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Thought this was interesting, if not completely bizarre and freaky!

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  1. My vote is for bizarre and freaky.

  2. uh…wierd…but boy did we know that was coming

  3. Errrr.. you lost ma a tad InWorship. Are you signing up to the website ? or for a robot bride?

    Will Tam be cool with that or has she already put her name down for a robot husband! 😉

    I really wish ethicists and our moral compass could keep up with science and technology but i have a feeling it’s a losing battle.

    Ah well – what is life without a struggle huh? 😉

  4. Um, ya know what? Ya!!! SIGN YOU UP FOR WHAT BUDDY!!!

  5. 5 Nevin

    This totally changes what it means to have a computer virus…

  6. Nevin – that has got to be HANDS DOWN the funniest thing I have ever read!!!

    You get the Wit Award 😉

  7. Nevin – HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    That is the funniest thing I have heard in years. well done!

    Hey lwbut – Definitely not signing up for anything. Of couares, I am happy to sign up if “it” can help my wife with house cleaning and general around the house needs, like mowing the lawn and getting rid of moles 🙂 I think you are correct though, moral ethics can completely not exist at times.

  8. Um, dear, no thanks on the house cleaning robot assistance. It wouldn’t do it right.

  9. Sorry hun, I was just being nice.

  10. Apologies to Nevin… (still chuckling)

    So now my CPU could give me an STD???? 🙂

    How low would you feel if your robot wife dumped you and ran off with your laptop because it understood her better than you did? Not only would it cost you your spouse but your favourite porn sites would be gone too!


    I don’t think the geniuses down at the lab have thought this through properly! 😉

  11. !!Warning to bloggers!! – the above comment may contain inappropriate material unsuitable for some readers! 🙂

  12. Thinker, Ya think! 😉

  13. 13 godsgal1

    So LWBUT, so you’re saying if the robot wife ran off with a laptop she’d get the boot? 😉

    B, you really should try mole bombs…..very effective!

  14. Nice GG…boot!

    lwbut – Wouldn’t that make it an RTD?

  15. B – only in the sense that they are currently HTD’s – Sex is sex (sort of) right? 🙂

    GG!!! Mole Bombs!? Effective possibly – but Christian?? B and I are having an ongoing ‘discussion’ on this very point 😉

    Easy for me because my lawn is not looking like a New Zealand Boiling Mud Puddle due to the blessed furry little critters! 🙂

    As for getting the (re)boot… Iiiiii should probably resist the temptation to start a pc/robot ‘nerd term’ double entendre war lol.

    Sorry Tam! (B)

  16. Wha??? All I could think of is that credit card commerical where they guy talks about taking a girl robot to the prom…

  17. That commercial cracks me up. Maybe it is a ploy to get us ready for robot “mates” 🙂

  18. 18 1godsgal

    Yes Love, mole bombs. Yes, I’m not sure that it would fall into the “taking care of God’s creation” the way He meant it to be taken care of, but they are effective… up to interpretation I suppose LOL

    I assure you, you would win on the double entendre war….that was my one and only,

    Blessings to ya!

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