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So I have really been enjoying some music lately. I have been listening to a couple of new bands and some stuff that’s been around for a little bit and I thought I’d let you know about it. First of all, I titled this post as such, because all though I know of these bands and you may as well, I never hear about them. Isn’t it the truth, that some of the music we enjoy the most we find by chance or through a friend. So if you enjoy these bands, pass them along.


#1 Borne “Loss Of Signal” – I can’t get enough of this project. They’ve got some stuff that sound like other bands, but no one has a voice like this guy. I love the production and sound quality of this recording as well.


#2 30 Seconds To Mars “A Beautiful Lie” – If you follow the secular scene you’ve heard of these guys. I just downloaded their disc last week and I’m loving it. Very fresh and unique to me.


#3 Waking Ashland “Composure” – This disc has been out for a couple of years and I’ve owned it the whole time. I’ve been listening to it again and I can’t press stop when I start. If there is any band right now that I would want to influence me as a Piano player and writer, it would be them. They are Piano based with a great rock sound. I love this.


#4 Need To Breathe “Daylight” – When I first bought this, it was because I really liked one song. Now that I’ve owned it for a while, it has really grown on me It’s upbeat even when it’s mellow. It’s one of those albums that makes me smile when I listen to it.


#5 Mae “The Everglow” – This is easily one of my top 5 albums. It is genius to me. The whole album is a story and one song flows into another. The first 3 tunes are epic. There is a lot of piano work on this one as well, so that takes it up a notch for me.

The last 2 bands I want to highlight are ones that are brand new. They are fresh and new and I’m really excited about both of them.

The first is a band called To Live And Die In LA. My brother had a chance to produce and mix these guys and I love them. They have a real raw sound and they intend on keeping it that way. They are a working band. They are releasing with a small label, so they can keep working and keep creating the way they see fit.

The second is a new kid named Ian McIntosh. He has been playing with Jesus Culture out of Redding, California. He released a worship project this week that is awesome. I personally think Ian will grow as he continues. But for a debut, this one is good. It’s on iTunes, so check it out. I am really impressed with the Keyboard work and the passion for God.

Anyway, hopefully you guys can enjoy some of this stuff that I don’t hear about enough. If you like it, let other people know!


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  1. 30 seconds to mars? One of the creepiest videos Ive watched on Youtube by them is “From Yesterday”. It reminded me of all the pomp, ceremony and oratory of Hitler and the Nazis. Watch some of Hitler’s speeches on Youtube and compare them with “From Yesterday”.

  2. I haven’t seen any of their videos and after that description, I am not sure I do.

    I am enjoying their music though.

  3. Thanks for these…It is always hard finding unique music and styles. So I just went to iTunes to find as many of these as I could! I love the Borne stuff!

  4. Skylar – Yes, I am really enjoying Borne. I love the arrangement and production on Upside Down.

  5. Thanks for plugging Ian, our new friend on TheWorshipCommunity.Com – I agree, that stuff is incredible!


    PS: oh yeah, and thanks for playing Away In A Manager on FanFaves and putting your wife to sleep .. (not that I’m thanking you for putting her to sleep, but for playing it, haha!)

  6. Anything to help you out Fred πŸ™‚

  7. 7 Ed

    We have different musical taste but the songs I really liked were Ian McIntosh’s “Such Beauty”, Need to Breathe’s “Spare the Time” and Borne’s Upside Down”.

    I think with sites like My Space it is much easier for new artist to get their music out to the public. I had a site that only played songs by musicians that did not have record contracts. I lost it when my computer crashed. I can us Yahoo music to listen to new albums.

    I look for artists that have an original sound or unique voice. I tend to prefer ballads, rhythm and blues and some country music.

    A performer I recently discovered was Charlotte Martin – , especially “Keep Me In Your Pocket”.

  8. Ed – Wow, Charlotte is really cool. I really like her sound. One song to the next has a different flavor. Very cool.

    It has been a lot easier to begin finding these artist. At least there are more options. I often don’t have the time to just search though, so word of mouth is nice.

