And Love Your Neighbor


helping-hand.jpgMy heart has been stretched over the last couple of months. I have grown up being fed very well as a Christian, but I have been very sheltered in my approach and participation with the world outside my bubble. I have always had a heart for those needing the love of Jesus, but I have been very ineffective in moving myself to do something about this. God has been stretching my heart, exposing my short comings and He has been faithful to inspire me to love as He is asking me to love. I am so far from being there, but I am on the road.

I have met some amazing friends in the blog worlds that God has set there to help inspire me and one of them is Christian. He has a heart for the lost and a love for God. He wrote something this afternoon that I wanted to link to. It was an honest and graphic reminder to me, of my need to continue with God’s commision and commandment.

You can check his post out here.

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  1. Yes! I read that last night and think it’s marvelous! Very inspiring, and I need that! I can relate to your statements here about being in the process of becoming more effective…
    God Bless You and guide your steps.

  2. Odale – Thanks for stopping by. And thank you for the kind words.


  3. This is such an awesome experience. Whereas I wanted to “shine my/His light”, I feel like I have been “shown the light” in many respects! Will be working on writing more effectively (to borrow your words) in the direction of testimony…matter-of-fact, I am ashamed not to have a post/page of my statement of faith, but will by the end of the day! God is “stretching my heart”, as well. Thnak you for being here with your honesty…

  4. Odale – sounds great. I will definitely be over to read and encourage as you have encouraged me.


  5. 5 lazrus2

    I agree with your statements here, but it also got me thinking about Jesus’ words to not only ‘love your neighbor’ (saved or unsaved), but also to ‘love one another as I have loved you’. He went on to say that kind of love between the saved would be a testimony to the world that we really belong to Him (Jn. 13:34-35). I think the unsaved closely scrutinize us to see, not just how we treat them, but also how we treat one another. If they see inconsistancies there, why would they want to become a part of ‘us’? I also read Christian’s analogy of the ‘busy street’ and thought it was well written and thought through. What interested me too was realizing this AM how Heather’s sad commentary to your last post (re: thankfulness) about the church also fit that scenario(i.e. a street ‘curb’). It doesn’t serve as such a great advertisement to our ‘neighbors’ to come join us and be ‘loved’ like that too (?). Sometimes the hardest people to love are the ones God ‘puts us together with’ in spite of differences. Yet, when we do persevere through those conflicts to reconcile and ‘love one another like Christ’ anyway, I believe the world will notice and be amazed. Then when we go out to ‘rescue them’ they may be more willing to listen, and we may be more ‘motivated’ to bring them in as well (?).

  6. lazrus2 – Thanks for your thoughts and I agree. I am sure Christian would say that what you’ve brought up goes without needing to be said. Reading his story, it sounds like the “kids in the yard” were actually very fond of one another. Maybe even to a fault. They focused too much on the community they were in and forget what was as important. Christians point was that we often look too inward in our “communities” and forget about those who still need “safety”.

    RE:Heather’s commentary, it needs to be taken as understood, but Heather did give me the honor of talking about her situation with her via email. Her situation does not match the example you’ve given, but nonetheless, it is a good reminder.

  7. Thanks for the link.. I’ll go take a look..

    God bless,

  8. Love thy neighbour – not thy moles?? Hmmm interesting : )

    What if the moles were reaching out to you in the only way they can?

    Apart from your hurting your pride (one part of our Ego)in your lawn what exactly are the moles doing that deserves such a response?

    As for the Rodex 6000 I have to say I am appalled at both the ‘actors’ in the ad and the writers who describe such actions as ‘fun’.

    Some humans do bother me at times!

    Stay well.

  9. So I guess I appal you 🙂

    If you’ve got any suggestions, let me know…

  10. Ummmm…Ya know, pride and ego have nothing to do with it. But my kiddos who play soccer on our lawn have everything to do with. If I had to choose between disposing a Mole or two or ten or rushing one of my young ones to the ER with a broken foot from stepping into a Mole hole – you better believe I’m going with exterminating the critters! That’s called common sense and good parenting – but it must be a matter of perspective, I guess.

