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l_f74d5300825f99ac33b68cfd296f8bf4.jpgDon’t know if you’ve heard of these guys, but since I have been focusing on music lately, I thought I would throw these guys in there. My sons birthday is Wednesday. He’s going to be 11…crazy! So for his birthday, my son, my daughter and I went to see Family Force Five in concert tonight. I don’t really know how to explain these guys. I have extremely diverse tastes in music. I can sit (as I did this weekend) and enjoy hours of good jazz. I am blown away by a good symphony. I love alternative and indie music. And then there is the heavy stuff. I grew up on Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and Krokus, so needless to say, I like it heavy. Family Force Five can be described as Hard Dance Techno Rock. They are kind of a classic Beastie Boys meets Kid Rock at a dance club. The concert was a blast. It was loud, energetic and fun. These guys have a ton of energy and a crazy sense of humor. They preached about God and weren’t ashamed to be themsleves. It was a blast. They are on tour right now and if you have a chance to go see them…DO! They are loud and rockin, but they are a great experience. If you check out the link above, there are a bunch of videos there so you can get an idea.


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  1. These guys are nuts! I saw them open for Toby Mac earlier this year. Their album is in constant rotation for sure!

  2. Hey MudPuppy – They are nuts. I loved it. I have a hard time describing them to people. How would you describe them?

  3. I’m a FF5 fan. It’s the craziness that make ’em appealing.

  4. I agree Billy. They have such a crazy energy. I was a big 80’s fan as well, so that helps. they’ve got a great throw back style.

  5. They were just here in Boise, and I didn’t know about it until after. I was really sad.

    To make it even worse, I was telling every one I know last mont, that I wished they would come to town.


    I am glad you had fun!

  6. I got to hang out with these guys in Detriot. AMAZING LIVE!!! We took them a giant 20 bill we printed and they took it out on the road with them

  7. Definitely one of the better “shows” have seen. So much energy. I had a good time talking to their FOH dude afterwards. He says they(the band) are non-stop. they never shut off. I can’t imagine having all that energy!

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