Nebraska Senator Is In Court


I have now read it all. I really don’t know what to say.

You can read about it here


10 Responses to “Nebraska Senator Is In Court”

  1. 1 Cheryl

    Well, this certainly takes the cake. This senator has nothing better to do obviously. Just think of all the dollars and time he is wasting. Instead he could be using that time and money to say…read to children in school…build a house for Habitate for Humanity. What a moron!

  2. Well said Cheryl LOL!

  3. 3 godsgal1

    Now there’s a guy with purpose!!! Good grief, have to agree with you guys here….I wonder if he’s calling in celestial attorneys as well, might explain why that fan behind him looks a bit like a halo???? Moron, nice word….

  4. 4 Rob

    However…it does get the court (and the plaintiff!) to admit that God exists…which would be quite a coup, no?

  5. Rob – Thanks for coming over! I love your thought here. My concern is that the court would side with the moron…

    Over at one of the atheist blogs I read…purely for research 🙂 …He has comments going on who would be on the jury. Very interesting.

  6. 6 Rob

    Man has been accusing God since the beginning (“It was that woman you gave me!). And the real trial was already held with the verdict being “not guilty” and carried a sentence of “death.”

    I like your blog, bro. I’ll be a regular.

  7. Thanks Rob. I love being able to say and know that we’ve already won!

  8. When I first heard about this my reaction was, “Whaa???” But then I responded in my head similar to what Rob said, “Well, atleast he is admitting that there is a God.”

  9. Agreed Amy, I like that point of view!

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