The Moleinator!


I am at wits end. I am about to give in. I am under attack and can’t stand it anymore. I have moles in my lawn!

Every morning there is a new hole. I’ve talked to people about poisoning…doesn’t work. I’ve gassed them out, literally, with the exhaust from a vehicle…they’re back. I’ve even used noises to try to keep them away…ya right.


Can someone…anyone give me an opinion or better yet, something that’s worked for you?

While you are thinking of ways to OFF my moles, you can click on this link and enjoy a video of the Moleinator 6000 by Rodex in action I bet this would work out great!

Video of moles coming to terms with their mortality…


13 Responses to “The Moleinator!”

  1. Watch Caddyshack??… oh wait thats a I have no idea. Ill pray though!

  2. Watching the video I posted kind of reminds me of caddyshack. Thanks for the prayers 🙂

  3. 3 Wayne

    Traps. When we lived in the country, all the pros around us swore by them. The favorite seemed to be the kind with a flat plate on one end with two wire arms that extend out to two half circles that contract when triggered. They all said the other stuff (poisons, cat litter, gum, smoke) were worthless gimmics.

    – Wayne

  4. That vid is hilarious. That can’t be a real product.

  5. Wayne – where do I get traps? Do I need to dig up the yard to set a trap? That is the real bummer in all this, the lawn was awesome before the little rodents attacked.

    Billy – It’s totally for real. Here is a link to a vid of someone using it in the real world. Very Funny!

  6. My dad set a trap in the yard when a new hill showed up. It was a giant claw that clamped down on a mole as it tunneled through the yard. Our dog was very excited whenever my dad pulled up a sprung trap. I, on the other hand, was a little troubled at the sight of an impaled little mole.

    One of the old maintenance guys at camp used to dump lighter fluid down the holes and then light a fire cracker and throw it into the tunnel. The small explosion and fire ball was an exciting thing to watch.

  7. OK I want to try the lighter fluid thing just cause it sounds fun. Did he ever kill any?

  8. we had em in one house and what I did was start filling up a hole with a hose (water), then I got my dog all hyped up about catching something (you know how easy it is to get dogs going) – then the sneaky little varmint popped out of another hole and the dog grabbed him. It’s a little graphic, but it worked!

  9. 9 Amy

    Yeah, he did. And yes, it was fun. Not sure if it was a good idea to do that while a group of kiddos were near by during craft time, but it was definitely fun to watch.

  10. Alex – I’ve heard of the water thing, I actually might try it, but i think that our moles are spread out over the 2 acres pretty well, so there may just be too many holes.

    Amy – That’s hilarious that it was in front of camp kids. I bet they got a kick out of that show.

  11. Yeah, I’ve got the exact same phenomenon going on. Every day there’s a new tunnel. I have some relatives with traps that I intend on borrowing soon. I’ll let you know how it works out.

  12. mudpuppy – definitely let me know.

    So I tried the flooding thing yesterday. I picked a hole as high in the yard as I could get and ran the hose for about an hour. Eventually it started pouring out of the edge of the grass and some of the lower holes. I am sure i did not get through all the tunnels, but it was kind of fun. We’ll see!

  13. 13 Jim

    I recommend you try the Mleliminator, see their web site:
    I have tried many types of mole traps and this one is the best, if not least expensive, type I have found. Setting the trap is fairly simple, you find an active tunnel, use your foot to depress the tunnel, place the trap in line with the tunnel, and step on the trap to set it. This is not a flimsy mechanism like other traps on the market, and should last for many years, depending on your mt/yr (moles trapped per year). Otherwise, f you have little else to do, or are highly motivated by your hatred for moles, you can carry a shovel, compress the tunnels and wait until you see the mole trying to repair its runway. The shovel, driven into the ground slightly behind the moving earth should yield a time consumiong but savagely satisfying result.

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