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golden-compass.jpgOK, I want to hear from all of you. The new movie Golden Compass is getting so much press. Here are the facts…

1)Golden Compass is a movie based on a trilogy of books that have sold over 15 million copies worldwide since 1995.

2)The story is full of witches, crazy animals and assassins.

3) The goal of the movie is to defeat the oppressive forces of a god that is hated by many.

4) The writer has proclaimed himself to be both agnostic and atheist.

5) Christians all over the world are condemning this film as anti Christian.

Now, I just got through talking about something that Christians often fight against. I am seeing something similar here. I am having a hard time understanding the hype. I understand that this film is geared towards kids, kind of like Harry Potter. Generally, this film will be more accepted by young teenage kids. I have my opinions, but I want to hear from you.

I have 3 questions…

1) When is the last time you watched a movie that was anti God? Really think about this one.

2) Will this movie cause people to see God differently than He really is?

3) Will this movie cause atheists to unite and overtake the world?



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  1. 1) I honestly don’t know if I have ever seen a movie that
    was anti-God. I have read some works of fiction (not
    including Pullman’s) that I suppose could qualify. One
    that comes to mind is “Preacher”, a series in which God is
    portrayed as a neurotic simp who abandoned his
    creation out of weakness.

    2) I don’t know that any one movie can have that effect. I
    think that people will see parallels between
    contemporary religion and the villains in the film.

    3) I seriously doubt it. I have been somewhat disappointed
    with the Christian reaction to this. All of this hysteria is
    going to accomplish one thing: improve the movie’s box

  2. Hey Odgie – I am with you on this. I am not pleased with the overblown Christian hype. I tend to watch many Christians speak before they have the facts and than just figure if they keep yelling loud enough or long enough, people won’t notice they don’t have the facts. I would love to see Christians spend as much effort caring for someone in need as they do criticizing everything around them.

    The “god” in this movie is not THE God. It is a portrayal of A god. The writer never intended to attack the Christian God, He intended on attacking all religions…Christianity included. He’s atheist, he doesn’t even believe in a god.

    If anyone chooses to go see this movie, I think they will be pleasantly surprised that the “god” that dies in this movie is nothing like the actual God and our God is alive, well and completely unaffected by this story πŸ™‚

  3. Hey B, great post…
    1) It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something anti-God, there have been a few that He was probably scratching His head asking why I was putting that into my brain…same thing?

    2) If a movie can accomplish that I think one better check thier belief system and become a little more grounded in Gods Word.

    3) Atheists can’t unite until they agree on something.. πŸ˜€
    I’m with Odgie on this. All the hype will accomplish by well meaning Christians is driving people to the box office to find out what the hype is about……:roll:

  4. 1. I wouldnt say there are movies that are anti god, but there are subplots and characters…seems to me there are anti God things in the subplots and characters in the bible as well.

    2. I do believe media and movies have a great role in shaping how the general public sees Christ. but I think how they see is god is a little different. I think that these days most can distinguish fantasty from reality

    3. I think that would be kinda cool…see if athiests unite and battle the christians…we have one up on them being that we have…uh…God
    I think I read somewhere that we win in the end.

  5. Well I’ll be honest here. I remember when I started receiving all the forwarding e-mails on this movie, my hairs stood straight up with anger over it. Not the e-mails, the movie!

    But after all the discussion as of late on what really is taking place here, especially this season, things like “The Golden Compass” are rolling right off my back. Why? No amount of movies, or words taken away to remove the hint of God or Christ from something, can ever, ever, change my significance in Him or my eternity.

    So…if we even want to change what we are perceiving to be an attack on God and followers of Christ then those of us who are sensible, respectful, well versed in the word should stand up and make a difference. Get out in your community and touch those around you. Be a pillar of integrity and a solid witness and testimony of the Lord. Live out loud. Because right now, it doesn’t seem we’re the majority.

    Because how I see it, most of “us” are shrinking back into the safety of our homes and complaining about it (even if there’s nothing to complain about – which was me!) and listening to loud the mouth professed Christians stir up a pot that should never even have been simmering. Sometimes I think we fight against something to remind people that we are still here to stand FOR something. But it’s a bad strategy.

    Live ethically with integrity and without shame of your King and be as bold for Him as you would an iPhone or Gucci Bag!

    Oops, now for the questions…

    1) I don’t think most movies set out to be anti-God. But I also don’t think they are geared toward Him. “If you’re not for Him, you’re against Him.”

    2) If they’re looking for an excuse or crutch to dis Him. Sure. But anything could then.

