The Mullet – Part 3 of 3 “The Unveiling”


So where do we go from here? We’ve taken some time to get to know the mullet. From the perspective of History, Pop Culture and cowboy boots. What’s next? the FUTURE!

We understand as we study society that fashion is cyclical. What do have to look forward to? That’s right, “The Mullet”. I believe it won’t be long till our children take heed of this glorious hairdo and bring it back in all it’s glory for all to see.

I’ve heard it said, “The children are our future”, and if you asked these people they would probably go on to say, “teach them well and let them lead the way.” That’s it! We must teach our kids about the mullet. We must show them it’s beauty, it’s pain. The tension lived between “hairdo perfection” and country music. We can’t be afraid of it…we must embrace it.

So in conclusion, some suggestions…

#1 Share with your kids. Spend time showing them pictures, reading literature and understanding the impact this could have on their lives.

#2 PROTEIN! I can’t say this enough. Make sure your kids are well Proteined. This will encourage proper follicle growth. As you child turns to the mirror and sees their hair grow to great lengths, they will stand in awe, because they ate chicken, tuna or some weird shake or something.

#3 Take it slow. Some kids will have bald spots, some will be teased, some will even sleep on it wrong and make those funny wave thingy’s in the hair. Don’t let it slow you down. You can do it! You can achieve hair!

For inspiration, here is a powerful song of declaration. Live it, Sing it, Be your hair!

Oh ya…And here is some more inspiration! 🙂

mullet2.jpg mullet1.jpg


56 Responses to “The Mullet – Part 3 of 3 “The Unveiling””

  1. Ok, I haven’t even read the content yet, but wow! Oh. My. Gosh. You’re so pretty, Brent. I never had hair that long or curly before :-). Ok, now I’ll go read the content. LOL!

  2. OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!!!!!

  3. hey tam, next we have to get your hair shots up 🙂

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! I just about wet myself from laughing so hard! I have pictures of you too. Maybe I should post the “hair band” family photo that I have. Thank you for the laugh. That is truly something to be proud of.

  5. Any, you’ve got t figure out a way to get those pics to me. I would love to see them!

  6. 6 GAry Osterhage

    That has to be the funniest picture I have seen in a long time – even better than the Urban Legends videos !!!

    Now I know what Tammy had to put up with all those years ago 🙂

    She has eternal blessing points forever …

  7. 7 GAry Osterhage

    Dude – I knew soccer players in the 80’s that only wish they had hair like that … in fact, they probably would have played better if they had a mullet like yours !!!

  8. Ah yes! There is power in the mullet!


  9. 9 Ed

    Samson had nothing on you. Great pictures.

    Tam, any pictures of you with “big hair”? 🙂

    I was going to send you a picture but the lights reflected off the top of my bald head and broke the lens on the camera. 🙂

  10. No Ed…not a one! Besides, IF, there were it wouldn’t be “big hair” it would be “envy hair” – the “cool” hair of the 80’s that ALL the girls wanted, and had!

    Mullets – not ALL the guys wanted mullets…some chose self respect instead 😀

    Gary – thank you for feeling my pain friend! this is so moving….

  11. Now, I have to admit, that when my mullet was in “full bloom”, I was a little late in coming. But it was still the envy of a couple of my redneck friends and a few country folk 🙂

  12. And there ARE pics of Tam…

  13. 13 GAry Osterhage



  14. 14 GAry Osterhage

    Danile my son just saw it by accident and said,
    “That’s Dakota’s Dad ?”

    OUCH !!!

  15. I think it would be a good opportunity for the Osterhage’s to enlighten their children a little bit.

    Now that Daniel knows, be gentle 🙂

  16. You wrote a blog several months back honoring our sweet Isaac’s life & passing. Thank you for taking the time to read his story & for sharing how his brief life impacted yours.
    ::Patience Leino

  17. patience it was an honor. Your lives touched mine and I pray you all are well.

    Everyone, if you have a chance, go check out their blog and really appreciate the short life that little Baby Leino lived.

  18. No “Mullet Pride” song? I’m disappointed.

    I’ve never had a mullet, but I do have a mullet wig. I did, however, have 6 inch long rat tail in high school. Don’t ask.

  19. wow…that is like the king of mullets.

    Did you grow the mullet or did you have long hair and mulleterize it?

  20. Jeff – I couldn’t find a good video of it. everything I found was really hard to understand, but everyone go check it out. You can type in Mullet Pride on you tube and find some different versions.

