leader at a church, Christmas is one of the busiest seasons of the year. I have had a blast with everything going on at church, home and around town.

Thank you so much to all of you that check back and reread regulary to see what’s happening. You are so faithful and I truly appreciate it.

As I have had a chance, I have been reading some of your blogs as well and I’ve read some great stuff. Here are some highlights.

It sounds like Stephen and the gang at St. Paul’s had a great Christmas season. 

I love reading about Jennifer’s road from atheism to Christianity.

A family from out church is on their way to Africa. You can read about their journey on their blog. 

These statistics at Floating Axhead BLEW me away!

And Meghan’s story at Motionhouse’s B-log is incredible and touching. Watch the video.

Tomorrow, myself, my son and our friend Shell head up to Eugene, Oregon to go watch the Oregon Ducks play some Basketball at Mac Court. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely do some twittering and maybe even some blogging from the game. Mac Court is an incredible place to see a game and I have two of the biggest Basketball fans with me.

I hope that everyone’s Christmas season has been amazing and I hope the best for everyone’s New Year!!!


3 Responses to “Where The Heck Is Brent???”

  1. For all of you who might now have caught that…

    “I’ll definitely do some twittering and maybe even some blogging from the game”

    Hmmm…who woud want to do that on just a regular phone? Not that one couldn’t if they had the right services to do so. But I hear it’s much easier and more fun to do all that from an iPhone!

    Yes, folks! B finally got his iPhone! He worked extra jobs and saved money until he had enough to purchase his phone! I’m so proud of you Brenty 😀

  2. I was wondering if that meant blogging from an Iphone? or if you have that team ofpeople following you around making your internet work everywhere you go! either way I am impressed!
    Where is brent? gave me the mental piture of one of those Where is Waldo pics! hahahaha I could see one of them with you in the middle…you all crack me up!

  3. my other thought was..Brent was lost? and we did not send out a search party!! bad friends bad bad friends! I will try to be better in the new year!

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