Mixing It Up “Jazz Style” – Finale


Well, I had a blast this weekend. Saturday was a long day I rolled in just after 7AM and got home around midnight. I mixed 9 bands and then part of a jam session last night that started at 11PM. The jam session was cool. Jazz musicians from all over the valley, including those in the festival, were invited to show up and just play in our venue. It was very cool to hear all the talent. There were a ton of high school and college aged kids there performing, so that was great to see.

2 highlights for me yesterday were Coronet Chop Suey, a traditional jazz, swing and blues band. These guys were hilarious. Constant antics and joking and amazing musicians. My brother mixed them today(he was mixing one of the largest venues…500 seat) and I stopped in when I was done. They did a version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow that brought that house down and gave us all chills. Just think of a time where you were extremely moved by a piece of music and that is what happened today. It actually happened all weekend. I was truly blown away by the sheer beauty of many of the things I heard this weekend. The next highlight was a group called The Queen City Jazz Band. These guys had a mix of Jazz and Gospel that was very cool. They had an amazing vocalists named Wendy. She has more soul than anyone I have ever met. She did a version of amazing grace that brought me to tears. She also did a song called, “Shoutin’ In That Amen Corner”. She described the “Amen Corner” as the back portion of the churches she grew up in, in which ladies would sit and gossip and show off. Then when the sermon was preached there were the “loudest”(Amens) and most “responsive” in the service. Obviously they were very showy and hypocritical. I loved the lyrics of the song and I’ve written them here so you can read them. It is a good challenge to use in the church today to be livin’ as much as(or more than) we are preachin’. Check them out.

Brothers and sisters we got hypocrites in this crowd
Brothers and sisters some of you are shoutin’ too loud
You’ll find out on judgment day you can’t fool the Lord that way
Brothers and sisters hear all I’ve got to say

You can shout with all your might but if you ain’t livin’ right
There’s no use shoutin’ in that amen corner
If your name on that roll all that noise won’t save your soul
So stop your shoutin’ in that amen corner
Just because you’ve paid your dues doesn’t mean your saved
You can’t win them golden shoes if you haven’t behaved
you better think before you shout for your sins will find you out
So stop that shoutin’ in that amen corner

I can’t hear my own self praechin’
For your shoutin’ and your screachin’
You make me forget my text
Every meetin’ leaves me vexed
Why you come here and pray on Sunday
Then you serve the devil Monday
If you want to save your soul
Better get some self control

You can shout with all your might but if you ain’t livin’ right
There’s no use shoutin’ in that amen corner
If your name on that roll all that noise won’t save your soul
So stop your shoutin’ in that amen corner
Shoutin’ here don’t mean a thing if your playin; with fire
Change your ways or you won’t sing in that heavenly choir
Makes no difference how you look if your record ain’t in that book
You’ve heard my preachin’ every one
so put old satan on the run
So stop that shoutin’ in that amen corner

Interesting how those were written in the 40’s but are so perfect for todays church as well.

So this morning started at 7AM with a champagne breakfast and ended for me around noon. So, what is the deal with Booze at 7 in the morning??? It is amazing how some people can drink all day long. The last band that closed up today was Club 7 and I really appreciated these guys. They are younger, but extremely respectful of Jazz history, while adding a new flare. Very cool guys! They ended the day and the event atour venue with a beautiful version of “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”. One of my favorite hymns.

I had a great weekend and I have gained a ton more respect for the world of Jazz. I don’t know how much of it will make it in to my daily listening,Β  but I do enjoy it. It was interesting to hear so much that I actually knew. I remember songs from my childhood as well as others I have heard over the years. I will definiteyl be signing up to mix for next years festival.


9 Responses to “Mixing It Up “Jazz Style” – Finale”

  1. B says, “I don’t know how much of it will make it in to my daily listening”

    As he sits here next to me listening to Jazz on his computer πŸ˜‰

  2. This is definitely not what I heard this weekend. This is pretty heavy jazz πŸ™‚

  3. 3 Wayne

    I’m jealous! What a great way to spend a weekend!!! Sounds like an absolute ton of fun. But how do you stay focussed on the board for that long?

    Queen City Jazz Band – love those guys. Grew up in Denver, so heard them a lot. Still think I have a vinyl LP or two of theirs somewhere around here….

  4. Wayne – Lots of Coffee!!! But seriously, it was a blast. And Queen City Jazz band were a treat. especially the gospel flair. I really enjoyed that.

  5. I don’t really have a favourtite ‘style’ of music. I can listen to anything if it is ‘Good’ from Baroque classics like Pachabel’s Canon To Andreas Bocelli’s entire album ‘Romanza’. From Gospel Music from the 20’3 and 30’s (a la ‘Brother Wherefore Art Though’ soundtrack) to Hard Rock from the 60’s and 70’s Like Led Zepp and Deep Purple, Shania Twain country to Ben Lee folk/pop of today.

    But i don’t think i could take a 17 hour day of solid Jazz! even ‘good’ jazz! Tam – I hope you got headphones, girl?;-)

    I know some people will hate me for this, but Brent? Coffee burns out brain cells, my Friend! Caffeine is addictive – ya get withdrawal symptoms just like a junkie if you ‘stop’. Careful as you go there, huh?

  6. Hey lwbut – I think you probably would have enjoyed the majprity of the music this weekend. Most of it was based around the 20-40’s traditional jazz sound. There was only one more modern group that I mixed this weekend. there was lots of big band and swing which was very enjoyable as well.

    Coffee….I love coffee, but it truly has never been about the caffeine. I actually order my coffee as a split shot drink, so only half the caffeine. There was a period of time that I would have a ton of caffiene both from coffee and soft drinks. I might have 2 or 3 soft drinks a month now and mu coffee is all about taste. I can’t just drink coffee to stay awake. I’ve done it in my life, but never at the cost of good taste. I can’t just grab a black cup of joe and enjoy it. It’s got to be a very good brew. I also live in the northwest, which in the US is coffee country. We are the home of Starbucks πŸ™‚

  7. Like i said, if it is good music i probably would enjoy it πŸ™‚

    I might have found an excuse to leave after four or five hours though – you a sucka fo’ punishment dude! ( Yeah, Yeah, I know you had your job to do and you were in your element anyway;-) )

    Did not know Oregon was home of Starbucks – live and learn!

    Half the caffeine is better than full – no caffeine would be best πŸ˜‰

    Err… ‘split shot’????

    Hitting the hay for now – is 11 25 pm here. Catch you in my AM!

    Stay well Friend.

  8. Sorry, let me clarify. Oregon isn’t the home, the northwest is. They are based out of the Seattle Washington area which is 7 hours from here. So right around the corner. Of course there is a Starbucks on every corner as well. Sometimes 2 opposing corners. Crazy. That book I just finished reading talked a lot about Starbucks philosophy and history. Very interesting.

    Split Shot – sounds a lot more dangerous than coffee πŸ™‚ It is the term one of the coffee places around here describe having half the caffeine. Of course Starbucks is “half caf”. Sounds more…elite…doesn’t it…

    See you in the AM/PM πŸ™‚

  9. BTW, shouldn’t the line be “If your name AIN’T on that roll all that noise won’t save your soul”?

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