    3) no

  6. I haven’t seen the movie but I will because it has Daniel Craig in it. Too cool. But I did read the trilogy before I became a Christian . I knew nothing about the author or had heard anything about it being anti-christian (not that it would have mattered at the time)

    It is only when you come to the end of the third book that you realize the author’s (I think) angry atheistic bias. At that point his book has already become somewhat of a literary mess.

    As a parent I was disturbed more by the way he sums up ‘enlightenment’ in a scene that involves the ‘free’ sexual congress of the two adolescents (really children). This book was supoosedly written for youngsters. I’m no prude but I didn’t recomend these books to my kids. They get enough of that on M-TV.

  7. OH, I forgot my point. Pulliam’s deliberate and obvious ntention was to create an anti-God fantasy, with God being portrayed as a malevolent yet senile and impotent deity past his prime and Satan as the much maligned underdog who finally has his come-uppance. I’ve heard the movie producers have left most (if not all) of that out, yet the first book didn’t even hint at this. It should prove interesting if they produce all three books.

  8. Let’s see…

    1. I’ve seen a few movies that God probably wasn’t to pleased about, but I can’t think of any that deliberately set out to bring down the God of the universe. If anything, I think many movies dis Christians (and in some cases rightfully so) as opposed to dissing God.

    2. The truth is, this movie wouldn’t have had 1/2 the hype if Christians hadn’t started barking about it…the barking may change some views about God…but I doubt the movie will.

    3. Atheists uniting and taking over the world…Now that may make for an intersting movie πŸ™‚

  9. GG – Your answer to #3 cracks me up πŸ™‚

    Klampert – I think you and tam hit on something that was maybe “hidden” in my question. if it isn’t of God it is against God. The idea that their is some sort of border that determines what “anti God” is, kind of confuses me. If someone is literally preaching against God in a movie, i would say that is anti God. If someone is abusing drugs in a movie, I would say that is anti God. Anything of self and sin is anti God.

    Tam – I am with you…obviously…but in idea a well πŸ™‚ Your statement on Christians sinking back and complaining is a big one for me. I see it every week in the church. Those who aren’t happy or don’t like or are offended for whatever reason. They don’t construct, they tear down. they don’t talk, they yell.. They don’t love, they hate. It is a spiral that I see in the church that I don’t like.

    Christian – I have not read the books, but I am interested in seeing the movie. it is nice to talk to someone who has read the books. Most of the complaints I’ve heard over this movie have to do with what was in the books. As you have said, there are inappropriate things written in these books for kids. It sounds like the movie has been heavily toned down to appeal, but we’ll see.

    But you bring up the biggest thing of all…a parents responsibility in this. I think it is appropriate for a parent to read or watch and make sure what is being fed to their kids or if they want their kids involved at all.

    And, it does sound like they are planning for at least a sequel…

    Jim – You hit it on the head. How much MORE damage has been done because of the poor response of some Christians.

    Also, How about Atheists Attack 3; the Evolving…

  10. I think a movie like this, handled correctly by informed parents, can actually strengthen a child’s faith. What would kids rather hear: “Johnny, you are NOT allowed to see this movie under any circumstances or you are in big trouble!” or, “Hey Johnny, I want to take you to this movie because I think you’re old enough to figure out what is wrong with it, and then afterwards we can talk about it to see what you think.”
    I think equipping kids to deal with these kinds of attacks on the faith is as important as anything we do for them. If we hide it from them, it’s like the forbidden fruit – as soon as they get the chance, they’re going to want to take a bite to see what is so secret or mysterious about it all.
    Having said that, fortunately, my 3 boys aren’t old enough to see it anyways, so I don’t have to waste my time!:)
    By the way, given the choice, I’d much rather my kids have to watch some mystical, fantasy movie that portrays a pretend god-like figure in a bad light than I would a movie that shows real teen actors engaging in things like pre-marital sex and other godless behavior like gossip and hyper-materialism! I think the effects of the latter are far more profound and damaging in the long-run.
    Brent…if you keep asking these controversial questions, you’re going to get a reputation for being a “pot-stirrer!” (gasp!) ha! πŸ™‚

  11. Brad – I remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and the made for TV movie, “The Day After” came out. I remember my Dad told the congregation that day at church not to watch it. I was too young to understand what he was talking about. But later on the ride home from church, my Dad told me again that he did not want me watching that TV show. Well, guess what happened. that night there was a Bible study group at our house and during the adult study, I snuck off to the back bedroom and watched the movie. The movie was about Russia attacking the US with nuclear weapons. I remember being freaked out and I couldn’t sleep for a week.

