Warning – Bodily Function Talk Ahead


So for those who have gotten to know me(especially in person). You might realize I tend to have gas. Some may say it is a problem, but I have no issues with it. If you asked those who deal with me on a consistent basis, they would say it can be troublesome.

Anyway, most of you know that in dealing with blogs, you can look at information on how people find you. They may do a search on Google and because of that a link for your blog comes up. Well yesterday, I was looking at how people found me. What exactly they were searching for when my blog popped up. I absolutely died at what was at the top of the list. AND 2 people searched for this…not just someone at random.

So which one of you new to search for me this way:)



26 Responses to “Warning – Bodily Function Talk Ahead”

  1. hmm .. I smell a rat.

  2. Yes!

    By the way Fred, it’s because of your comment a couple of posts back that I am now in the search engine under “fart”. Of course the truth has found me out.


  3. 3 Cheryl

    HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Somehow I don’t think that people use to word troublesome! LOL That is hilarious!!

  4. 4 Michael Schoen

    Good to know things have changed very little since our days in school together! I would be worried if you had become more “refined”.

  5. Cheryl – I can always count on you to be Oh So loving! 🙂

    Michael – Good to hear from you! Very little has changed in that department. I never was a suit and tie kind of guy…

  6. Oh Gee – where DO I begin???

    1-“tend to have gas” Ahem! UNDERSTATEMENT – AND it’s genetic!

    2-“Some may say it is a problem, but I have no issues with it.” Really!?!!?

    3-“it can be troublesome”. Did you just use the word “troublesome”?

    Friends – you have NO idea! In the summer we keep a fan in the doorway of our bedroom. Brent sleeps between the fan and me – oh the joys!

    Oh-Oh and how about weekends at church on Worship Team. Our bass player stands behind Brent and I stand to his left…you get the picture. The guy knows no boundaries!

    And for the “north end” gas – there is regularly belching during the worship service as well – while we’re singing! He is definitely authentic before the Lord…

    That is all for now…

  7. There is so much love here.

  8. ha ha ha…thats sweet man…Im gonna have to try that search

  9. 9 ur daughter

    You know I love you dad!!!

    Don’t worry. Sometimes i will burp during worship! 🙂

  10. 10 ur daughter

    Mom has told me to be honest. your farting is well….. disturbing.

  11. Klampert – yup, I tried it and sure enough, I am about 6th or 7th down the list on Google. Crazy!

    Sis- I love you too!

  12. 12 godsgalchild

    Pastor Tilton comes to mind B…..hmmm, oh and B, those mics pick up ALOT of things….Hey, Jer and I do the fan thingy too!!!! It’s really bad when we both start laughing…

  13. Laughing gas is the worst LOL!!!

  14. Hilarious! I get some wacky search terms too. Sometimes I wonder what kinda weirdos are on my site. Perhaps the kind that worship farts.

  15. Billy – I guess I am safe your here???


  16. so funny!! I think you would get along great with my husband. i will spray after he does his business and he gets mad and says that the air freshener is burning his lungs to which i reply…no one wants to smell that but you…it is burning my lungs!! When friends get married I give them glade and febreeze.

  17. 17 godsgalchild

    Hey IW, just thought I would give you this site for those who are offended by the “F” word….LOL

    You know I’m always here to help….


  18. What a great gift Jenny 🙂

  19. Thanks GG…

  20. Excuse me as I get a kleenex to wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. It’s been really good to read your and Tam’s blogs this morning. We’re all looking forward to seeing you and your family this weekend. What a wonderful time of celebration.

  21. Can’t wait to see you guys Amy!

  22. As someone of German descent (notorious for their scatalogical humor) I’ve often wondered at how fortunate we are that God chose the Israelites as his chosen people and not, let’s say, some Teutonic tribe.

    <blockquote?”And he lifted the stein saying….”

    “And taking the cheese, he cut it, saying….”

    Sorry, but you started it.

  23. LOL!
    it wasn’t me – i PROMISE!

  24. mandy – I am sure you had nothing to do with it 🙂

  25. Man, I hear you on the crazy search terms. Some bizzarre stuff. I just wrote about that last week on my own blog because apparently someone got to my blog by googling “what to do when the worship leader sucks.” That’s just hilarious.


  26. Stephen – That is good stuff. I looked at the “search terms” today and I had 2 people click on me after searching for “Pygmys In Africa”


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