    When I look for music, I go for sound quality and writing first. I’m ok with it even not being unique, it just has to be done well. I just love music and can enjoy most anything.

  9. I don’t hold with all this new-fangled electonic jigamapokery! If you can’t get it on a 45 single it ain’t worth lissenin too!

    Ipod this and yahoo that – didn’t have in my day!

    I’m fearin for ya Ed – i thought you were a GOM???
    What happende to you? πŸ˜‰

    I actually am having a sudden upswelling of musical desire in me too – but mine is taking a ‘revisting old songs and seeing them in an etirely New Light concept.

    Englands own white version of Dionne Warwick – Cilla Black released the following three songs:

    (What’s it all about), Alfie?;
    Anyone Who Had A Heart;
    You’re My World.

    They were ‘popular’ with secular and non secular alike and hit Number One on the pop charts of the Day.

    They were written and performed over 40 years ago.

    I challenge you to look at the words today and sing along with a New Voice in your Hearts – Praise to God.

    Why did i never see this when i liked and sung along to these songs so long ago?

    You might want to check Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ while you are about it – There’s a Big Chill A-Comin – what with global warming and all. πŸ™‚

    Great post B.


  10. 10 Ed

    It is interesting how much people seem to want to label things. Yahoo shows three different sub-genres of Christian music – Gospel, Christian Rock and Praise & Worship.

    To me, except for the lyrics, Christian Rock sounds the same as what I use to know as “Power Pop”.

    No matter what label we put on it there are an awful lot of young musicians making great music today.

  11. 11 Ed

    lwbut, being able to enjoy so many of the artist of today is one of the things that keeps me feeling young. Most of the bands of today, such as the ones inWorship listed, sound a lot more professional than the groups of my teen years. Of course the artist of my era my invented the sound that is being carried forward by todays musicians.

    I do have many “old” songs on my Ipod. One of my favorites is a gospel number “When the Gates Swing Open” by the original Soul Stirrers. Their lead singer R. H. Harris was a major influence on what became Rhythm and Blues music.

    I love modern technology that lets me reconnect with the music of the past and also brings me the new artist of today. All at my finger tips.

    Nat King Cole’s “Stardust” is a click away on my Ipod from Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks”.

  12. is there an emoticon for ‘tongue in cheek’ anywhere’s?
    I clearly lack one at present 😦


  13. Ian’s stuff is fantastic…and i love that 30 sec to mars CD

  14. Love – If I can encourage anyone to appreciate music a little more through this post…I have done my job πŸ™‚ Besides, I’d love to see you punk out your hair and attend a rave…maybe?

    Ed – Good stuff. I do not have as many “older” tunes on my iPod, but my tastes are definitely eclectic.

    And in regards to styles. I do think there are many, but it is silly…in my opinion…to classify Christian music as such, let alone different “versions” of Christian music. I am one for Christian people singing music verses Christian music. I do have some issues with the Christian music industry. But maybe that’s a topic for another day…actually, I think I wrote about it here,

  15. Klampert – agreed!

  16. Besides, I’d love to see you punk out your hair and attend a rave…maybe?

    Only if i can borrow your mullet! πŸ˜‰

    And some earplugs…

    And lose twenty years… πŸ™‚

    Or actually be invited to one!


  17. I Love that Mae album. Good stuff.

  18. Oh ya…one of my favorites!

  19. 19 Brandy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Need To Breathe. πŸ˜€
    I think I can guess which song you bought it for. Love Signature of Divine….I think that’s what it’s called. Greatest song. Love it.

    I like this post….. you should do more. Love music and seeing what’s “new” and what others are listening to. Kinda like your “Reading Rainbow” stuff….. You should do a “Musical Merry-Go-Round” heehee
    What? No? πŸ˜‰

  20. Musical Merry go round…that’s funny πŸ™‚

    Glad you like Brandy!

  21. I’ve been listening to Borne for awhile now and they are amazing… we’ve played their song The Guide in a few of our services… its rocks.

    Mae rocks also.

  22. I do love the Ian Mcintosh CD, I will have to check out your other suggestions.

  23. Agreed!

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