    Later when I was older, I asked my Dad why he didn’t want me, or for that matter, our church, watching this movie. He said it was because it was a film that would only divide and encourage fear. That we didn’t need to fill ourselves with anything that causes fear and is not of God. Instead we should focus on the peace and hope in God. He also found out at that time that I watched it…

    All this to say that the parent’s know. My Dad had wonderful intentions for me and the church he was leading. He was interested in our well being. We need to do the same in any situation. You have shared with us a perfect model of a parent involved in helping a child understand. Helping a child ask the questions is often the best thing we can do. Thankfully we have a God that holds the ultimate answers πŸ™‚

    Controversy??? I tend to see the “other opinions” as the controversial ones. I’m only hoping to bring back some balance πŸ˜‰

  12. I made a post about this last week. We will not be watching this movie … obviously my kids are too young to take the approach to watch it with them and discuss later. Which we WILL do on movies as they grow older. I do not want to have them itching to do it because I told them know. I’d rather watch and dicuss my reasons with them.

    However, not every parent is like me. Not every parent will go to the lenghts to discuss controversial issues with their kids. I’ve not read the books and unless my kids when they are older show an interest, I wont. I just don’t like the fact that this guys objective is to “kill God in the minds of children”. Kids are so impressionable. And often times it is hard to get around something once it is in visual format. For that reason we will ALWAYS view something before allowing our kids to see it and then they will see it with us if we allow them to. Visual images are so hard to erase. I believe it is up to each parent to make the decision for themselves which is what I said on my blog.

  13. I agree with you Heather. Parents need to be responsible for teaching their kids right from wrong and actively being involved in their kids lives. I commend you for doing this.

  14. 14 Cheryl

    1) When is the last time you watched a movie that was anti God? Really think about this one.

    Anti-God…no…that’s not a realm I like but if you’re talking about The Exorcist, The Omen…saw those as a young non-Christian…those stuck in my head unfortunately. Ugh! The only movies I see now are of the Little Red Monster…Elmo and the like.

    2) Will this movie cause people to see God differently than He really is?

    Those who really know God will not be changed by this movie. Honestly, I had never heard about this movie until I started getting emails about it. I tend to delete those kinds of emails. All the hype just draws more people to it in my mind. But if I had kids in the age group that this is targetting I would watch it first. I can’t discuss something I’ve never seen before. Mind you, this fellow’s intent is pretty clear.

    3) Will this movie cause atheists to unite and overtake the world?
    Nope…Remember the old hymn “This is My Father’s World”

  15. Have never read nor even heard of the book/movie – i must be out of touch in this regard ( Good thing? bad Thing??) so no comment just yet. As for the q’s?
    1. Not possible in my understanding: God is ALL – so how can anything be ‘Anti-God’?? Anti some of the jerks who claim to speak for ‘God’ – now that is a whole other story! Anti one person’s or groups collective perspective on what God is – sure. There is your problem right there – “How dare you say my perspective (on God or anything else) is wrong?? That means I must be wrong and clearly half of me at the very least is ‘right’! So you must be the one who is wrong if you say I am. Lets go to war and see who’s side God is really on!”

    2. Has a movie ever changed your perspective on ANYthing?? If the answer is yes then it possibly could. If no – then probably not. We are all individuals who make up our own minds based upon what we experience and when we experience it – i have seen some movies a dozen times and they do nothing ‘for’ me then one day i see it again and POW! It all changes somehow.

    I was an atheist ( well actually more just trying to make my mind up , but with a bias to ‘no God’) for the longest first ‘half’ of my life – is only recently i have become ‘surer’ that He (non-sexual as we know it) Exists. It wasn’t a movie that ‘did it’ but it may have been a book ( on multiple dimensions/Universes)

    3. Atheists Unite?

    About as likely as all the many different ‘Christians’ in my reckoning! Maybe whoever stops bickering First, Wins!??

    Wordl domination anyone? Try that ‘key’ and seehow you go?


  16. Hey Love – I have to disagree with you just a little. The Bible clearly states that there are those FOR God and those AGAINST God. This would seem to imply that something can be opposed to or anti God. God is perfect and pure, He is not filled with nor does He own any sin. Sin is anti God. It is the opposite of purity. If something celebrates sin, I would see it as anti God.

