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refresh.jpgFirst of all, I am surprised at how many of you commented on “nothing” yesterday. I enjoyed that. And it confirms the thoughts I’d like to share.

I’ve been kind of “brain dead” lately. I’m forgetting simple words, people’s names and little things that need to get done. I know when I get to this point that I need to hit the refresh button. It’s good to be here. I realize that I’ve been too busy. I realize that my focus has been off course. I realize that I need to simplify. I will then take account and start again.

I joked in a comment on my last post that I could use a mental health day. That’s a little off . I feel good. There are amazing things happening in and around my life right now. My parents are in town. My family is a joy to me, everyday. I am able to do what I love everyday and completely dedicate it to my relationship with God. I am surrounded by amazing friends (physical and in the blogosphere…is that a word?). But, I realize when things are good, I often relax and get lazy in my disciplines. I haven’t been reading like I should. I haven’t been writing or playing music like I should. I haven’t been dreaming. It’s easy when I get “here” to be comfortable. And then if something makes me uncomfortable, I look to make myself comfortable again and it goes downhill into a selfish spin.

I am going to head home right now. I’m leaving the office early, but I am leaving my laptop at work, I am going to head home and grab the Word and I am going to read and enjoy some time alone with God. God is the refresher. God is the one that illuminates my errors and points me the right direction. God is the one that gives me dreams. God is the one that reminds me of my desires and where they should be directed .

So, everyone have a great evening (or morning for you lwbut). I will say hey tomorrow and I believe I will have more to share as I spend time in the Word.


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  1. 1 lazrus2

    The Word is a good place to go when we’re feeling like everything’s ‘perfect’ (or nearly so) and resting a little too confidently in that. I’d say Heb. 4:12-13 describes it as a little too ‘pointed’ (and a sharp one at that) to be very reassuring. That is, only if we’re really willing to hear what HE wants to say rather than what we want to hear to stay ‘comfortable’. He does ‘cut deep’ but no deeper than we’re willing to allow Him (one small slice at a time). If we won’t ‘let Him in’ that route, He has other ways of getting our attention because He loves us too much not to.

  2. y’know it’s good to be brain dead once in a while.
    PS i’m sometimes amazed by your relationship with god. i call myself religious but never even think that much.

  3. and i so wish life has a refresh button. like when you’re in the middle of utter crap , you’d just make it all fine in an instance.

  4. had*

  5. lazrus2 – Your exactly right. that Hebrews passage is the arrow pointing the way. It’s easy to get busy. And even when I am reading, it’s easy to read it the way I want to hear it. God is faithful as you have said, “to bring it to completion”.

    anu – Good to hear from you. I’ve always seen my relationship with God as the priority in my life. So everything I do has to be guided by my beliefs.

    PS, You do have a refresh button. I believe God is that for me. He says in the scriptures to “come to me when you are weary…and I will give you rest”. I can’t think of anything more refreshing than that. Keep pursuing God and all of a sudden God will be a large part of your life. 🙂

  6. 6 godsgal1

    Wow, this in confirmation for me B, I’ve been going through the exact same thing. I have had 4 people in the last three days, ask me when the last time I wrote a song was? I couldn’t answer. My dream is still out there waiting…or am I waiting..I’m not sure anymore..LOL. Like Tom says, it’s time to get off my blessed assurance and get back to it. It’s time to keep on in the path and let Him guide my steps, I’ve gotten apathetic and don’t like it!!! Thanks for sharing this….

  7. Jeff and I talk about this all the time. Our lack of dreaming, being creative stems from our busyness. Our M.O. is that when we get so tired that when we have down time we just want to veg. We are trying hard not to do that these days. We want to keep our minds ablaze and our hearts ready for whatever God calls us to. Somedays though, it is really okay to call it in early and snuggle in on the bed with a bowl of whatever and watch a movie.

    Do guys ever use the word snuggle with anyone but their significant other?

  8. godsgal – Keep it up. I am anxious to hear more music from you.

    Amy – I can say for sure I have never snuggled with Jeff.

    Oh, was that your question???


