Knock A Hole In It


hole-in-wall.jpgPastor Ron spoke today at TRF. We are doing a series on the family and this week was all about men. It’s great to dig into guys lives and even make them feel a bit uncomfortable in hopes of challenging them to something deeper.

Ron said something near the end of his message that really hit me. Ron was challenging us to make a move to be men of God. He used an example from his own life. He has been in a “project” home for the last 7 years and it has been a labor of love, but he often lives in fear of not being able to accomplish the task and failing. He reminded us that sometimes, we just need to face that fear head on and go for it, or nothing is accomplished. He told us of when he grabbed a hack saw and cut out one of his windows in plans of replacing them. Of course when he was done, he realized that there was a big hole. There was no turning back, the job had to be completed. He ended his example by saying, “Some of you just need to cut out a hole”. This phrase hit me on so many different levels. It hit me first and foremost personally. It is so easy for me to do what I do and count on what I know to get through my tasks. It’s easy to not push forward or work harder, because taking another road would be easier. I have to let God really dig into me on this one. What am I to be, or to do, that I am missing out on because I choose to take it easy and not create a hole for God to work in and through? This took me farther in evaluation as a leader. What am I keeping my team and my ministry from because of not creating holes? What am I counting on myself to do that is keeping someone else on my team or a future team member from being used? as I look over the ministry at TRF, I realize it has grown very quickly. In a short amount of time, it has gotten bigger that I expected or planned for. As I sat there listening to Ron this AM, I realized that I am still operating the ministry as if it is a small church. I am doing everything myself. I’ve known this for a while, but it hit me today hard. I have to really think through how I am limiting the involvement and training of team members. I have put myself in a situation where I am counting on myself or what we’ve always done and I am needing to knock holes in that. It is time for me to be knocked out of the way in as many areas as possible that will allow this ministry and the team members to be filled with what God can do in them and through them.

I am not sure how all that looks, but a challenge goes out to all of us to be challenged to go deeper and to trust more on the amazing power of God in our lives and our ministries. I am anxious to see what God has on the other side of that hole!


4 Responses to “Knock A Hole In It”

  1. u can use me to staple all the music packets together šŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time… I think giving others opportunities will give them a sense of ownership too – in a good way – take it more seriously. You quickly find who your servant and volunteers are as well…

    Love you! (i can say that bloggers, he’s my man)

  2. 2 lazrus2

    That comment of Ron’s stood out to me also and is a much needed insight for everyone in any leadership position. Still, ‘holes’ make one very vulnerable because you then have no ‘control’ over the external ‘elements’ entering in. That’s where we have to trust God who is always in control–that even through pain, something better than we have ‘ever asked or imagined’ will eventually come. That kind of ‘insecurity’ is a good place to be though because if we don’t knock out the ‘holes’ourselves, He will, because He loves us too much not to invade our lives with Himself. Too many times the walls we build to ‘protect ourselves’ end up keeping Him out too. Like Corrie ten Boon once said, “I hold things loosely because it hurts too much when God has to pry my fingers open ={.”

  3. Tam – You know my heart and I love you too!

    lazrus2 – I agree with what you’ve said. External elements can be destructive, but not if God is the truth pouring in. Also, walls can be something far worse than what I’ve talked about or am even thinking about here. Walls in my opinion cannot be fixed by a hole. We generally end up plugging them right back up. S it’s better to seek god and rely on His power to break them down.

  4. 4 lazrus2

    ‘Sorry to misunderstand, but that picture sure looked like a ‘hole in a WALL’ to me. Yes, God’s truth is not destructive, but it can be more ‘uncomfortable’ than we’d like at times, so we need to work to keep those ‘holes’ open in spite of our desires to plug them, if any real ‘home (heart) improvement’ is ever going to happen. Maybe the hole in the wall is not so much meant to be ‘fixed’ as a window put in its place so others can see inside too without our fearing that prospect? God sees and knows it all anyway, so why try to ‘fool’ anyone else?

    Besides if the building’s on fire and all the normal exits are blocked, a hole in the wall could be the only way of escape! So, I vote for keeping a ‘broken and contrite heart’ (Ps. 51:17) WHILE we “seek God and rely on His power” as you rightly noted.

    I’ve ‘knocked a hole in my wall’ starting tomorrow AM, though most would say it was a ‘non-supportive’ one anyway (?). It is still my prayer though that the ‘brokenness’ it brings will serve to give God more access for accomplishing His plans in/through my life than ever before! I am anxious (peacefully =) to discover that as well!

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