    I would agree with your idea(if I am understanding) that this book or film is anti a god that really is not God. People make up what they think God is and then speak or act against Him. The only thing in this is that at the heart of this author’s intent(whether he can speak for who or what God really is) is the hope that all and more importantly children will turn their backs on any idea that might lead them to a god.

    World Domination? You heard that “HE” has already won, right πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Melissa

    hmm…I’m going to have to disagree with you about the author’s intent and agenda.

    A quote from the book:

    “The Authority, God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty – those were all names he gave himself. He was never the creator. He was an angel like ourselves – the first angel, true, the most powerful, but he was formed of Dust as we are, and Dust is only a name for what happens when matter begins to understand itself.”

    Sounds an awful lot like our Yahweh and not so much Allah in there.

    I guess the question that I would ask is why on earth as a Christian parent would I have my child see this movie or read the book? or why as a Christian adult would I contribute my $ to it?

    The author has stated that he hated CS Lewis’s writings and so set out with that in mind when he wrote these books. Honestly I do not think Christians get upset ENOUGH anymore when it comes to defending our faith and being separate from the world. The book is blasphemous and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the movie.

    oh..and the atheists are doing a fine job at taking over the country. it’s called public school πŸ™‚

  18. Melissa – Thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to hear from a new person. And I hope after my discussion here, you understand you are always welcome.

    First I’d I want to say that I don’t think we disagree as much as you’ve stated. This man wants to kill God. Not in a literal sense, because he doesn’t believe He exists, but in a lifestyle and belief sense. He wants the Christian belief in God to disappear. He wants to do this by “enlightenment” with ourselves, finding our own power, which is very New Age. But he wants all belief in all gods to disappear as well. He set out to write the “other view” to the C.S. Lewis books. It would be obvious to directly speak against the God C.S. Lewis wrote of.

    Second, I’d be curious what your view of “In the world, but not of it” looks like. There is a lot of disagreement on that in the Christian world. One side sees it as a complete separation from our community…no involvement(In other words, they need to come to church to hear God’s Word). Others see it as a decision not to take on the cultures traits and habits(But make it a practice to be out in the midst to be more of a living example of Jesus). I actually was thinking of writing on this, so I’d be curious of your thoughts.

    Third, this statement makes me think,

    “I do not think Christians get upset ENOUGH anymore when it comes to defending our faith”

    Please hear me, i am passionate about this, so don’t take it personal.

    What are we supposed to defend? We understand that this battle is 100% spiritual right? Our beef is not with this author or his books and movies. Our beef is with satan. So with that being said, why do we get so angry and vocal when we deal with a movie like this. The god in this movie is not the God the Bible speaks of, so blasphemy is a big word.

    Here’s my point. Everyday our kids are bombarded with crap from every angle. YES, our kids are impressionable. BUT, they are impressed first and foremost by peers and peer practices. A fantasy movie about a fictional god that could never be real will never affect any kid as much as a divorce, a playboy magazine and a 6 pack of beer.

    This world will never know who God really is if we stand back and cast stones at it(and I have to say that we do it pretty loudly at times). I don’t remember Jesus using the phrase “defend the faith”. But I clearly remember Him saying to Love God and Love People. All the pictures Jesus painted for us actually had US in the middle of the stone fight, not the world.

    I don’t agree with this author. I know who my God is and this author is wrong. But, my God said He has already won, the war is not with flesh but with spirit. We need to share His love with others. This is done by caring for those who are going through divorce. Teaching the value of healthy relationships and mentoring people into integrity filled lives. All lead by God’s love and His Word.

    I have a hard time with “defense of God”. Do I really think myself capable of defending the creator of the universe? He does say I am capable of loving for Him. This world is not ours. But we have something beautiful to share so that others can become a part of OUR world. Let’s put a little effort and energy into that and quit wasting our time on silly movies that will probably be terrible anyway…

  19. Hey, I am also curious about your thoughts on Atheists and the public schools πŸ™‚

  20. 20 Melissa

    Hi Brent,
    I think we agree more than disagree too πŸ™‚

    You had started out saying that the author did not intend to attack Christianity specifically. I have read plenty that shows that definitely was his intention. In our PC world it’s cool if you are buddhist… definitely don’t say anything bad about Muslims! but the God of the Bible? Well now that’s a different thing altogether. This one is marketed towards children…and that ticks me off.

    when it comes to being in it not of it I would personally strive for example #2, but honestly I fail. Maybe it’s because I’m the mother of little ones and never leave the house? I need to work on that. πŸ™‚

    when it comes to defending our faith I wish Christians would take appologetics more seriously and pass it on to their children. Yes, it is a spiritual battle; however, we are to worship in spirit and TRUTH. How many Christians know why they believe what they believe and could explain it to a non-believer? A skeptical non-believer πŸ˜‰ ? I think this kind of outreach is just as important as the soup kitchen.