  9. 9 Storie

    WOW…Tam and talked of this yesterday. The Lord is our refresher. Out of my journal this morning…

    “Lord, I come to be warmed by your fire this morning….warmed, fed, nourished, clothed, made whole, prepared for this day’s journey. Your journey. Thank you for never leaving nor forsaking me, and may I never leave your side.”
    I am excited about going to work today WITH my Father. As we finish our time together, we walk out of the den and to the front door to begin our day. The difference is that He doesn’t walk me to the door and say “have a great day” while I leave, and he stays. No, He walks with me to the door, holds it open for me and says “Let’s go.” I am excited about the adventure WE will go on today. The people and the tasks already seem less daunting. He reminds me through out the day that when our work is complete, we will get to go back to the den and sit in our favorite room, by the fire place with our favorite coffee.
    It has been a perfect day.”

  10. Storie – What an honor to have you around. it’s good to hear from you. tam said your time yesterday was awesome.

    Thanks for your thoughts here. isn’t it great to know we are never left alone. there is no desolation and fear when we draw into Him!

  11. 11 Storie

    Keep writing…the both of you. SCHEDULE it! Protect that time. You are equipping, and edifying the saints, as we are directed.

  12. 12 Storie

    THAT would include song writing…hmm. hmmm…(clearing my throat)…all of you. Kass’s song posted on Tam’s site was amazing…annointed. Keep her going dad–our prayers are over her.

  13. Your encouragement and challenge is heard!

    Thanks Storie 🙂

  14. 14 Storie

    ok…so the challenge is heard. WHEN are you going to set aside the time to “song write?” Seriously, the enemy would love nothing more than to silence the annointed.
    So, what day, what time, are you committing to purposefully seek and write? (no pressure here…)

  15. I love the pressure…bring it on. First of all, i would need to pick up a specific song that has sat way too long. You know what I am talking about there. We need to finish it!

    You are right though. Yesterday Tam and I were thinking through the process of planning. we were talking about making a schedule that demands consistency and discipline. It will stretch us both in our individual needs. But if we are honest, it is only because it is uncomfortable, not because it isn’t what we want. So, I started thinking through my schedule today. I haven’t finished thinking that through. One of the main issues in my daily routine is the need to accomplish too many things. not because I feel I need to, but because there is no one else to finish the task. Part of that is my fault. I have not properly trained and released people around me to serve. So, I find myself “in charge” of too many things. I am appropriately working that through. This will be a season though. There are things that I can set aside and others that need to continue, so I will work myself out of these tasks.

    By way of writing. I have never written well when I have planned the time. But, what I do know is that when I plan the time to just play and worship, I usually end up writing. sounds a little neurotic, but God shows up when I plan time for “Him”. I tend to show up when I plan time for “me”.

    So, my commitment to you is…(because you are holding me accountable) By the end of next week, I will have a daily schedule that will allow me to read, write and accomplish the tasks at hand. I will post that schedule here so that you can be encouraged with your challenge to me. I appreciate your boldness and encouragement!

  16. 16 Storie

    I commenting to the first few lines: GOD’S time is perfect. We will seek HIM first and then schedule it, you know what I mean?
    Consistency and discipine….Let’s look up the meaning of those 2 words and post them here for all the world to see. What does Webster have to say?
    You look up consistency. I will look up discipline.
    report back tomorrow.
    Discipline in schedule means freedom. I have worked since I was 13—subsequently have been very resistant to one. Scheduling allows us to protect what is important. It is the picket fence around our priorities, and let us not forget what those are!

  17. That’s great stuff. Thanks for the far-too-often-needed reminder that our refreshment (such a necessary refreshment) is found in Christ alone. I often have to take impromptu sabbaths, even just for an hour, to retreat to the woods for a hike to spend time with God. Good word, thanks for sharing bro.

    PS – I’ve been enjoying your blog from a distance, looking forward to reading regularly. Good stuff here.

  18. Stephen – I’ve got you covered as well. thanks for stopping in. Make yourself at home 🙂

  19. Storie – I’ll get back here today on this. 🙂

  20. 20 lazrus2

    ‘Just a couple of affirmations for comments already made: by Storie (#14), “the enemy would love nothing more than to silence the anointed.”
    I couldn’t agree with that more (!!!), and KNOW he will do whatever it takes (be it discouragement, distraction, or division)to protect his ‘interests’ by doing just that;

    and by you (#15):
    “One of the main issues in my daily routine is the need to accomplish too many things. not because I feel I need to, but because there is no one else to finish the task. Part of that is my fault. I have not properly trained and released people around me to serve.”
    That sounds alot like some of your past statements in “Knock a Hole in It” posted several weeks ago by now, I think (?). So, maybe you should ‘schedule some time’ to think and pray for specific guidance there (? would you be ‘accountable to that too? =). (Maybe since your mom’s in town now, she could be your ‘secretary’ =)))))))?!

