The Grass Is Always Greener…Continued…


So we talked quickly about being media green a couple of weeks ago. I had to show this to you guys. Some of you said you would never read a book on a computer, that you’ve got to have a literal book in your hands.

Well, it isn’t exactly the same, BUT…meet “Kindle” from

What do you think?Could you make the switch? And does a gadget like this actually allow us to “save” paper?

Here ‘s a little video demonstration.

12 Responses to “The Grass Is Always Greener…Continued…”

  1. I dig the idea. Ill need to play with one to see how the design translates to the users

  2. 2 Ed

    This is a great idea. I could carry 200 “books” around and read each one any place I go.

    I now have my record collection on my iPod. With Kindle I could also carry my library.

    The only issue would be if reading with the Kindle would strain my eyes.

    Of course I now get all my books for free at the library so I save a ton of money.

  3. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time….Great for Bible referencing! And we get one where??? If I don’t talk with ya before….have a very blessed T day B, Love you!

  4. Looks like a money spinning tree-saver to me folks! πŸ™‚

    I think i’ll be keeping my library registation up-to-date for a little longer though – till they go Hi-Tech too!

    (I can already check and reserve and renew overdue books on-line from my ‘office’ ( bedroom! πŸ˜‰ – can’t wait till they offer ‘free’ delivery – then i won’t ever need to leave my abode πŸ™‚ Did i mention i’m bone idle?? πŸ˜‰ )


  5. 5 Jason

    A news “paper” might be different than a whole book

  6. Wow, well I do love gadgets, I’m not sure that I read enough to make this worth the money, although I’m sure there will be many more reading gadgets coming down the pike, and I think Amazon will likely drop the price eventually. However, the thing with books is you can share them once your done. I love being able to pass along a book that I loved to another friend…can’t do that with the Kindle. I think I’ll stick with the real deal.

  7. I love books. I love the smell of them. I love the feel of the paper. I am very much a visual learner, but I also relate to the characteristics of a tactile learner; touching, feeling, hands-on. (No comments please, Tam.) I still enjoy writing rough drafts on a yellow steno pad with a #2 pencil. I do appreciate my computer and all that it brings to my world, but I’m not a palm pilot kind of person. I still like to write down my to-do lists and crossing things off. I know some people who would be served well by a gadget like this, just not me.

  8. I love it! I would definitely use this. And all the room in the care we would save when going on vacation…I take a lot of books with me..I don’t know which I will want until I get there…mmmmm I have to go check what they cost…

  9. Well, I probably don’t have to say it, but I LOVE THIS THING!

    Amazon and Kindle are basically iTunes and iPod.

    Amazon keeps all of your books online so that your gadget never loses them. You can have up to 200 books at a time in this thing and you can set it up to automatically download newspapers and magazines when they are available. It accesses Amazon either via direct hookup to your computer or even better, via wireless like a cell phone. So, you could take this thing and a charger on vacation and never run out of book reading opportunities.

    Anyway, I hear you guys who love your books, I understand. This was a thought of how to go greener though? One question was, do you guys really think this will make life greener?

  10. Ok so I have been seriously looking at this thing the last week. What are you thoughts on the DRM scheme on it? It is a very closed system and Thats a killer for me. And you can’t put any of your own stuff on it unless you want to pay .10 a page for them to convert it….not complaining πŸ™‚ just think I’m waiting until revision 2.

  11. Pete, I’m with you. I ams not sure if they are wanting vontrol oer th unit to make sure it works properly, or they just want some sort of permenant control over the files.

    Second generation is often better. I assume it will be an Amazon/Kindle relationship like iTunes/iPod. Obviously the iPod is a little more flexible, but it’s taken some time to get there.

    And…definitely not a complaint πŸ™‚

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