New Internet Offer!


I had to post this. I was dying watching this.


HT:Terry Storch


7 Responses to “New Internet Offer!”

  1. Wow! They’re. like. naturals…

  2. 2 Nevin

    It takes talent to be that bad…or is is that good. Hey bing bong you got emails…

  3. awesome dude – great minds think alike

  4. InWorship – imagining you ‘dying’… I’m gusessing you’ve been to or have actually been involved in, WAYYYYY too many presentations Dude! 😉

    I agree with Nevin! 🙂 talent like that don’t come along every day, TG.

  5. The blogopolis! ahahahaha
    luckily my coffee was in the other room so i did not spit it on the screen!

  6. Nevin – You are a man of few words, but I tend to like all of them.

    lwbut – Sorry for thw image…unless it was good 🙂 I definitely have sat through a few interesting meetings in my day.

    Krislinatin – I like “at your Finger’s tip”. Of course I can’t get over the gum chewing…LOL!!!

  7. I saw you dying… – of mad hysterical laughter (poor Tam) 😉 Of course it was good! No ap needed, but thank you anyway for your kind thought!

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