    As to inspiration, for me, it usually comes when I take regular time just to be ‘prayed up, plugged in and listening’. The words/music don’t necessarily come at that time, but it does prepare my spirit to receive it whenever God wants to ‘give it’. Then my faith is strengthened too because it comes more as an ‘anointing’ than by my planned efforts. I do know that with my ‘skill’ level it would take a LOT more ‘effort’ than it would with you and other more inherently talented people for sure! (Since I have to work harder at it, I notice more when it’s my ‘sweat’ instead of the ‘holy’ kind =).

  21. lazrus2 – My comments did refer to what I have talked about in the past (“Knock A Hole In It”). I have been gradually working through our technical ministry here and it has been overwhelming what needs to be done and managed, but I see light ahead. It is so easy for me and my technical background to both hold a specific standard that cause me not to involve other people and also to just get the job done that’s in front of me, cause I can accomplish it. This has come mostly out of necessity, but if I continue this pattern as God continues to bring people around me, it then becomes arrogant on my part. I understand that and am completely willing to give it to others.

    Your last paragraph is exactly what I was saying to Storie earlier. I can’t plan to write, but as I plan purposeful times with God in worship, I often am inspired in his presence to write. I have also been one to not write if I have nothing to verbally communicate. If I am not spiritually prepared, it is me speaking and not His Word through me.

  22. Storie – Consistency “1 the state of being consistent. 2 the degree of thickness or viscosity of a substance.”

    Consistency is a good word but inadequate in my opinion. Here is why. Consistency sets a standard, but does not set a level for that standard. If you are trying to create a thick shake, you need a “specific” consistency to make that shake thick. Water has perfect consistency, but obviously the consistency of water is not what you want for a thick milk shake (Can I just say I am now craving a milk shake!)

    Here is a better word for me, Endurance. I read a book last month speaking of discipline and endurance. Discipline is crucial, but endurance is what keeps discipline going. Here are 2 quotes from that book,

    Discipline – “Delayed gratification. Advanced decision making. Accountability. These six words define discipline and tell how to achieve it.”

    Endurance – “You build endurance by learning how to crash through quitting points.” “That is when ordinary people like you and me become extraordinary in God’s sight.”

    The 2 work hand in hand. So to be disciplined, I need to decide to do what’s best, plan for the process of doing this and then be held accountable. then when i feel tired or want to give up, I need to choose to endure through it and not quit.

    These is all so easy to say, but so much harder to do. I am a selfish person that loves comfort. Maybe I am not alone??? But with that said, I am truly more interested in what is right than what I want. i will have weak times and that is OK. God continues to illuminate my failures. he is faithful to do this. I get to see the cracks so that He can repair them and I can move forward.

  23. 23 Storie

    I love iron sharpens iron! ENDURANCE…I so agree this is a better word choice. Love the definitions. What book is that from? your words are very well spoken.

    In actuality I sit at the piano more nights than not, and worship. It is just something my fam is so used to that often from their beds they will ask me when I am going to piano. There have been many a nights when one by one they creep out to the living room wrapped up in a blanket and fall asleep on the couch while I worship. It is always in my times of worship that He births song. However, probably for the past 5 years, I have set aside one morning (for me it’s Mondays) to just be with Him. We’re talking a couple hours, uniterrupted, quiet, tucked away. I start out in the word, and often times end up at the piano. Often in worship first. Other times I am dusting off my past work, in hopes of reworking it, trying to say what I am really feeling inside. This time has become one of my most precious times during my week. I think for many, like myself, when I think of schedule, I think RIGID and CONFINED. I love to be inspired, I love to feel like writing, and love when I FEEL like doing something. But truth be known we will go through seasons where we perhaps aren’t “feeling it”. This is where that protected time in your schedule comes in. Whether you write or not, it is a time carved out to bring it all to the CREATOR, our true inspiration. During this time, I do not make myself available for distractions. I disengage from the world, and engage with Him. Sweet….