    And, I won’t ask…

    Billy – As you can see, my hair is really curly. It was a mullet from the beginning. I would have liked all one length, but I would have just had an afro…so the mullet was born 🙂

  21. OK – Now I am Torn in Twain.

    My Mind has told me for so long to forget the sins of my Youth be not so led astray in Wisdom. Now i can see how Handsome Brent used to be 😉 and i am quite sure that Our Good Lord JC was one of the First True Mullet Heads!

    I feel like ‘converting’ – like a semi-hirsuit Saul on his way to the barber in Damascus.

    Not only is my mind torn but my Heart – Brent clearly loves the Mullet – his words have touched me deeply and opened my eyes to new Truth – i WANT to ‘follow’ him, but…

    How could i do that and reject Tam so? Her Pain is My Pain.

    What to doo..What to doo…??

    What would Jesus do in my place? 🙂


  22. LOL!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 Nevin

    Everyone sing..

    (To the tune of “My Jesus I love thee)

    Pardon the sac-relig

    ‘My mullet, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine;
    For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;
    My gracious hair do, you make me look so cool;
    If ever I loved Thee, my mullet , you rule.

    Elvis has left the building

  24. Who WAS that Fat Man in sequined cape and Mullet??? 🙂



  25. Did I just see Nevin…I mean Elvis 🙂

  26. 26 Nevin

    That would be Nelvis…

  27. Is that a new Elvis dance ?

  28. 28 Nevin

    Yeah-but believe me…it is not something you wanna see…

  29. Hahahahaha!

  30. Sweet Nevin, It’s not too late to go over to my “place” and participate in fill-in-friday…

    G’on now! 😀

  31. I’m Just a Hunka-hunka Burnin Love…

    Not something you would normally want to here here. 🙂

  32. err.. that’s hear here of course!

    did someone just say here here? 🙂

  33. This has just been awesome…Is there a way to reproduce this series into a book or bible study…maybe even a sitcom. Great job!

  34. 34 brightshinyobject

    Holy crap, Nevin, that is hilarious!!!

    “….You Ruuuuuuuule!”

  35. I am so glad you all have enjoyed this 🙂

    Skylar – I’ve had publishing offers, so we are just working out the perks right now. We are having some legal issues with Billy Ray’s people, but I think if I get enough pics of him in the book, they’ll back off…

  36. I have no doubt you will succeed. Best of luck! I have decided to add you to my blogroll! It is a coveted place, but you deserve it! ha.

  37. Thanks Skylar. I got you covered as well.

    Everybody check him out. Read his “Here’s To You Double Call Guy” post….you will love it!

  38. yikes dude…that kills mudpuppys hair…wow

  39. klampert – That’s all I’ve lived for 🙂

  40. Brent I saw a mullet yesterday at Walmart! I about died!

  41. You wouldn’t have seen one at Target!

  42. i saw a mullet this weekend on a woman…… the mullet was probably 8 inches long.

    i tried not to stare.

  43. You tried not to stare Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  44. By the way, that was called the “Femullet”

  45. 45 Brandy

    OH my word I am just now getting to this and my hand instantly covered my gapping mouth….. that is the longest hair I have seen on a man…..EVER. My uncle has a mullet, but his head might as well be shaved next to your mullet. Good grief. Oh my word that is pretty hair B.;-) heehee

    A while back I got an email about mullets, I was laughing to the point of tears. It had pictures, diagrams, everything. The skullet, the femullet, the baby mullet, it had it all. I’ll have to see if I saved it.

  46. 46 Brandy

    oh yeah, and the permullet.

  47. I’m so glad you finally saw this Bran. I guess mine was a touch of the permullet. although it was all natural!

  48. ok, your hair was beautiful!!!!!
    My hubby used to get a perm in the back of his mullet, so sexy, but he hated it, i loved it.
    and that billy ray, so sweet, even with the mullet!
    blessings, kristina

  49. krislinatin – I need to make sure you understand that it is all natural, i have never permed my hair 🙂

  50. oh seriously, that was a beautiful head of naturally curly hair, dude!

  51. Serious. I can’t imagine having to explain a mullet AND a perm 🙂

  52. yeah, he pretty much hated to do it and he got teased about it at work. but i loved it so he put up with it for a few years….

  53. Hey Brent…

    Your Wife left a comment and told me check out your mighty mullet…I’m not bold enough to post photos of mine yet…but the day will come. Wow, that’s a good one…very nicely done 🙂

  54. Ya know Jim, I did notice one thing about what you said on my blog this morning….you mentioned never wearing “spandex” again. Although Brents mullet was a tragedy and embarrassment of monumental proportions – I can gladly say he never wore spandex 😀

  55. Thanks Jeff…

    But DUDE, we have got to see the spandex pics 🙂

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