    I get angry when I see movies like this because again, it’s marketed towards children. what was this author’s intention when writing it? I think we know. So for a Christian family to “boycott” it and not spend their money on the books or the movie …I think that’s a good thing. Some people have taken it upon themselvse to do an “outreach” and warn other Christians about the movie. If it informed a concerned parent enough to avoid it, well then good for them. How do I know God didn’t lead them in that direction? Hey..and you said it..we shouldn’t waste our time on silly movies anyway πŸ™‚

    When it comes to the schools I think we all know that they are breeding grounds for secular humanism. It’s even worse in the universities. But that’s a different topic for a different day. πŸ™‚

    Good topic, Brent. thanks for posting it.

  21. Thanks for hanging around Melissa. I really appreciate being able to discuss. you’ve proven yourself a person that doesn’t “slap and run”.

    The idea of this being marketed to children is obviously disturbing to me as well. This man is not a person who is interested in coexisting in anyway.

    I like this,

    “when it comes to defending our faith I wish Christians would take appologetics more seriously and pass it on to their children. Yes, it is a spiritual battle; however, we are to worship in spirit and TRUTH. How many Christians know why they believe what they believe and could explain it to a non-believer? A skeptical non-believer πŸ˜‰ ? I think this kind of outreach is just as important as the soup kitchen.”

    I truly appreciate this and applaud you as a parent that is interested in raising their children Biblically. Christians often do not know what they believe in and it is good to study and allow instruction. We can’t take someone to a place we have never been. We need to know our God and what our faith is all about. Of course, this is a lifelong experience of learning, so it is hard to “know” at every step. Where we can get in trouble with this is by then dividing the church community. Trust me, I would be considered as conservative when it comes to my theological beliefs, but I have tried to never allow them to separate me from others that are on the same journey as me. It’s interesting to walk from one denomination to another and see the difference and practices and flat out belief in certain aspects of scripture. Where I have to draw the line is whether or not they know the same Jesus as I do…the Biblical Jesus.

    The other aspect of your statement I want to speak to here is to clarify that I believe apologetics are for believers. It’s not for those who are seeking. We can’t witness to a person with apologetics. We don’t want them to believe in a belief or theological stance, we want them to believe in God . They don’t need to be preached to, they need to be shown a different way. This to me is where we as a community could do a better job at sharing who our God is instead of telling everybody how they are wrong. They need to see Jesus to believe in Him.

    This movie needs to be approached as every other. With biblical standards, with parental authority and with good values. You are doing this and thank you for being a Christian parent that does inform their children. We can’t shelter(it’s not possible), but we can and should teach.

    Finally when it comes to what someones has done to warn me or others about this film, I have seen good and bad in this. #1 for Christians to inform, we have to be informed to begin with. Many choose to blindly oppose without any consideration. #2 our intent needs to be to lead people to God, not lead people against something. Christians have more recently been voting against or standing against instead of standing for. To truly defend Christ, We don’t do this by fighting against or opposing, we do this be leading people to and showing who our God is. When we fight, we no longer love and that has to be a continuous focus for us.

    Anyway, I do want to talk about “In it, Not of it” soon, so maybe you’ll watch for that and join in as well then πŸ™‚

  22. He has already won right?

    Then whatever ‘we’ do makes not a jot of difference, logically Hmmmm??? πŸ˜‰

    Whoever makes the rules has already decided the winner!

    God leaves nothing in the Universe to just ‘chance’ – isn’t that what Creationsists believe? ( not that i believe they have it 100% right btw πŸ˜‰ )

    Devil’s advocate – what a juicy role that can be at times πŸ™‚

    back to the real issue though…

    Those For or Against God Hmmmm… God gave man free will – or where’s the ‘challenge’ we all become robots playing out fixed roles – so clearly we can and are free to ‘choose’ either For or Against since dualism is something man understands very well (or at least it seems that is all he can think in terms of sometimes) and in THAT sense your statement has merit.

    But what choices do we REALLY have?

    I cannot live in a world/universe/mind where half of it is not containing God – where He only ‘lives’ in ,looks at, works in ‘the Good Half’ and stays ‘absent’ from the rest.