  24. Storie thanks for that. I love the picture you’ve painted of your time with Him and your family. It is definitely sweet.

    Schedule doesn’t feel confining to me, it’s keeping it that feels confining 🙂

    Keep me in line. I’ve always welcomed that here.

    And, the book is Bill Hybels “Who You Are When No One’s Looking”. I wrote about it here on the blog. Here’s a link…


  25. 25 lazrus2

    I tend to think that Storie’s advice regarding ‘consistency’ was very relevant to this topic after all. In your definitions of that, you embellished the second without really considering the first: “the state of being consistent” which I think applies much more with a different meaning altogether.

    What I found as a defintion was:
    “harmony of conduct or practice with profession”;or
    “firmness of constitution or character (i.e. PERSISTENCY)”
    That second part does fit in with your ‘endurance’ theme, but contributes even more I think.

    It just seems to me that consistency adds a bit more of a challenge because we can have all the ‘right disciplines’ in place, and ‘endure’ in practicing them, but if, by doing that, the consistency of our Christian character is unaffected when we’re not ‘doing them’, what good are they?

    From the reverse perspective, ‘inconsistency’ is defined:
    “the quality or state of being incompatible with another fact or claim “. So, if we discipline ourselves to spend quality productive (writing songs/articles/books, etc.)time in God’s presence, but don’t live what we’ve written, I’d say we do His reputation more harm than good ={.

    The people closest to us see that discrepancy the most, so they’re the ones to be most accountable to (more than ‘blog friends’) I think. That’s why God put us in His Body in a specific place I believe.

    But, no matter who we may or may not be able to ‘fool’ though, we’ll never fool Him and He’s the ultimate ‘accountability partner’ (right back to Heb. 4:13 at #1)

  26. Interesting thoughts lazrus2.

    The people closest to us see that discrepancy the most, so they’re the ones to be most accountable to (more than ‘blog friends’) I think.

    That is exactly why it is good to have my friend Storie involved in this…

  27. Maybe I’m reading this wrong…but, knowing B as personally as I do, I certainly don’t see him as trying to “fool” anybody. What you see is what you get. Sometimes though what people see in others isn’t quite what they want or hoped for. Doesn’t mean they’ve been fooled though. I am honored, if not challenged, to be B’s closest accountability partner and I am humbled by the man of God he is daily striving to be!

  28. 28 Debra

    Hi Everyone. I’m Storie’s mom, by way of introduction. She sent me the link to your blog, which i’m enjoying very much!

    I’m compelled to enter the conversation because first of all, Storie has been facing reality, desiring to make the most of her life and encouraging all of us around her to do the same. And secondly I so struggle with the topic at hand; discipline and consistency. I looked up consistency in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary which often gives definitions that relate back to God and, believe it or not, the Bible. Since the root word of consistency is consist I went there first to find the base of the word. It actually means “to be, to exist, to subsist, to be supported and maintained.” Consistency then is to exist in a state in which component parts remain fixed. This may be thick or thin as long as it remains constant in that state. I think a better word, one that also fits in with discipline and endurance is constancy. Listen to this beautiful definition, again from Webster’s:
    Constant; fixed (like consisent), firm in mind, purpose, affection or principle, unshaken, unmoved. (speaks to me more of character).
    Constancy; fixedness, a standing firm; hence applied to God or his works, immutability; unalterable continuance; a permenant state. 2. fixedness, firmness of mind; perservering resolution; steady; unshaken determination; particularly applicable to firmness of mind under sufferings, to steadiness in attachments, and to perseverence in enterprise. Lasting affection; stability in love or friendship”.
    3. Certainty; veracity; REALITY. Wow!

    I especially like the part “steadiness in attachments”. To me this means staying true to what you’ve committed to in your schedule and as Storie says not making yourself available for distraction. Which i’m actually doing right now. I sat down to check my email, saw some interesting thoughts on the blog, wanted to read Storie’s comments, decided to look up consistency for myself, thought it didn’t quite fit, looked up constancy, decided I should comment, this took 1 hour that I had committed to doing my art work. Does this make me inconsistent or inconstant?

  29. 29 Debra

    Oh yeah, visit my blog at penandinklings.spaces.live.com

  30. Debra – That is great stuff. thanks for the homework, even if it took you some time 🙂

    I’ll be checking out your blog and definitely make yourself at home here.

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