  11. You appal me? – No! your attempts at kindness displayed here negate some the hypocrisy i saw in your Anti-Mole stance : )

    Tam’s (overly self-justifying IMHO) perspective reflects her priorities but my comments were addressed solely to what i saw as your circumstance, unless your kids(??) are also susceptible to potential molehole-related damage in their preoccupation with a round ball type thingy, hence my request as to what other than damage to your pride and lawn were the moles actually causing that deemed such a terminal response worthy on your part?

    Suggestions? Well it seems to my perspective that the Christian thing to do is Live and Let Live?

    If you are incapable of seeing the arrival of your moles as a chance to revel in the wonders of Nature that these little mining mammals actually are, appreciating God’s ‘design’ in all it’s furry hole-making glory, and you truly prefer to have a flat and featureless green topography on your property, you could try trapping them for release into a patch of God’s Earth they could happily call their own?

    Assuming that they are smarter than you and human trap designers and this plan fails you may wish to stretch the ‘Isn’t nature really truly wonderful’ analogy even further and get yourself a mole predator (like maybe a Jack Russell terrier or ferret?) and perhaps even get a satisfying kick for bloodlust at the same time out of the screams of the moles as they vainly try to protect their young from being ripped to shreds in their nests?

    Oh! – message to Tam – I advise you take a chainsaw to any trees on or near your property as kids have a penchant for climbing up them and may fall out and break something – or even worse! Why take chances with your kids’ safety? They are only bits of vegetation after all.

    God forbid any of my kids should ever break something and not learn a lesson from it. Seems some learn how to kill moles while others learn not to step in holes – but that is just my perspective.

    I should state for the record that I say these things in the full and certain knowledge that no mole will EVER dig dirty great potentially leg-breaking holes in my perfectly manicured green patch of turf – we don’t have them here in Oz! (Mind you, those Wombats REALLY know how to dig a Hole!) : )

    All comment welcomed!

    Peace Out. : )

    P.S. a last suggestion would be to ask the Big Fella to clearly and honestly see (and without that corruptor FEAR that our ego’s rely on for control over our actions and thought) what the Big Picture really is here and take His advice!

    Thy Will, not My will, be done!

    Isn’t that what Christians are supposed to pray for or have I majorly missed something in my reading?

  12. Feel free to comment on this ‘original’ thought: ( all my own work! : ) )!1A8604E1D0140DD1!207.entry

  13. Thanks for the advise Thinker – I’d get my chainsaw right now but my kids aren’t allowed to climb trees. Or cross the street w/out holding my hand. Or spend the night at friends homes. Or not call me in between classes at school to let me know they’re still OK. Or sit closer than 5 feet in front of the TV. Or leave home without a rain coat or clean underwear (just in case) Or talk to, or smile, at strangers. Or swim less than 30 minutes after eating. But I suppose IF they wanted to rebel I might want to reconsider and rev up the saw to prevent any possibility. Gee thanks!

  14. And don’t expect our kids to talk to you on this blog either, cause we don’t know you and that’s just…too risky 🙂

  15. Damn! my brilliantly clever ploy to groom some fine innocent young meat for my table foiled by over-zealous mothering (and fathering)! Guess i’ll just have to go and molest some wombats then!

    Which reminds me… Say Tam – that wasn’t a little bit of irony and sarcasm i saw in your post was it? If not then Thanks for opening your mind a little to another possibility in your reality. : )

    Probably just my over-active imagination and sense of persecution kicking in I guess? : )

    BTW InWorship – which blog should i talk to your kids on if i can’t use this one – should the thought ever enter MY head that is??? 😉

  16. Thinker – Sarcasm? Me? No…I don’t do sarcasm. It’s just…too…..sarcastic….;)

  17. nice post!
    i incidentally named my current post ze same, after which i came to urs!

  18. Thanks Anu. I am heading over now to read your post.

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