Mixing It Up “Jazz Style” – Part 2


jazzlogo.jpgToday was fun. It definitely is nothing like my gig at the fair last Summer. Some of you may know this, but there is totally a “Jazz” culture. The way they dress and talk. The way they dance. The jokes! I heard some of the worst jokes ever today…from the artists! Here’s one. “A guy walks into a bar holding a piece of asphalt. He says to the bartender. Give me one and one for the road.”


Anyway. As always, I met some great “characters” today. I met a guy named Paul that travels the country(he is retired) just to attend Jazz festivals. He said of the 40 or so a year he attends, this is one of his favorite. That’s pretty cool. I met a lady named Gwen today. She is the door lady at the venue I am at. She has been the door lady at this venue every year of the Medford Jazz Jubilee. This year is #19. That is commitment. The interesting thing is that the median age at our venue today was easily 60. Does this mean that jazz is a dying musical style? They said we had 1500 people walk through our venue today. I am estimating that 30 of them were under 40. I am serious. That is wild. What is going to happen in 20 years to jazz music? I know a ton more young people that enjoy oldies and r&B of the 50’s than I do jazz. I guess it’s appeal is pretty small. I am sure that jazz being a music of a time period has something to do with it as well. I wonder if we will have rap in 50 years? Sorry, just dreaming…

So, I ran sound for 6 different bands today. The highlights were definitely Gator Beat a Zydeco band and Club 7 a traditional jazz band. Gator Beat has got an amazing “Bayou” sound and Club 7 has one of the best Clarinet players I have ever heard in my life.Cool stuff. The other 4 bands were a mix of traditional and swing. One band had a nice set of gospel music. Club 7 played an amazing version of “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”…Beautiful.

I’m having fun. Tomorrow is the long day. I’ll clock in at 8 and close down around midnight. I’ve got 9 bands tomorrow. Should be fun. If your reading this, thanks for listening!


6 Responses to “Mixing It Up “Jazz Style” – Part 2”

  1. I read this this morning after you having told me all of this when you came home last night…so technically, I listened twice 😉

  2. 2 Brandy

    Jake and I were just talking about this the other day when we saw a commercial for it. He said something about not liking Jazz, not understanding it, thinking it was dumb…. I said “WHAT?! Jazz is great!” I couldn’t believe he didn’t like it. huh, learn something new about your spouse every day. heehee

    That is funny that the youngest age there was 40’s. I think it definately is due to it being a a music of a certain time period….and please God don’t let there be “Medford Rap Jubilee” in 50 years. 😉 Can you just imagine old men in wife beater tops with pants down to their knees showing off their depends undergarments instead of the tighty whitey? LOL 😛

  3. 3 Brandy

    I was kidding of course. I just reread that and it sounded very bad so I thought I would clarify. HA! 😀

    I KNOW not all rap artists wear wife beater tops.

  4. 4 facinreality

    Sounds like you are in your element!

    Come and visit me

  5. Tam, you listened to all that TWICE??! Then it must be love!

    Whether it’s with Brent, or Jazz.. or both I can’t say 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed yourself this weekend Brent, back to earth tomorrow??? 😉

    P.S. did you get paid yet? :-))

  6. Brandy – “Medford Rap Jamboree” LOL!!! That’s funny. And the image you have painted is….so vivd….thanks….

    Storie I like the new blog, looks good!

    LWBUT – It’s definitely iwth me 🙂 I will absolutely be “back to earth” tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. Also, tam did ask….but I haven’t been paid yet 😉

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