Biggest Football Fan In The World


My Son (like many others I am sure) is the biggest football fan in the world. Even more than that, he is the biggest University of Oregon football fan. Frankly our entire family was heartbroken when Dennis Dixon went down and the Ducks went flat this year…ooh what could have been.

Anyway, my son had the chance to meet a “real” football player. We got to meet Terry Obee of the Chicago Bears tonight. It goes without saying that my son was ecstatic. Terry was an Oregon Duck and still holds and all purpose yards records. He is about to be inducted to the university of Oregon hall of fame. Pretty cool.

Anyway, my son was a freak the rest of the evening. He kept asking me to show him the picture on my phone. He can’t wait to tell his friends. Terry was a cool guy.



4 Responses to “Biggest Football Fan In The World”

  1. That’s really cool!

  2. 2 Brad

    I am so encouraged to see that you are raising your son up in such an admirable, honorable manner. The evidence that your hard work, as parents, has paid off is clear in the Godly choice your son has made to support the Ducks. I can only hope and pray that one day, my 3 sons will also grow up to make such a holy spirit-led decision.

  3. My three sons? Was that Fred MacMurray? Too cool.

    Anyways, your son looks cool in the football uniform next to that nice looking young black gentleman. Neither one of them look like ducks, though. I think I’m out of my league here.

    Get to bed early tonight, Brent. Never know when Santa may come. Gotta go now, I’ve waited too long to start giving out wings. Merry Christmas, young feller!

  4. Hi B! Merry Christmas! I pray Santa is good to you and brings you your hearts desire….Love you and looking forward to another year of…..whatever…..LOL

    Cyber hugs!

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