I’m Goin’ Back to Cali’


For the next couple of days, my involvement in the blog world will be limited. 15 Pastors and leaders from our church head out tomorrow for Central California. We are headed down to attend a one day conference put together by Crossroads Grace Community Church in Manteca. They are hosting this one day event which is led by Tim Stevens, Mark Waltz and Kem Meyer. These three are all in leadership at Granger Community Church.

Our Creative Director Dave and I will be attending the all day session with Kem Meyer. Kem is the communications director at Granger. I had the privilege of taking one of her blogging courses last year at the Willow Arts Conference and she is a blast. Just think, tons of energy and ADD. Kem if you happen to read this, that was said in love. Anyway, I look forward to it and will post about it later this week.

Also, everyone has to be back here Wednesday evening. Wednesday is a special day and I have planned something fun for the occasion. Check back Wednesday and plan to enjoy 🙂


3 Responses to “I’m Goin’ Back to Cali’”

  1. regarding wedenesday…there better not be any pics involved!

    have a great time hun – I’ll miss you??? 😀

  2. Granger is right down the road from us. They Rock and Kem is a genius… get ready to have your head spinning! Glad to hear your going.

  3. 3 onedirection

    Since you have no time on your hands, I decided to tag you. Check out my site, to see what I mean!

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