    Sorry my God doesn’t work like that – God made Lucifer – He let Him Fall – He gave Him dominion over the earth God WANTED Satan to appear for a REASON – that is Satan is PART of God’s Grand Plan!. Frankly he is not a part i want much to do with but i know he lives in part through me, just as Jesus does ,just as i am a creation of God.

    My God is ALL – and all that we know not – everything possible!

    Feel free to restrict and minimise your God the way you can believe in Him but i know mine is all present, all powerful ( rules good AND evil but gives the bad stuff over to a stooge of his own creation) and all-knowing so nothing can ever be ‘anti-God’ – Anti-Christ well that is something else we may look into one day if it helps explain things more clearly but not necessary at present in my view.

    We need to understand that it is OUR perpective that is the key to understanding this. many perspectives held by individuals are diametrically opposed ( for = anti) to those held by others so it can ‘appear’ to us that if someone is ‘for’ God someone else can be (or say or think something) ‘Anti’ (against’) God!

    Our perspectives are ‘transient’ – ‘real’ only to us – if we make them so. it is possible to change your perspective of a thing and see it ‘anew’ – from another ‘angle’. God sees ALL angles when we look ‘at’ god so as to understand Him personally we see the One but from our own ‘angle’. if we learn to we can see Him from another’s angle as well and so get a ‘bigger’ picture of exactly what we think of as ‘our’ God.

    He IS – we are the ones who can change and transform into something ‘else’. Simply by viewing Him from somewhere ‘else’. learning His many aspects and truths that all are contained in the One.

    I don’t personally agree with The Author on his description of God – as you do not.

    I see what he was trying to express though and can see why many may be frightened of such thought – or their children getting ‘false’ ideas.

    I agree with you – many things are as or more dangerous to children than a fantasy movie – even if some kids do believe in fantasy.

    I further agree with you – it is best we speak of God’s Love and show it to others over criticising that of little real value or long lasting content.

    Haven’t we all just ‘wasted’ a whole lot of time (opportunity do do GOOD) and possibly increased the movie’s ratings?

    Maybe we need to be more ‘careful’ perhaps – over just which battles we fight and how?

    Personally i think the ones ‘within’ are the ones we need to deal with first. πŸ˜‰


  23. Love – Your last 4 or 5 paragraphs are hitting right on the head. and not because you agree with me πŸ™‚

    Back to for…against…anti…

    Jesus speaks of those being hot or cold. I understand what you are saying in the way that there is no way to be absent of God. But in His presence? That is a something entirely different for a different time. But there is a choice we make to notice/accept Him. To be willing to accept the path He has laid out for us. The life He has offered. To accept or take steps any differently, to me would be a turning away from or opposing of God. Anti Christ would be good statement here, so I’ll go with you on that.

    “He has already won right?” YUP!

    1 John 5:3-5
    For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the worldβ€”our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

    1 Corinthians 15:55-60
    “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

    Our battle is no longer with this world. Through Jesus we have won. He has conquered death and the grave and is victorious. I love those verses. There is such hope in what God has given.

  24. For what it’s worth…when the first Harry Potter movie came out I took J to see it with his best friend and his mom. It did get a little too dark at the end. J noted felt that way too, but just covered his eyes when got scared. On our drive home we had a great discussion about the movie, and he said it made him understand even more the need for people to know God. He said he felt the need to be an even stronger witness at school so people wouldn’t be caught up in in things like witchcraft. His last comment was, “Besides, I know how it all ends. I’m not afraid of things like Harry Potter.”

    So what’s my point?

    I think that some people are more affected by movies than others. It reminds me of the verse in 1 Corinthians 10:23, “Everything is permissible”β€”but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”β€”but not everything is constructive.”

    I took J to see that movie because I knew he was going to be able to watch and not let it have a negative impact. (I would not take Em to see something like that.) It was beneficial to our relationship building to go see that movie with his best friend and mom. BUT! There are other movies that I know I would never want J to see because it would not be beneficial to him nor constructive for him, or for his parents!

    I am personally struggling with all of the hype. I too question whether more harm has been done than good in how some of our fellow Christians have been promoting so heavily against this movie. These are the times that I’m driven to my knees to seek wisdom and understand and knowledge about a situation like this, and the God’s love would shine over all of the “hype.”

  25. Ames, well said! Right on IMO!

  26. Hey Amy, I can always count on their being balance and wisdom when youi come over and comment.

    Thanks for the point that everyone is different. And again, it is the parent that has complete and necessary responsibility in this process. We as parents can never forget how valuable we are in our kids lives.

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